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"Puzzledrome, the infuriating and brilliant puzzler... If you're a perfectionist this game is absolutely for you, and will no doubt drive you mad in your quest for order." - PocketGamer

"definitely one of the most unique “slide and match” puzzle games currently on the digital marketplace. It’s as cool as a Taco Cat" - Gamezebo

"Swipe tiles and create glorious symmetry in this inventive visual puzzler." - AppSpy

Featured in App Store's "Best New Games" and "What We're Playing"

Make every row and column a palindrome in as few moves as possible! Challenge your mind with a game that takes thought, agility, and creative thinking to solve unique palindrome puzzles. Swap the tiles until all of the rows and columns are palindromes, in as few moves as possible. Inspired by symmetry, Sudoku and matching games, Puzzledrome takes tiled based puzzling to the next level! What’s left is right, what’s up is down…

* Work your way through 303 challenging puzzles
* Race against the clock in Arcade Mode
* Play at your own speed in Free Play Mode
* Special Tiles add difficulty as you progress
* GameCenter Leaderboards

palindrome (palin drōm) noun. 1.a word, phrase, or sequence that reads the same backward as forward, e.g., madam, racecar, tacocat, or 2002.

Puzzledrome provides the perfect balance of brain teasing challenge and easy to learn puzzling for a captivating game experience you'll want to enjoy again and again. Swipe tiles around until everything lines up just right and you see a perfect palindrome where the tile sequence is the same left to right and up and down.

Starting off with a single row of colorful icons, the game teaches you as you go and encourages creativity as you swipe tiles right and left, putting everything in its place. Getting progressively harder, Puzzledrome introduces unique challenges like the shape shifter, stone, and danger tiles that add difficulty to the game.

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Version History

Launched May 28, 2015 (about 5 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Oct 23
Version 1.5.8

- iOS 11 support
- minor bug fixes

May 23
Version 1.5.2

routine maintenance and minor bug fixes

Jan 14
Version 1.5.1

minor bug fixes

Dec 17
Version 1.5

70 new puzzles! That makes 303 puzzles total!
New Easy Mode leaderboard!
Minor Bug Fixes

Oct 01
Version 1.4

New Easy Mode with 101 new puzzles!
Added 4x3 and 3x4 puzzles for watch version!
Updated for iOS 9 and Watch OS2!

Aug 27
Version 1.3

Apple Watch Support!
Play puzzles right on your watch!
New Game Center Leaderboard for watch high scores!

Aug 13
Version 1.2

30 New Levels!!
iCloud support so progress will save across devices!
Other minor fixes.

Jun 29
Version 1.1

Fixed issue with crashing on some ipads and older devices and post match screen not always displaying correctly

Jun 06
Version 1.01

fixed GameCenter issue
added localized screenshots

May 28
Version 1.0

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