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Concealed Carry App is a must-have tool for every responsible gun owner in America. Enter any state confidently and never fear being illegally armed again!

Designed for the concealed carry permit holder, it’s your complete guide to knowing which states have concealed carry reciprocity and in what states your permit is valid. You don’t need to guess. We can help you make sure you're covered.

U.S. Federal firearms laws are fairly straightforward, but that’s not the case with state laws, which vary widely from state to state. Who has the time to research the specific laws of each state? We do, and we take it very seriously.

With Concealed Carry App, you can...

* View the states where your permits are honored and view the permits honored in any particular state.
* Access information for both standard and enhanced permits.
* Identify your home state to more accurately manage residency restrictions.
* Reference a state’s unique laws at a glance.
* Easily add and remove your permits to keep them up-to-date.
* Include both front and back images of your permits.
* Choose the high-contrast map option for easier viewing.
* Use our verified links to get additional information.
* Synchronize all of your devices.

Now you can confidently travel state-to-state without the fear of breaking laws. Download the Concealed Carry App today!

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Version History

Launched Jan 29, 2014 (over 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 2 months, on average.

Mar 31
Version 1.93

Performance and long-term support updates, as well as some usability tweaks and UI changes.

Mar 05
Version 1.9.2

Fixed an issue where permit photos were not editable or viewable.

Feb 13
Version 1.9.1

A few fixes for layout issues, and some minor visual updates.

Mar 12
Version 1.9

This update improves the overall performance of the app, as well as brings it more in line with proper iOS interface guidelines. We've also fixed a few issues and added password reset support to the initial setup process for the app.

Sep 20
Version 1.8.3

Fixed crash issue with iOS 12.

Jun 29
Version 1.8.2

- Fixed issue where States Honored was not viewable
- Other bug-fixes and design tweaks

Apr 27
Version 1.8.1

- Fixed a crash issue with permit search
- Other bugfixes and tweaks

Dec 19
Version 1.8

Optimized for iOS 11, iPhone X, and iPad Pro
Improved the interface
Added permit search feature
Enhanced overall performance

May 26
Version 1.7.2

Improved syncing of enhanced permits.
Eliminated need for restart after data update.

Mar 18
Version 1.7.1

Fixed Bug Causing Crash on Launch

Mar 15
Version 1.7

* Added an optional high-contrast mode for easier viewing.
* Updated the tutorial to reflect the new app upgrades.
* Improved the handling of multiple permits.
* Created a new rating and feedback view.
* Enhanced permit synchronization.
* Refined the overall performance of the app.

Jan 06
Version 1.6.3

Now supports notifications! Know immediately when we update our data.
Improved account management and recovery support.
Optimized for iOS 10.

Sep 26
Version 1.6.2

Previously ignored residency configurations are now recognized.
Photos imported from Android app now display correctly.

Sep 10
Version 1.6.1

Fully compatible with iOS 10.
Improved performance.

Jul 21
Version 1.6

Includes functionality for states with constitutional carry.
Adds sorting options in list view.
Confirms state of residency and expedites changes.
Improves overall speed and performance of the app.

Jun 07
Version 1.5

Shows which states are affected by any given data update
Allows for initial setup simply by logging in
Includes updated and easier-to-understand tutorial
Incorporates overall performance improvements

Mar 28
Version 1.4.8

Fixed a issue with the accuracy of enhanced reciprocity data.

Mar 03
Version 1.4.7

Improved the reliability of reciprocity updates.

Feb 09
Version 1.4.6

Minor bug fixes.

Feb 03
Version 1.4.5

Updated to meet revised Apple security standards.
Improved overall functionality.
Users can now disable permit pictures in the list view.

Oct 01
Version 1.4.4

- Updated for iOS 9 compatibility.
- Optimized map drawing for better performance.

Apr 04
Version 1.4.3

• Improved the functionality of permit data updates.
• Join us on Twitter @CCWApp and Facebook @Concealed Carry App!

Mar 13
Version 1.4.2

* Added quick-view informational screens
* Included permit photos in list view
* Improved app performance and stability

Feb 02
Version 1.4.1

• Upgraded the iPad interface
• Added zoom and pan capability to the map
• Improved the visibility of the “Settings” button
• Enhanced search to include permit and transportation information results for each state

You can find out more by liking us on Facebook @ConcealedCarryApp and following us on Twitter @CCWApp

Jan 09
Version 1.4

- Added support for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus.
- Permits and permit data can now be synced across multiple devices.
- Interface is significantly improved to increase performance and comply with Apple guidelines.

Find out more on Facebook @ConcealedCarryApp and Twitter @CCWApp

Oct 17
Version 1.3.2

Minor bug fixes and stabilization.

Find out more on Facebook @ConcealedCarryApp and Twitter @CCWApp

Oct 06
Version 1.3.1

This updated fixes a crash that could occur when changing state of residence.

You can like us on Facebook @ConcealedCarryApp and follow us on Twitter @CCWApp

Oct 02
Version 1.3

Updated for iOS 8 compatibility.

You can like us on Facebook @ConcealedCarryApp and follow us on Twitter @CCWApp

Aug 27
Version 1.2.6

• You can now save a phone number in the app for your legal representation in case you are involved in a defensive incident. Add the number in the options screen under “Manage Legal Contact Info”, and then tap the phone icon beside the Search icon to initiate a call to the saved number. Additionally, you can swipe across the screen with two fingers anywhere in the app to initiate the call.

• This feature is for iPhone only, as iPad does not support phone calls.

Like us on Facebook @ConcealedCarryApp and follow us on Twitter @CCWApp

Aug 01
Version 1.2.5

This update includes the following changes:

* Added support for enhanced permits
* Added legend to map for iPad
* Minor UI updates

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Jul 17
Version 1.2.4

This update fixes an issue that was preventing iPhone users from changing their state of residence.

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Jul 04
Version 1.2.3

** Modified preview view so you can preview the effects of removing a permit that may affect another permit.

** Other process improvements

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Jul 02
Version 1.2.2

* Fixed a bug that prevented invalid permits from being removed
* UI changes to improve the readability of text

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Jun 20
Version 1.2.1

We’ve updated and redesigned a few areas to improve the overall app experience.

We also added a “What’s New” view to keep you informed of app updates.

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May 03
Version 1.2

Updates Include:

•Added more details in reciprocity laws
•Added the ability to add specific permits
•Added no-permit state logic to cover states that do not have permits or permit laws (Constitutional Carry)
•Added Info view that includes social and website links

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Apr 14
Version 1.1.3

- Bug Fix

Apr 09
Version 1.1.2

•Bug fix
•General Performance Improvements

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