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Mise eyes is your companion to Magic: the Gathering. Looking up cards has never looked better. Mise Eyes is simply the easiest way find card information. Need to find the price of a card? Try Mise Eyes. We add new features fairly frequently. And our card database is always the freshest around. Download your companion and start enjoying it now.

Premium Features
• TCGplayer market prices
• Unlimited Binder and Wishlist Storage
• Trade Ledger

Free Features
• Track cards in your Binder and Wishlist
• Share your Binder and Wishlist
• Live TCG mid prices
• Live Channel Fireball retail prices
• Trailing 13 week interactive price history
• Link to vendor listing to buy or sell cards
• What's Hot/Not Lists to see what's moving
• Comment on your #favorite cards
• Share Price Graphs
• Oracle rules text
• Super fast card name search
• Camera for image lookup
• Reserve List Indicators
• Set Browser

Coming very soon(ish)
• See other's Binder and Wishlist
• Save your deck lists
• Save your trades

Coming soon(ish)
• Video based card lookup

Prices courtesy of TCGPlayer.com and Channel Fireball.

Cards/card images/symbols are all copyright Wizards of the Coast. This app is not affiliated with Wizards of the Coast in any way.

Mise Eyes offers premium features with a monthly auto-renewing subscription. Premium subscriptions are automatically renewed 24-hours before the subscription ends at the rate secured when you purchased. You may cancel automatic renewal at any time from your iTunes Account settings. Subscriptions are subject to our terms of use http://www.miseeyes.com/terms.html.

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Version History

Launched Aug 15, 2013 (over 7 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

Jan 06
Version 0.8.8

- Support for Throne of Eldraine adventures
- iOS 13 fixes
- In addition to blocking users, you can now report specific content for us to review

Mar 04
Version 0.8.7

Couple of fixes: 1) 'Add' button for card lists not working in certain cases and 2) Formatting on smaller screens. Also fixed a couple of crashes. Mise!

Feb 25
Version 0.8.6

This version has a few minor bug fixes and a tweak to the way we render split cards. Mise!

Feb 19
Version 0.8.5

This release contains a fix for an embarrassing crash when dismissing search screen.

Feb 17
Version 0.8.4

This release contains several bug fixes and performance improvements.

Feb 05
Version 0.8.3

We've removed Facebook from our app. Concern over Facebook privacy prompted us to take action.

What does this mean for you?
1) Facebook Ads will no longer appear.
2) Users will now login with their phone number

*** Existing users will have to re-validate accounts with phone numbers.*** We realize that can be annoying. Spending a weekend rewriting the login was annoying too.

In other news, some other upgrades in this release...
- A set browser
- Performance improvements for large lists
- Full art for some cards

Working on support for deck lists. So stay tuned!


May 14
Version 0.8.2

Thanks for using Mise Eyes. Your support helps make your app better. We've update the interactive charts to be more awesome. Mise!

May 08
Version 0.8.1

Thanks for using Mise Eyes. Your support helps make our app better for you. We've added searching for binders and wishlists. Mise!

Mar 20
Version 0.8.0

Thanks for using Mise Eyes. Your support helps make our app better for you. We've improved sorting for binders and wishlists. Also, now add to your card lists directly from card details. Mise!

Jan 09
Version 0.7.6

Thanks for using Mise Eyes. Your support helps make our app better for you. We've fixed a few bugs with double-sided cards and binders. Mise!

Jan 03
Version 0.7.5

Your companion to Magic: the Gathering has gotten better. Enjoy improved support for double-sided cards, performance improvements and bug fixes.

Oct 19
Version 0.7.4

Your companion to Magic: the Gathering has gotten better. Now enjoy support for iOS 11, less flickering on large binders/wish lists and other bug fixes.

Aug 09
Version 0.7.3

So we took a detour from card lists to allow the following...
- Delete Posts
- Block Users
- Bug Fixes

Jun 29
Version 0.7.2

Performance tuning and bug fixes.

Jun 13
Version 0.7.1

Some minor updates
- foil indicator in card version selector
- share your binder and wishlist
- tap binder/wishlist/trade list entries to bring up card details
- improve scroll performance for large card lists
- minor display bug fixes

Jun 08
Version 0.7.0

Thank you so much to Mise Eyes Premium subscribers. Your generosity keeps these features coming for everyone.

Now track cards in your binder and wishlist.

Apr 25
Version 0.6.0

We have some big things coming. While we are working on them, enjoy this update. Thank you all for being part of Mise Eyes. To those that subscribe, your support is enabling everyone to enjoy all the new features we have in the works!

- improved navigation for comments
- added flavor images to trade ledger
- updated subscriptions to be auto-renewing

Mar 02
Version 0.5.0

Some #changes to comments.

Feb 14
Version 0.4.0

- card rulings
- up or down vote posts
- some usability improvements

Jan 04
Version 0.3.0

-trade ledger
-support for native resolutions
-high resolution symbols
-more iOS 10 bug fixes

Nov 02
Version 0.2.3

A few minor updates
- add Energy symbol
- iOS 10 updates and bug fixes

Aug 26
Version 0.2.2

Push Notifications to let you know when someone has replied to a comment.

Aug 17
Version 0.2.1

Support for posting replies to comments. Enjoy.

Aug 02
Version 0.2.0

This update includes a premium option for a feature from my personal version - Channelfireball buylist prices. Premium is available as a non-renewing subscription. For those that want a little bit of extra information, check it out. Also in this version are ads. I realize people dislike them. But they are done in a most non-obtuse way.

Enjoy the facelift. And stay tuned for more features.

User Interface Changes
- use dark theme through out app
- typography update
- vendor link on full-art price screen to buy/sell cards
- change price source on 'Settings' tab
- show the age of a given quote

Bug Fixes
- crash when not able to calculate Hot/Not sections
- crash when not able to get live quote from partners
- layout issues with very long card names

Jan 20
Version 0.1.0

Support for colorless mana.

Nov 10
Version 0.0.16

Minor UI Tweaks.

Sep 26
Version 0.0.15

iOS9 fixes/support/optimizations

Sep 01
Version 0.0.14

Another small release with lots of UI tweaks, polish and fixes. Some notable ones...
- pull to refresh home screen (trends updated hourly, hot/not daily)
- Hot/Not percentage change indicators
- tap anywhere to dismiss text search
- altered art on card listing screens
- smoother scrolling on home screen

Jul 30
Version 0.0.13

A small release while working toward the trade ledger. There needed to be a way to add a specific version of a card to the trade ledger. And thus the "Full Art" was born. Tap price card to see "Full Art". When I get around to it, this will house the trade buttons. Enjoy!

Full Art Cards
- tap into Oracle or set information cards to see Full Art
- moved interactive charts to this view
- share full art screens

Home Page
- "What's Hot" shows biggest recent price gainers
- "What's Not" shows biggest recent price losers
- Connect via Twitter, Facebook or App Store

If you love this app, rate it! It helps make the app better. YOU help make the app better. Thanks!

Jun 29
Version 0.0.12

UI Improvements
- swipe through detail screen to see next/previous cards
- rules for flip (e.g. Erayo) and split (e.g. Fire // Ice) cards
- new image and title/mana layout for split cards
- no longer crashes on flip, split and reverse cards
- polished transition to card detail screen

May 11
Version 0.0.11

- The best looking MtG price app keeps getting better
- Tap/hold price history bars to get more information
- Updated home screen to prepare for trade ledger support

Mar 26
Version 0.0.10

- Minor update that fixes placeholder image on card details
- Stay tuned for great new features
- Remember: your feedback helps me prioritize apps to work on!

Mar 09
Version 0.0.9

Channel Fireball prices (experimental)
- view prices from channelfireball.com
- select your price source in Settings app
- prices are pulled nightly

Other Changes
- See version specific image and flavor text
- Fixed rendering artifacts around set icons
- Price history scale is always set to max of price history

Jan 03
Version 0.0.8

- scale price history chart to minimum price of $1.00
- foil set symbols
- fix bug that caused some version prices not to appear

Dec 17
Version 0.0.7

Average Price History Display
- each version of a card will now display a bar chart
- every bar on the chart is the 7 day average price
- up to 13 bars will be displayed (latest price on the right)

Oct 27
Version 0.0.6

- maintenance release w/some UI tweaks
- stay tuned for revamped camera and trade ledger!

Oct 13
Version 0.0.5

- performance improvements
- iOS 8 bug fixes
- UI tweaks

Sep 27
Version 0.0.4

- Include mana cost in card details
- Include Oracle text in card details
- Include flavor text in card details
- Set symbols reflect rarity

Sep 15
Version 0.0.3

- Search based on card name
- Clean up of our information architecture
- Same great image identification
- Remove trade ledge (going to revisit this feature)

Dec 10
Version 0.0.2

Client updates
- Live pricing from TCGPlayer.com
- Default card values to TCG Mid (non-foil)
- Improved battery life
- Remove cards from trade ledger
- Access card version selector from trade ledger
- Support for iOS 7.0
- High-res camera support

Aug 15
Version 0.0.1

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