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Flipgrid is where social learning happens. Used by millions of PreK to PhD students, educators and families around the world, Flipgrid helps learners of all ages find their voices, share their voices and respect the diverse voices of others.

Flipgrid is simple. Educators spark discussions by posting Topics to a classroom, school, professional learning community, or public Grid. Students record, upload, view, react, and respond to each other through short videos. Flipgrid is video the way students use video ... social, engaging and fun!

Flipgrid empowers student voice and builds global empathy through shared learning processes, stories and perspectives. Let's amplify!

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Version History

Launched Nov 22, 2013 (over 5 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 29 days, on average.

May 23
Version 7.2.5

Just a few little bug fixes and improvements to make everything nice and shiny.

Mar 22
Version 7.2.4

Bug fixes

Mar 08
Version 7.2.3

Bug fix and polish

Feb 13
Version 7.2.2

Bug fixes

Feb 12
Version 7.2.1

- We've added a slew of new stickers and made it super simple to search for the perfect sticker for your selfie!
- Bug fixes

Jan 22
Version 7.2

- The video player has gotten a makeover and is now faster than ever!
- You asked, we listened. Flipgrid iPad now supports both portrait and landscape orientation. Go ahead and rotate your iPad any way you want!
- Bug fixes and improvements.

Dec 17
Version 7.1.5

Bug fixes and improvements

Dec 04
Version 7.1.4

Bug fixes and improvements

Nov 14
Version 7.1.3

- Tired of typing in that Mixtape code? Now they are saved in your recents!
- We added a new coat of polish to our password modal.
- Bug fixes.

Nov 05
Version 7.1.2

Bug fixes

Oct 30
Version 7.1.1

- We’ve polished up the Glance View. Check out the fresh coat of paint!
- Bug fixes.

Oct 24
Version 7.1

- Mix it up! Watch videos from multiple Topics with MixTapes.
- Have an awesome nickname? You can now edit your display name while you record!
- New! Use Topic Guest Mode to invite others to view and respond in a Topic.
- Use our new Immersive Reader to read text aloud, adjust font, provide line focus and much more!
- Bug fixes and polish.

Oct 01
Version 7.0.7

- Making sure we look great on your shiny new iPhone!
- Bug fixes and performance enhancements

Sep 21
Version 7.0.6

Updates to ensure that uploads are as smooth as possible.

Sep 14
Version 7.0.5

Bug fixes.

Sep 10
Version 7.0.4

- New: Import a picture from your Photos to use for your selfie
- Bug fixes and performance enhancements

Aug 29
Version 7.0.3

Bug fixes and polish!

Aug 16
Version 7.0.2

Bug fixes, performance enhancements and polish!

Aug 08
Version 7.0.1

Bug fixes, performance enhancements and polish!

Aug 01
Version 7.0

Flipgrid 7.0 is here!
- Accessing your Grids is now easier than ever with the new Grid Launch Pad! You can now get to your Grids without needing to enter a password every time!
- The video recorder has been updated to make creating and sharing videos easier and more fun with new features like video trimming and add more.
- Have fun recording in multiple orientations that can be experienced by others with MyView!
- Plus so much more! Explore Flipgrid to experience all the awesome updates.

Jun 07
Version 6.8.2

- Performance enhancements and a few bug fixes

May 23
Version 6.8.1

- Performance enhancements and a few bug fixes

Apr 30
Version 6.8

- Our recorder is now faster, smoother, and sleeker than ever before.
- Want to quickly close out of a Response? Simply pull down to dismiss!
- Bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Apr 19
Version 6.7.4

- A few little improvements that should be completely transparent to the user. Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.

Apr 02
Version 6.7.3

We fixed a problem where some were having difficulties accessing password-protected Grids. We’re really sorry about that... It was us and not your password.

Mar 27
Version 6.7.2

- Bug fixes and performance enhancements

Feb 23
Version 6.7.1

- Videos now *automagically* appear in your Topic once they’ve been submitted. No need to even refresh. Voila!
- We've added super-smooth animations throughout the app--making Flipgrid even more fun to use!
- There were a few pesky bugs, but they've been squashed!

Feb 14
Version 6.7

-We’ve completely updated the Flipgrid interface making it easier to search, browse, and record!
-The video recorder has a new look with all-new features. You can now double-tap to flip the camera in real-time (awesome, right?!) and audio recording has been improved.
-Improved app performance and stability.

Jan 26
Version 6.6.3

- Bug fixes and improvements.

Jan 19
Version 6.6.2

- Forget something important you wanted to say in the middle of recording? You can now organize your thoughts with Stickies on the iPad app.
- Stay up to date with our new feature notifications!
- Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Dec 21
Version 6.6.1

- We’ve got a new, slick code entry screen to highlight your awesome grids!
- Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Dec 07
Version 6.6

- World language captioning is here! Flipgrid now offers support for 110 languages and dialects.
- Improved video playback performance.
- Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Nov 28
Version 6.5

- All new video recorder with the ability to flip between the front and back cameras without pausing!
- We gave our Response and Topic lists some nice polish, you're gonna like what you see.
- Other minor (but pretty awesome) bug fixes and improvements.

Nov 02
Version 6.4

- We know it can be quite tedious to enter your personal deets every time you submit a video. Now you can set your profile (first name, last name, and email address) and the submission step will be pre-populated with your information.
- Response and reply playback got a nice little makeover. Reply to videos and show off that horizontal scrolling dexterity.
- Other minor (but pretty awesome) bug fixes and improvements.

Oct 16
Version 6.3.1

Bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Oct 05
Version 6.3

- Introducing Ideas: an open space for students to share quick, impromptu ideas with their classmates on current events, announcements, class assignments, or anything!
- Video playback fixes and improvements

Oct 02
Version 6.2

We’ve added a new set of stickers and a brand new sticker picker to the video recorder. Decorating your awesome video just got a lot easier!

Sep 01
Version 6.1.1

Bug fixes and improvements.

Aug 31
Version 6.1

- Canvas users can now view and record videos via the app
- Bug fixes and improvements

Aug 16
Version 6.0.1

Making the all-new Flipgrid as perfect as possible.

Aug 10
Version 6.0

Flipgrid is all-new with everything you love and much more! An updated interface, shiny new recorder, fun selfie stickers and drawings, enhanced video playback … the list goes on!

- Selfie styling: You can now personalize your videos and express your creativity through stickers and drawings on your video selfies.
- Links and titles: Add context and broaden the discussion by adding titles and project links to your response videos.
- Topic resources: Educators can now add images, animated gifs, emojis, and attachments to add fun, context, and depth to your topics.
- Video reactions: Go beyond simply liking videos and use our new reactions to express your opinions with a single tap.
- In-app QR reader: Simply point your camera at a QR code to access your grids, topics, and responses with ease.
- Grid notifications: See which of your recent grids have new topics and videos waiting for you.

Jun 23
Version 5.90

No one likes being bothered to update the app when you have the latest and freshest build! We fixed that.

Jun 14
Version 5.81

- Watching responses is now easier than ever with our new traversal and auto-play feature!
- We've made stability and tracking updates to our recorder and uploader.

May 12
Version 5.8

- You will now see a redo button when you start recording a video--making it easy to start over and create the perfect response!
- Have you ever watched a few videos and realized you forgot the topic question? We've run into the same problem, so we made it easier to view the topic summary and video from the brand new topic dropdown.

- Video playback has also been improved. We now provide better indicators when you have low, or no, bandwidth.
- Images are now better optimized, so we’re serving up everything at just the right size. Your bandwidth will thank us!

Apr 13
Version 5.7

- Wish you could easily sign up or log in to your Flipgrid account on the go? Now you can with our new teacher section!

- It's always a good idea to stretch; that is, unless you're a topic video thumbnail... we fixed that.

Mar 29
Version 5.6

- Added support for frozen topics for Flipgrid Classroom users. Brrrr!

Mar 23
Version 5.5

Bug fixes and improvements.

Mar 21
Version 5.4

-Fixed header layout issues on iPad.
-Improved uploader retry logic when no network is available.
-Other minor bug fixes and improvements.

Mar 08
Version 5.3

-The new audio meter makes it easy to see if you're speaking too soft or loud.
-Improved grid view performance--so snappy!
-Added support for response keywords.

-Video importer now supports older devices.
-Uploader improvements.

Feb 22
Version 5.2

-Improved video upload handling

Feb 19
Version 5.1

-Enhanced topic video playback
-Better stability across older devices and iOS versions
-Improved user onboarding

Feb 07
Version 5.0

-You can now follow a grid activity from your mobile device!
-Improved video uploader stability.
-Better overall support for older devices and iOS versions.
-Updated UI for both iPhone and iPad devices.

Jan 12
Version 4.9

-Updated UI with an all-new split view for iPad users.
-Grids and topics load faster than ever with improved asset handling!
-The frame picker now includes a timeline--making it easier to find just the right thumbnail.
-Other bugs fixes and improvements. All-around snappier!

Dec 12
Version 4.8

-New video uploader allows you to share videos from your camera roll!
-We've made it easier than ever to get to frequented content by storing recently visited grids and topics.
-Improved network handling and other small fixes.

Nov 23
Version 4.7

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Nov 18
Version 4.6

- Introducing Flipgrid Glance! A new way to quickly watch videos in your topics.
- Instructors can now feature topics and responses; allowing for the most meaningful discussions to rise to the top.
- Flipgrid makes it easier than ever to go to frequently-visited grids and topics by remembering your latest codes.
- Overhauled iPad UI with improved video playback and replies.

Nov 08
Version 4.5

- Overhauled video recorder now with 1:1 recording--creating a more personal viewing experience.
- It's now easier than ever to see how many topics and responses are in your grid and how many videos have been viewed.
- Brand new responses layout with larger images and response views.
- Improved video playback and faster load times.

Sep 27
Version 4.4

- Improved memory management and overall stability
- Improved upload handling

Sep 19
Version 4.3

-Have you ever wanted to pause and resume your recording? Well, now you can! Simply tap record and then pause to create a segment.
-Improved video uploader performance and stability.
-Minor bug fixes and improvements...making the app prettier and faster!

Sep 10
Version 4.2

-Improved sharing options. We've made it easier than ever to share your videos, topics, and grids on social media.
-Flipgrid has gotten a lot faster. Topics and Responses views are much snappier.
-We love your feedback. Tap the ? on the home screen and let us know what you think!

Aug 11
Version 4.0

- It’s an all-new Flipgrid! Updated interface, recorder, video playback and more!
- Want to reply to someone’s response? Now you can!
- Enhanced video playback with improved full screen support
- Not happy with a response you’ve uploaded? Now you can delete it!
- Use the new search functionality to find your favorite videos and topics
- Improved video uploader with better error/interruption handling

Jun 21
Version 1.30

-Improved video recorder stability
-Updated networking. All-around snappier!
-Other bug fixes and improvements

Nov 11
Version 1.2.6

-Added video question feature
-Updated UI
-Improved data tracking and visualization
-Improved iOS 8 stability

Sep 30
Version 1.2.5

Improved iOS 8 stability.

Jun 16
Version 1.2.4

-Added microphone access request to initial app launch
-Added microphone check on app launch to ensure mic is enabled when recording

Jun 06
Version 1.2.3

-Updated video uploader
-Fixed UI for iOS 7.1
-Improved video recorder stability
-Improved video playback stability

Apr 02
Version 1.2.2

-Improved image caching for x64 devices
-Interaction documentation support

Mar 18
Version 1.2.1

-Support for personal devices allowing for sessions to remain active when app is backgrounded ( System Settings > Flipgrid).
-Improved hash input
-Optional email input for video submission
-Expired grid support

Feb 02
Version 1.2.0

Bug Fixes
-Improved video recorder compression
-Added support for special characters and foreign languages in grid titles
-Fixed duplicate post issue
-Improved re-record stability and UI

-Added back camera capability
-Added support for both left and right landscape orientations

Nov 22
Version 1.001

Previous 3 versions


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