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Tithe.ly Mobile Giving
By Your Giving, Inc

If you're a church, sign up at https://tithe.ly.

Tithe.ly’s app enables mobile giving for churches that’s simple, safe and secure. Your members will be able to make one time or recurring gifts to one or many funds through their mobile device. Once your members are set up they can make a donation with a few taps.

App review – “We saw giving increase the very first month we started using TIthe.ly. Allowing members to give from their mobile devices is huge and the the automated recurring giving feature has been very well received. We're nearing 10% of or gifts being done via automated recurring giving.” – Barry Crocker, Sr. Pastor at Hope United L.A.

App review – “People are loving the giving services you provide for us! Thank God for your creativity!” – Dr. Herbert H. Rowe, Lead Pastor at The Upperroom Bible Church

App review – “Tithe.ly is essential for growing your church!” – Senior Pastor, Sonrise Baptist Church

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We want to help your church reach its resource potential through innovative technology. When giving is convenient, people give more. Make it easy for your members to donate electronically, either right on your premises with a donation kiosk, or on the go with online giving. We have a heart to see your ministry thrive, not just survive. Mobile giving is an extension of our online giving and kiosk giving features.

Tithe.ly works with Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Discover. It’s SIMPLE, SAFE, & SECURE.

Tithe.ly takes security seriously. All information is safely encrypted and stored behind multi-layers of advanced bank level security. No card details are stored on the phone. We are fully PCI compliant and if you lose your phone, no transactions can be made without your passcode.

Key Benefits for your church:

+ Increase giving consistency by making it simple for you members to give in the moment or via scheduled recurring gifts.
+ Improve giving response rates by putting the power to give in the palm of your member’s hands. No more remembering the checkbook or wallet.
+ Reduce cost and admin time spent on data entry, gift management and administration.

Key Features

+ Secured using SSL with 256-bit encryption
+ Available for iPhone and iPad
+ Accept donations via AMEX, Discover, MasterCard, Visa
+ Accept one time and recurring scheduled giving
+ Allow members to track their individual giving
+ Immediate gift receipt sent to members for record keeping
+ Support multiple funds/designations
+ Support one or many church campuses
+ Ultra fast admin/batch gift entry
+ Web giving URL for use on website or in church Kiosk

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Version History

Launched Sep 19, 2013 (about 7 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 months, on average.

May 12
Version 2.4.7

Update 2.4.7 corrects an issue with creating a new account.

May 05
Version 2.4.5

Update 2.4.5 changes include:
- If you choose "Allow Once" when asked if the app can use your location, the app will now ask for permission again in future sessions when your location is needed.
- The tab bar is now hidden when searching for churches by name to leave more room for viewing results.

Apr 20
Version 2.4.4

Update 2.4.4 optimizes the Tithe.ly app for the 11" and 12.9" iPad Pro.

Jul 28
Version 2.4.3

+ A few minor bug fixes

May 02
Version 2.4.2

+ Adding Touch ID (Fingerprint identification)
+ Adding giving notifications (can be turned off / on in settings)
+ Address and phone number can be updated in accounts settings
+ Minor bug fixes

Aug 26
Version 2.4.1

+ Fixing an issue where certain giving types wouldn't work with Quick Give.
+ Fixing some app loading issues.

Aug 24
Version 2.4

Addition of the new feature Quick Give. Quick Give allows users to quickly give to an organization using their previous giving history (giving type, amount, payment method, etc) with 2 taps. There's no form fields to fill out or anything once you've given. It'll remember what you gave last time and give you the opportunity to do it again very quickly. It's the perfect feature for users who consistently give the same amount all the time.

Aug 11
Version 2.3.2

Adding a fix to pin reset to make it more intuitive.

Jul 19
Version 2.3.1

+ Fixed a bug with the give button for users without payment methods

Jun 16
Version 2.3

+ Fixed a bug with the default organization when geolocation is turned off.
+ Fixed a few jerky issues with the UI

May 20
Version 2.2

A few minor updates:
+ Recent Giving dates are displaying correctly
+ Logging out of the app keeps the last organization you gave to saved for when you log back in

Apr 11
Version 2.1

Bug fix for pin login

Apr 07
Version 2.0

New interface / Better performance

Nov 24
Version 1.5

Fixed an error with registration.

Sep 22
Version 1.4

Fixed a few bugs for iOS9.

May 01
Version 1.3

+ Adding ability to reset password
+ URL changes for giving updated to https://tithe.ly
+ Minor bug fixes

Apr 28
Version 1.2

+ Renaming to Tithe.ly
+ Fixing a few minor bugs

Nov 07
Version 1.1

+ Users can now set up automated giving
+ "My Account" section more accessible from main giving page
+ Removed the status bar
+ Minor bug fixes

Sep 19
Version 1.0

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