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The perfect companion for your next outdoor adventure. Seek, find, record and return home with Handy GPS.

This app is a real navigation tool designed for outdoors sports like hiking, bushwalking, mountain biking, kayaking and trail riding. It allows you to work in UTM or lat/lon coordinates.


* View your current location in UTM or Lat/Lon formats.
* Record and/or manually enter waypoints in UTM, Lat/Lon, or MGRS.
* Goto a waypoint, with optional audio proximity alarm and spoken directions.
* Record a track log.
* Show your current location, waypoints and tracklogs on a map.
* Export waypoints and tracklogs to a KML file for viewing in Google Earth, or to a GPX file.
* Export waypoints to a comma delimited (CSV) text file.
* Import KML or GPX files and view in the app.
* Email your current location to a friend.
* Odometer to keep track of how far you've gone.
* Magnetic compass.
* Elevation profile.
* Compute sun rise and set times.
* Supports both metric and US/imperial units.
* Supports datums WGS84, GDA94, AGD66 and AGD84. (Use WGS84 for NAD83)
* Allows entry of parameters for a custom datum (e.g. ED50, SAD69, OSGB36, GDA2020 etc), as well as supporting affine parameters for local grid systems.
* Can display your location a normal grid ref, an MGRS grid ref (WGS84 datum only), or as a UK Ordinance Survey (OS) grid ref.
* Can download offline map tiles for use where there is no cellular coverage.
* Optional walk timer.
* Email your current waypoints and tracklogs as a KML file.

Disclaimer: Continued use of GPS running in the background can dramatically decrease battery life. To save battery power you can close the app from the task manager. The developer accepts no responsibility for you getting lost while using this app.

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Version History

Launched Sep 21, 2013 (over 5 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 month, on average.

Nov 24
Version 7.5

Associated .kml files with the app to allow easier importing of emailed files.

Nov 11
Version 7.3

Added the ability to enter a session name when the "New session" button is pressed.

Oct 08
Version 7.2

Added an option to show waypoints as pins instead of flags on map. When confirming deletion of waypoints or tracklogs, show a dialog with a warning icon to prevent accidental loss of data. Add link to privacy policy on "About" dialog.

Sep 22
Version 7.1

Updated screenshots in store listing

Sep 20
Version 7.0

Added offline map feature.

Aug 26
Version 6.9

Increased minimum speed for spoken turn directions to 3 km/h .

Aug 21
Version 6.8

Improvements to the Goto page: added optional audio proximity alarm when close to waypoint, and spoken directions. Also added a new preferences page to control these new options.

Jun 28
Version 6.7

Added option to show lat/lon values with extra decimal place. Default Deg/Min now has 3 decimal places, and Deg/Min/Sec has 1 decimal place. Fixed layout issues when app run on iPad.

Jun 18
Version 6.4

Added option to show background image on main page.

Apr 02
Version 6.3

Decreased thickness of track log lines on map.

Mar 29
Version 6.2

Minor improvements to layout of main page.

Feb 11
Version 6.1

Changed main page to use more modern monochrome icons.

Dec 17
Version 6.0

Fixed issue with importing KML and GPX files on iOS 11.

Dec 06
Version 5.9

Improved accuracy of the waypoint projection feature.

Oct 27
Version 5.8

Added an option to choose CSV as the format to email your current data in.

Oct 18
Version 5.7

Fix for iOS 11 changes to location services.

Oct 12
Version 5.6

Added track log colour and scale bar options to preferences page. Changed preferences page to have multiple sections: General, Map, and Fitness.

Oct 02
Version 5.4

Improved fitness info displayed when "i" button pressed. Show previous GPS location in grey when app started in paused mode. Minor adjustments to layout of main page.

Sep 28
Version 5.3

Added the ability to compute calories burned. Show odometer reading when app starts.

Sep 16
Version 5.2

Small changes to layout of main page and preferences page.

Sep 04
Version 5.1

When the main paused/recording button is pressed, also pause/resume the timer.

Aug 29
Version 5.0

Added "New session" and "Paused/recording" buttons at top of main page. Open app in paused mode by default. Added GDA2020 datum to pre-defined custom datums. Include HandyGPS web link in emails sent from app.

Aug 16
Version 4.9

Show track log length, area, elevation change and max speed when "i" button pressed. Show time until sunset. Change long press on map to create a waypoint to 1 second instead of 2 seconds. Warn user if more than 10,000 track log points are loaded. Generate default waypoint names that will not clash with existing waypoints.

Jul 15
Version 4.8

When emailing current data, you can now choose either the KML or GPX format. Reorganised buttons at bottom of main page, and changed timer pause/resume icons. Show total daylight hours at bottom of sun set/rise dialog.

May 24
Version 4.7

Added a menu option to email the current waypoints and tracklogs as a KML file. Change "m/h" to "mph". Use current hemisphere when manually entering UTM coordinates.

Feb 13
Version 4.6

Added a needle to the compass page.

Dec 22
Version 4.5

Show UK prefix letters on grid references when a custom datum starting with "OSGB" is selected.

Dec 19
Version 4.4

Added code to prevent reported crashes.

Nov 06
Version 4.3

Changed "Delete all" option to be "Delete all and reset". Fixed bug loading large KML files. Other minor bug fixes.

Sep 30
Version 4.2

Updated to make work properly with iOS 10. Fixed issue with Goto page closing app. Warn about performance when more than 5000 tracklog points loaded. Changed icon background colour. Changed default custom map URL.

Sep 02
Version 4.1

Added entry/editing of waypoint coordinates in MGRS (UTM/WGS84 only). Prevented ampersands being entered in waypoint names. Strip leading and trailing whitespace off custom map URL.

Jul 20
Version 4.0

Added a new "Custom URL" option on map page to allow use of a map tile server instead of the standard map backgrounds.

Jul 18
Version 3.9

Vers 3.9: Added support for loading and saving custom datums as .hgd files. Also added support for the affine parameters used for local grid systems.

May 09
Version 3.8

Added options to auto-rotate and auto-centre map. Fixed bug with arrow direction when map rotated and bug loading some GPX files.

May 05
Version 3.7

Fixed a bug on iOS 9 where the app was not continuing to run in the background when left on the Goto page.

May 03
Version 3.6

Added option to show direction arrow on map page. Make main page scrollable when timer line visible to suit smaller screens. Changed splash screen graphic so it is not stretched on larger screens.

Apr 14
Version 3.5

Fixed bug with importing GPX files that have no date/time or altitude values.

Feb 23
Version 3.4

Added an optional timer line which can be enabled from the preferences page. (iPhone 5 and later only)

Feb 12
Version 3.3

Fixed bug on iOS 9 with tracklog and odometer not being updated when screen off or app running in background.

Feb 03
Version 3.2

Fixed issue which caused the app to crash on an iPad if you tried to turn on the flashlight.

Jan 14
Version 3.1

Fixed issue with flashlight option causing the app to crash on iPads.

Jan 09
Version 3.0

Show MGRS grid ref below normal grid ref when the WGS84 datum is selected.

Nov 13
Version 2.9

Improved icon and launch page colors.

Sep 29
Version 2.8

Added an option to compute the distance and direction between two waypoints.

Sep 22
Version 2.7

Added the ability to import GPX files.

Sep 09
Version 2.6

Added an option to export waypoints and tracklogs to a GPX file. Also fixed a bug with importing tracklog points.

Jul 14
Version 2.4

Added menu option to export waypoints to a CSV file. Added a Copy button on waypoint properties page. Improved database access code.

Jul 02
Version 2.3

Fixed a bug which was causing the sun rise and set times to be computed for the wrong lat/lon location.

Apr 20
Version 2.2

Added option to project a waypoint. Added a set of predefined custom datums. Fixed bug with entering small negative lat/lon values in DMS or DM.

Nov 24
Version 2.1

Added UTM zone letter, Added button to copy current coordinates to clipboard.

Oct 13
Version 2.0

Added flashlight option, Added units factor to custom datum (full version only)

Sep 15
Version 1.18

Fixed some KML file reading issues.

May 12
Version 1.17

Fixed a bug which was preventing the waypoints database from being modified after loading a Garmin KML file.

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