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“All my assistants started by playing this awesome game” Indiana J.

“This tapping game is great! Digging has never been this fun!” Dyno Daily Times

+ Have fun digging and exploring the lost world of dinosaurs

Children will all enjoy the various game modes. The most appealing of all is definitely digging. Like a true explorer, look for all the bones hidden underground to build the dinosaur skeleton.
The children who tried it could not stop digging.

They will learn about dinosaurs with puzzles and sound effects and can color the characters using a magic brush.

Little ones play and learn the names of dinosaurs, their size and their habits. Each dinosaur comes with an illustrative fact sheet. Dinosaurs now have no secrets!

The game graphics are carefully designed and full of color. Animations were created for the youngest players and the game is packed with information on dinosaurs.

Plenty of fun for your children and yourself.

* Dig for all the dinosaur fossils
* Assembles the dinosaur skeleton with the bones you have found
* Play and learn with puzzles, animations and sound effects
* Color all the dinosaurs with a magic brush for Toddlers
* Read about all the dinosaurs in the game

Try it now, your children will have plenty of fun.

* NOTE on title “Archaeologist”: we would like to point out that the science that studies dinosaurs is Paleontology.
However, the protagonists of the saga of the archaeologist will not take care only of dinosaurs.
Joe is an explorer, he likes to dig, find hidden objects; his wife, Bonnie, is a paleontologist and soon, there will be other characters and new adventures, looking for other mysterious objects.

--- MAGISTERAPP Who are we? ---

We produce games for our kids, and it is our passion. We produce tailor-made games, without invasive advertising by third parties.
Some of our games have free trial versions, which means you can try them out first before purchases, supporting our team and enabling us to develop new games and keep all our apps up-to-date.

We produce a variety of games based on: colors and shapes, dressing up, dinosaur games for boys, games for girls, mini-games for smaller children and many other fun and educational games; you can try them all!
Our thanks to all the families who show their trust in MagisterApp!

Read more and tell us what you think on www.facebook.com/MagisterApp.
Have fun!

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Secondary: Adventure

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Version History

Launched Jul 29, 2013 (over 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 6 months, on average.

Nov 01
Version 2.0

- Added new amazing 3D dinosaurs with augmented reality
- Ready for new iPhone X

Sep 27
Version 1.5.2

- Added new cute Stickers for iMessages
- Ready for new iPhone and iPad
- Various improvements for iOS 11

Sep 21
Version 1.5.1

- Added new cute Stickers for iMessages
- Ready for new iPhone and iPad
- Various improvements for iOS 11

Sep 15
Version 1.5

- Added new cute Stickers for iMessages
- Ready for new iPhone and iPad
- Various improvements

Mar 16
Version 1.4

Thanks to all the children who play with the MagisterApp dinosaurs, welcome to an amazing update:
- Added New Dinosaurs
- The dinosaurs now come alive, and you can play with them and feed them
- Discover the new simplified descriptions of dinosaurs, educational and designed for children and translated into 9 languages
- Added Iconography of the main features of each dinosaur, to be more understandable for kids.

Jan 21
Version 1.3.1

- Various improvements
- Intuitive and Educational Game is designed for Kids
- Ready for new iPhone and iPad

Jan 07
Version 1.3

- Incredible sensitive paint brush with 3D Touch for iPhone 6s
- Improved usability for children
- Ready for iOS 9 and new iPhone

Feb 07
Version 1.2.2

- Added new Dinosaur: Amargasaurus with sound
- iPhone 6 ready
- iOS 8 compatible
- Various Improvements

Jan 14
Version 1.2

- Added new Dinosaur: Amargasaurus
- iPhone 6 ready
- iOS 8 compatible
- Various Improvements

Oct 24
Version 1.1

Thanks to all those who play with Archaeologist, here is a great update for you:

- New game mode, discover a dinosaur at a time on the path, as a real archaeologist
- Reset the map to play again
- Fast forward to the puzzle of the bones when the dinosaur was found at least once
- Add Kids Parental Control
- Compatible with new iPhone 5, iOS 7 Ready
- Other various improvements
- User review fix, if you like, you can rate this upgrade with a lot of stars, this is very important for us. Thanks

Jul 29
Version 1.0

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