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Characterize is the perfect creator tool for writers, role-players, storytellers, and anyone who needs to come up with original characters on the fly.

Pulling from an extensive database of names and vital statistics, Characterize can generate literally quadrillions of new characters! That's more than enough for even the most ambitious of projects, and plenty to help you find the perfect avatar for your next story. You can even choose between fantasy, pirates, modern names, and more to give your character the authentic details that matter. Save your favorites, and bring up a whole new character with a quick tap!

Characterize is the perfect companion for your stories, role-playing games and more!

Characterize Features:

Random Name Generator with Quadrillions of Possibilities!
- Create a near-infinite number of names for free with our randomizer! Choose from Human Names, Orcs, Pirates, Assassins or more to instantly generate your own custom character.

In-Depth Character Creator Provides Info About Your Character
- Our stat picker selects detailed traits to go along with each name we create, making the creation process instantaneous. You can generate age, birthday, hair color, eye color, height, intelligence, relationship status and weight, as well as defining personality characteristics, all specific to each generator.

Unlock Even More Names
- In addition to our trillions of default names, Characterize offers themed packs that will help you create any kind of character you can dream of. From super heroes to pirates, aliens to anime, Characterize will create your perfect character in seconds!

Save and Share Your Favorites
- Save your creation for reference with a few quick taps, or share with friends! Then, view your saved characters anytime from the selector.

Whether you're finally naming that long-discussed protagonist, populating a gaming world or even challenging yourself to write a story without knowing who the players will be beforehand, Characterize makes it easy to create realistic, fully realized characters at the touch of a button.

You don’t need several apps to create your next world. Download the Characterize character maker today generate your next hero today!

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Version History

Launched Sep 20, 2013 (over 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Apr 07
Version 7.7

Fixed a flicker that could happen during page loads, and improved internal efficiency and operations.

Nov 13
Version 7.6

More under-the-hood improvements, nothing exciting because we're terribly boring people who don't like fun.

Nov 07
Version 7.5

Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

Oct 29
Version 7.4

Happy Halloween! This update brings a bunch of new generators, including some of our all-time most-requested topics: Monsters! From Ghosts and Zombies to Serial Killers and Kaiju and more, you'll be able to populate any Horror story you can think of!

This update also brings improvements to the VoiceOver system for blind users, the ability to edit the names of custom generators, and a few minor bug fixes.

Oct 24
Version 7.3

This update introduces a new Search function, for people who don't care to scroll through that giant list of generators to find what they need.

It also brings the triumphant return of VoiceOver support. A big thanks to our many players who reached out about it this week, and a special thanks to Tashia and Tangela for their help getting it back in so quickly!

Oct 23
Version 7.2

I seem to have underestimated how popular Landscape mode was! So this update brings back Landscape mode for all users, along with an automatic resizing function to make it a little easier to use in different orientations.

This update also brings a bunch of minor bug fixes and improvements, especially improved spacing for a few extra-long rows that would go offscreen.

Oct 22
Version 7.1

The new version of Characterize is out and working great! This update brings a few under-the-hood improvements for a cleaner experience.

Also, we've gotten reports that a few players' purchases may have reverted in the last update. If this happened to you, just open the sidebar and hit Restore Purchases to get them back without spending a dime. :) Happy generating!

Oct 19
Version 7.0

It's a whole new app! We've completely rebuilt Characterize from the ground up in Unity, to support new features and a future multi-platform release!

What new features, you ask? Well we're kicking it off with our most-requested feature of all time: custom generators! Now you can create and use your own generators, populated with your own rows and possibilities.

Mar 10
Version 6.1

Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

Feb 27
Version 6.0

Added a new bundle of African generators, and numerous under-the-hood improvements!

Mar 06
Version 5.9.3

Added iPhone X support.

Jul 25
Version 5.9.2

Minor performance improvements.

Jul 13
Version 5.9.1

Minor stability improvements.

Jul 03
Version 5.9

Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

Jun 16
Version 5.7

Fixed a bug that would crash the app on launch for a small number of users.

May 24
Version 5.6.1

Bug fixes and performance improvements.

May 22
Version 5.6

Fixed a bug involving in-app purchases. If you experienced a problem with a purchase, please install this update and then select "Restore Purchases" from the sidebar within the app, and your purchase should be completed successfully.

May 03
Version 5.5

Minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

Apr 21
Version 5.4

Minor updates and performance improvements.

Feb 10
Version 5.2

Added our most-requested feature: the ability to edit saved entries! Just tap on a row in a saved entry to edit the value, so you can get exactly the result you need.

We are always listening to feedback from our users, so please leave us a review or send us a message if there's anything you want to see in the future!

Nov 10
Version 5.1

Much faster launch times when new generators are available, and other minor improvements.

In other news, the "Request a Generator" feature has been a huge hit, and we're working hard to bring you new generators as fast as we're getting requests. So if you have an idea, share it with us and the whole community may thank you for it!

And finally, if you're enjoying the app, we'd love it if you wrote us a review on the App Store for the new version. Ratings are always appreciated, and they help make this community possible!

Oct 21
Version 5.0

Major new update! We've added several of our most-requested features, including...

-SAVED RESULTS: Now, you can save and come back to a character, right within the app. Just tap the Share button at the top right to save a character, and return to it using the new Bookmarks button on the main page.
-REQUEST A GENERATOR: You can now send a message directly to the developer, requesting a generator be added to the Characterize library! Just tell us what you'd like to see, and if we end up adding it, we'll send you a free copy as soon as it's available!

We're constantly working to make Characterize the best app possible. Please keep your reviews and suggestions coming, and thanks to all the users who have helped us already!

Sep 28
Version 4.2

Fantasy Races! Six new generators, available in a bundle at 15% off! Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, and more!

Plus performance enhancements and bug fixes.

Aug 12
Version 4.1

Minor updates, including a fix for a bug that prevented some users from being able to purchase new generators.

Jul 24
Version 4.0

A major update, with a brand new feature: Bundles!

We now have over a dozen character generators available, and you can now buy them in themed batches. And better yet, those bundles come at a discount, so you can get all the generators you want without spending money on any of the ones you don't!

Jun 06
Version 3.1

Minor bug fixes and improvements, including a major performance increase during app launch.

May 14
Version 3.0

Another MAJOR release!

Characterize has been completely overhauled from the ground-up. Now, not only do we offer literally quadrillions of characters for free, we also offer a range of other generators for specific genres. We're starting out with five to begin with, but look for more to be added in the future. For now, the list includes:
-Ancient Romans
-Heroes & Villains
-Pirates & Scallywags
-Wizards & Witches
Each list pulls from a completely unique database and we've added dozens of new components and character details, giving you quick access to any kind of character you need. Plus, our basic, free database has almost doubled in size, meaning that there are literally hundreds of trillions of character possibilities within EACH generator!

Thanks again to everyone who helped make this update possible. We're constantly working to improve the app, so if you have any comments, complaints, suggestions, or requests, just drop us a line or write us a review, and we'll work on getting it into the next release!

Enjoy the all-new Characterize!

Mar 13
Version 2.1

Minor update: added a bullet to locked fields, making it easier to tell which ones are set and which are being randomized.

Mar 01
Version 2.0

A completely redesigned interface, iPad compatibility, streamlined interaction, and a larger database allow you to create even more possible characters!

The new interface is simple and powerful: just tap on any field to edit it, and your entry will be locked during further randomizations. The title will turn white, to indicate that a field is locked. Just edit and delete the entry to unlock the field, and a simple tap of the central icon will generate a new character!

Sep 20
Version 1.0

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