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The app for those who are serious about learning and practicing sight reading!

This app is designed to mimic the look and style of real sheet music. This is important when you transition between this app and your music as it will be a natural transition. Another important feature of this app is to read from left to right while having multiple notes on the staff at the same time as it would be with real music. This app does that in the most efficient way possible for the limited screen.

- Simple interface that will allow you to naturally transition from app to sheet music
- Very customizable practice options
- Progressive lessons for treble, bass and the grand staff
- Real piano sounds
- Optional visual aids with hints when you are stuck and note values on the keys

Don't use flashcards to learn to read music when you can learn it the right way.

There are many features planned. Please contact us with any feedback you may have.

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Version History

Launched May 08, 2014 (about 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 2 months, on average.

Jan 27
Version 3.14

This fixes a bug where the silent switch controls the sound. There is an option to mute all sounds if desired in the options.

Jan 03
Version 3.13

- You can now practice with chords!
- Some of the app has been redesigned and simplified

Please let me know your thoughts!

Nov 24
Version 3.12

Bug fix for the persistent highlighting.

Nov 14
Version 3.11

This version contains some bug fixes when connected to a midi keyboard. I'm now starting to work on new features again and I hope to get some added soon!

Jan 06
Version 3.10

Have fun with your practice by playing the occasional song. There are only a few to start but more will be added shortly.

Oct 11
Version 3.9

This version contains minor bug fixes and a new welcome tutorial for new users. I welcome feedback through the settings section!

Sep 27
Version 3.8

Bug fixes

Sep 25
Version 3.7

Daily note goals have been added with visuals to show your progress and helpful opt-in notifications to remind you.

Aug 22
Version 3.6

This version contains two new features:
1. New note types with 1/8th notes and half notes.
2. Basic statistics and history

Jun 01
Version 3.5

Minor bug fix for the mute button not working

May 17
Version 3.4

This release adds the ability to connect to a midi keyboard to use with the lessons and practice. This release also contains a brand new sound playback system with sustain if you hold a note.

Mar 24
Version 3.3

This fixes a very rare crash when closing a lesson

Mar 21
Version 3.2

This version contains some minor fixes and note help

Mar 13
Version 3.1

This is a big update! The fundamentals of the app are the same but it has a new UI, more options, big improvements and bug fixes, more range and there will be additional features to come in the near future.
Please feel free to email me with any feedback you might have!

Mar 10
Version 3.0

This is a big update!. The fundamentals of the app are the same but it has a new UI, more options, big improvements and bug fixes, more range and there will be additional features to come in the near future.
Please feel free to email me with any feedback you might have!

Jul 20
Version 2.2.8

This is a minor update to have the full keyboard work with lessons. I have bigger changes in the works!

May 10
Version 2.2.7

This version contains a couple of important bug fixes including the problem of a disabled key when using the "hide clef" setting. More features are coming soon!

Mar 26
Version 2.2.6

Bug fixes

Feb 25
Version 2.2.4

This version contains some improvements and I have more planned. I could use your feedback.

In this version:
A full keyboard can be used for Treble and Bass Practice. Some sound settings have been changed and some bugs are fixed.

Please email me with any problems, suggestions or just to say hi.

Jul 07
Version 2.2.2

Minor bug fix with the best time feature for grand staff

Jun 29
Version 2.2

This version contains a new practice format and the hard setting on grand staff is available.

Please email me with any comments or problems.

Dec 08
Version 2.0

Key signatures

Dec 05
Version 1.9.1

Finally... sharps and flats. Also some other small bug fixes.

Sep 02
Version 1.8

Minor bug fixes

Aug 27
Version 1.7

The grand staff has been added for practice

Aug 01
Version 1.6

Best times are added and you can work to improve your best score.

Jun 13
Version 1.5

Sharps and Flats

May 30
Version 1.3

- A wider note range and other new features

May 17
Version 1.2.1

Tutorials for beginners

May 08
Version 1.1

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