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"A great tool to help kids really understand graphing and data interpretation" - AppoLearning.com(now participate.com)

If you have already purchased our other app "EZ Math for Middle School (Grades 5 to 8) Part 2 - Algebra, Statistics & Graphs", then you do not need this app.
Practice for perfection !! No sound, no noise, no frills - Just Math, with this app that covers various topics such as Interpret Tables, Bar Charts, Line Charts, Line Plots, Stem and Leaf Plots, Pie Charts, Circle Graphs, Histogram, Box and whiskers plot, Central angles in Circle Graphs and Scatter Plots.This app is suited for Grade 7 and Grade 8 middle school students. It covers various topics mentioned above through a set of quiz on each topic. This app is NOT designed to teach the individual concepts. Rather this app is designed to provide students a platform to practice their skills with a huge database of question bank, all OFFLINE content. There are some pointers at the start of each quiz but essentially the app assumes that the student is already aware of the topic and ready to check their skills. Create your own user name (supports as many users as you wish) and take the practice tests. There is no Time constraint but a wrong answer has a score penalty. Provides a progress report for all completed chapters which can be emailed to Parents or as a copy to yourself. A cool Scratchpad (supports only free hand drawing) replaces the need for a pen and a paper.

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Launched Dec 21, 2013 (over 5 years ago).
Jan 06
Version 3.0

New User Interface & support for newer iOS versions.

Dec 30
Version 2

Minor Bug fixes

Dec 21
Version 1


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