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If your school is currently using PupilPath as their parent and student portal, the PupilPath mobile application allows parents, teachers, and students to have instant access to student information on the go, including:

- Notifications when a grade is submitted, or when a student is marked absent/late
- Recent Notifications view
- Up-to-date classroom progress
- Attendance live as it is taken
- Grades and status of assignments and exams
- Assignment due dates and descriptions
- Student GPA and averages in grading categories
- Report card grades
- Student transcripts
- Student schedules
- Mail


Your school must be using the Skedula and PupilPath platforms to use this app. If you are unsure, contact your school to find out before you download this app.

Push notifications are controlled by the teacher/school. The teacher must explicitly enable notifications for you to receive push notifications to your device.

The PupilPath app requires a wireless connection or a data plan.

 Free in iOS App Store


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Version History

Launched Sep 22, 2013 (almost 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 5 months, on average.

May 13
Version 2.3.0

This update includes a Recent Notifications view. All your recent notifications in one place with links to the relevant parts of the app.

Sep 09
Version 2.2.3

Bug fixes and enhancements

Sep 01
Version 2.2.2

This version adds the ability to control what push notification subscriptions are enabled. In addition, we reverted the appearance of the calendars; our prior implementation, although pretty, wasn't easy to see at a glance. This version also includes some bug fixes and minor enhancements to make your life easier.

A big thank you to John Young for pointing out the mailbox bug and helping us get it resolved!

As always, thanks so much for your feedback! You guys are awesome!

Aug 25
Version 2.2.1

We noticed a crash which you might have experienced on your first launch of the new version which we've corrected in this release. Thank you for all the great feedback so far. Keep it coming! We're listening and we're working to make the app better!

Aug 23
Version 2.2.0

Version 2.2.0 adds the Mail functionality that you have on the website. Now you can send messages to your teachers right from the app. We've also added the ability to provide us feedback. We are always open to suggestions and looking for feedback and this is a great way to let us know if you like the app and what features you'd love to see us add. We're listening, we promise!

Dec 07
Version 2.1.0

• Added Term Selection for viewing information for terms other than the current
• New section for viewing Assessment results
• Improved iPad support
• Various stability and reliability improvements

Sep 02
Version 2.0.3

Hey Llllgrg and XXlxiaonan, we heard you and we agree, it should have maintained your session between app launches from the beginning. Thanks for the feedback.

- Added session saving so you're not logged out between app launches.
- Other bug fixes and enhancements.

Aug 24
Version 2.0.2

Adds a fix whereby if you tap the background of the login screen it will dismiss the keyboard and lower the login screen back to it's original location. For people on iPhone 4s this is critical because without this the 'Login' button is hidden! Bart Brassil, that one's for you.

Adds a link on the login view that, when tapped, will open the reset password page in Safari. Esmeralda Greene, that one's for you.

Aug 18
Version 2.0.1

Minor bug fixes and stability enhancements. You should definitely update!

Aug 16
Version 2.0.0

Version 2.0 is a full re-write of the original PupilPath application. The app is now fully native giving a much faster, cleaner and more responsive experience. The UI has been beautifully redesigned to make use of screen real estate on all device sizes and better show progress for students.

The new layout, including the today view, enables parents and students to have a much better view of what’s due in the near future empowering students to succeed.

- All new Today view showing attendance and assignments due in the next 10 days by course
- Longer session times so users don’t need to login too frequently
- Assignments with due dates, descriptions and attachments
- Re-imagined student schedules
- Notifications when a grade is submitted, or when a student is marked absent/late
- Up-to-date classroom progress
- Daily and course attendance
- Student GPA and averages in grading categories
- Report card grades
- Student transcripts

Oct 14
Version 1.0.3

- Better ios8 compatibility
- Fixed notifications
- Fixed date picker
- Fixed imagery

Aug 18
Version 1.0.2

Added transcripts - thanks @arcademalik
Added ios7 support - thanks @katiedelrosari0
Dropped iOS6 support
Added transparency
Added new icons
Added better pull to refresh

Dec 10
Version 1.0.1

- Open files attached to assignments
- Sort by Due Date, not View Date
- Only supports iOS6 or better (old version crashes on ios5)
- Misc bug fixes
- Adds twitter integration

Sep 23
Version 1.0.0

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