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A free kids car game suitable for kids as young as 18 months due to the easy intuitive controls specially designed for toddlers. However, older kids will also be able to get full enjoyment of the game as they can run opponent cars off the track and they can improve their score per lap. Basically, car fans of all ages will be in love with this car racing game.


* 18 Realistic Car Types
* 3 Camera Angles
* 5 realistic 3D environments
* AR (Augmented Reality) mode
* Kid-friendly
* No In-App Purchasing

The Game Play:

#1. Controls
What makes this kids game suitable for the youngest car lovers is that there is no way to run the car off the track. You can easily control the car by tilting your device, and touching the left or the right side of the screen also works. You can easily adjust the speed with a single touch, and reaching the highest speed is something the bigger children will enjoy more.

#2. Car Skins & Camera Angles
You can change both the camera angles and the car models while you are racing. Just click the camera or the car icons and choose the one you find most convenient. Those 18 car models vary from modern race cars to traditional old-school designs. The camera angles are as follows:

* Regular, first-person
* Rear-view mirror
* Top

#3. Interactions With Other Cars

Usually, the games for boys are competitive, and so is Kids Car Racers. The older kids can run the opponents’ cars off the track, and they can also compete for higher score per lap. Of course, younger kids can do the same. Another option is to throw barrels at your virtual opponents, which is also done at a simple touch of the barrel icon.

#4. Never-Ending Race

Play as much as you want, the game will automatically keep the best score per lap, but you can have as many laps as you want. This car driving game for kids will end only when you, as a parent, decide, or when the kid decides to do so. Be careful, it can be addictive for adults too.

#5. The Environments

* The City
* The Living Room
* The Desert
* The Mountains
* The Rainbow Castle
* The AR Mode

For a more interactive experience, you can easily change the environment where you are racing. While most of them are your typical outdoor tracks, you’ll find unusual ones like the living room and the rainbow castle. What makes this car game for kids unique is the AR mode.

The AR mode (also known as augmented reality mode) simply gives you a real-world environment experience by using your phone camera. Your children can play while traveling, keeping an eye on the road, and they actually drive their mini car on their device. This is what makes Kids Car Racers one of the unique games for children.

If you are still looking for the perfect boys game, give Kids Car Racers a try today!

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Version History

Launched Feb 15, 2014 (almost 7 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 7 months, on average.

Apr 17
Version 2.0.5

- Performance Improvements & Bug Fixes

May 19
Version 2.0.1

- Added New Alternate Reality Racing Scene
- Added New Horn Button
- Added New Barrel Launch Feature
- General Bug Fixes & Improvements

Aug 16
Version 2.0.0

-Added New Fantasy Scene
-Improved Sounds and GUI

Sep 10
Version 1.9.2

-Converted the menu buttons to pictures so kids can easily tell what scene they are choosing
-Added GoKart Racers

May 04
Version 1.9.1

-Added new Trucks
-Fixed Bugs

Oct 28
Version 1.9

-Added 2 new Cars
-You can now turn the car with touch as well

Jul 25
Version 1.7

-Added Ramps to the City, Living Room & Mountain Scenes that launch the car into the air.
-Added a new Mustang Car
-Added a speedometer

May 19
Version 1.5

-Added new mountain scene & new cars

Feb 19
Version 1.3

-Added Desert Scene

Feb 15
Version 1.2

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