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Cram’s official flashcard mobile app is here. Bring all the flashcard features you know and love about Cram to your iPhone.

When you log into your Cram account the app automatically downloads your account information including: your created flashcard sets, your favorite flashcard sets and the flashcard sets you study most frequently.

Why you’ll love this flashcard app:
■ Completely free and easy to use
■ Syncs with your Cram account
■ Accesses all 80,000,000+ flashcards on Cram
■ Works online and offline; when you’re ready to study your flashcards, so is the app
■ Supports four study modes: Card mode, Memorize mode, Cram mode and Games mode.

About the study modes:
Card mode allows you to quickly view an entire set of flashcards and repeat them as often as you like. Memorize mode automatically hides flashcards you know so you can concentrate on the ones you still need to learn. You can even enable the cram option to supercharge your studying with spaced repetition similar to the Leitner system!

Get the grades you thought were impossible. Start studying for your next test with the Cram official mobile flashcard app today!

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Version History

Launched Nov 05, 2013 (over 5 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 2 months, on average.

Feb 27
Version 1.5.8

Bug fixes.

Apr 14
Version 1.5.7

Fixed UI issues.

Jan 31
Version 1.5.5

Facebook sign-in fix

Jan 22
Version 1.5.4

Fix for blank screen when adding a new flashcard.

Dec 19
Version 1.5.3

Fixes for Facebook login on iOS 11

Dec 08
Version 1.5.2

Facebook Version updated to v2.9

Oct 13
Version 1.5.1

• Fixed foreign languages display issue

Oct 10
Version 1.5

• General bug fixes.

May 29
Version 1.4.4

• General bug fixes.

Mar 27
Version 1.4.3

• General bug fixes.

Mar 10
Version 1.4.2

• General bug fixes.

Feb 26
Version 1.4.1

• UI enhancements and bug fixes.

Dec 28
Version 1.4

Cram Mobile now features flashcard styling. We’ve added to the apple keyboard allowing you to customize your card sets with features such as bolding, font size, custom colors and much more!

Basic Features:

Font Sizing

Premium Members:

Custom Colors

Enjoy! Keep the questions and comments coming, we’re always listening to our users to enhance the Cram experience.

Aug 09
Version 1.3.3

• Minor Bug Fixes

Jun 17
Version 1.3.2

• Play Stellar Speller on your phone.

Audio Features
• Use text to speech offline.
• Replay the audio of a flashcard.

UI Enhancements
• Added the option to tap or swipe a card to flip it over.
• New zoom icon to view larger images or read more text.

May 25
Version 1.3.1

In this release:
• Continuous Study - add, edit, delete your cards without losing your spot.
• Minor Bug Fixes

May 08
Version 1.3

In this release:
• Test your skills on Jewels of Wisdom, now available on the Cram App.
• Performance enhancements and bug fixes.

Apr 27
Version 1.2

Introducing text-to-speech audio:
• Hear the correct pronunciation when learning a new language.
• English, French, Spanish, Chinese, Korean and Japanese are currently supported.
• Let the app read your cards to you when audio is turned on in slideshow mode.

Other app enhancements:
• Quickly switch between study modes in the new drop down menu.

• Bug fixes.

Apr 18
Version 1.1.6

• UI enhancements and bug fixes.

Apr 08
Version 1.1.5

• UI bug fixes and performance enhancements.

Mar 29
Version 1.1.4

• Performance enhancements and bug fixes.

Mar 18
Version 1.1.3

Features in this release:

• Never lose your cards with autosave.
• Create and Edit flashcard sets while offline.
• Performance and design enhancements.

Mar 07
Version 1.1.2

• Performance enhancements and bug fixes.

Feb 21
Version 1.1.1

The good stuff in this release:

• One-click to create flashcards right from your dashboard.
• Reorder your flashcards within a set.
• Swipe right to left to quickly create a new card in the set.
• Swipe left or right when editing a card to view other cards in that set.
• Fix syncing and performance issues.
• Design enhancements.

Jan 27
Version 1.1

This release is a big one. Let’s just say we heard you loud and clear.

Now you can create and edit your cards right from your phone or tablet!

New features include:
• Create flashcard sets right from your phone or tablet.
• Edit any of your own flashcard sets.
• Jump into ‘quick edit’ mode by holding down any card within your flashcard set.
• Make your flashcards visual by adding photos to the front, back or as a hint.
• Easily delete any card within your set, or the entire set, if you don’t like them.
• Performance enhancements and bug fixes.

We value your feedback, so if you have anything to report, please contact us here: support@cram.com

Nov 20
Version 1.0.1

■ Improved share and favorite interface
■ Added image and text zoom
■ Bug fixes

12/16/2013 Update: We're listening to your feedback. An edit/create feature is on the way! :)

Nov 05
Version 1.0

Previous 3 versions


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