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Meet the most versatile Minecraft skin app. Works with both Minecraft Pocket Edition and PC/Mac version.

• Intuitive skin editor with unique features such as intelligent texture generation
• 10,000,000+ high quality, fully searchable skins to be used as it is, or as a starting point for your work
• Wardrobe feature providing customized skins collection
• Interactive 3D previews
• Import from Minecraft game using usernames
• Community where you can share your works with your friends
• One touch, direct export to Minecraft

We are always excited to hear from you! If you have any questions or feedback, please contact us using the contact form provided in the app.

This app is not affiliated with, or endorsed by Mojang. "Minecraft" is a trademark of Notch Development AB.

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Version History

Launched Jul 12, 2013 (over 7 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

Dec 02
Version 6.4.3

• Added better support for new display resolutions in iPhone 12 Pro Max and iPhone 12 mini.

Oct 20
Version 6.4.2

Minor bug fix

Oct 08
Version 6.4.1

• Minor bug fixes

Oct 06
Version 6.4.0

• Minor Bug fixes

Dec 05
Version 6.3.5

Added filter option in Community and Search pages to show either only 64x64 skins or 128x128 skins.

Nov 12
Version 6.3.4

• Updated tutorial on how to apply skins
• Minor bug fixes

Oct 15
Version 6.3.2

Minor bug fixes

Oct 02
Version 6.3.1

• Fixed error with the Continue with Facebook feature on iOS 13
• Fixed error where Done button on More > Edit Profile might not work
• Fixed an issue that could crash app while rendering 3D models
• Fixed notification delivery issues on iOS 13
• Fixed iPad UI issues

Oct 01
Version 6.3.0

• iOS 13 support
• Sign in with Apple option
• New feed page. We really do hope you like this :)

Aug 14
Version 6.2.3

• Added Google account sign in option
• Minor bug fixes

Jul 17
Version 6.2.2

• Fixed error with Export button in the Community page on iPads.
• Fixed minor bugs related to push notifications.

Mar 22
Version 6.2.1

Minor bug fixes.

Mar 01
Version 6.2.0

• Preliminary support for 128x128 skins

Feb 20
Version 6.1.0

This update contains changes to comply with EU ePrivacy Directive and General Data Protection Regulation that went into effect on May 25th for countries in European Economic Area.

Dec 13
Version 6.0.1

The version 6 update is finally here, and it is quite a big update with significant and useful changes.

• We have added direct skin pack export feature. It can be accessed from My Skins page.
• We have implemented a new method of choosing the skin parts. It is visually easier to understand, and takes less taps to jump from one part to another part than before.
• We have added a mode where you can edit a full side of skin in one screen. Has been one of the most requested feature, we are thrilled have it ready now.
• We have modified the copy and paste tools. You can now select and work with a partial area.
• We have made changes to the design throughout the app. We have streamlined the landing page, and modernized the icons. Overall design is more cohesive throughout.
• We have fixed numerous minor bugs that have been reported or found.

With this update, we tried to address some of the biggest requests and complaints that have been made in the past number of months. As always, please let us know if you have any questions or feedback. Thank you so much for your supports :)

Mar 14
Version 5.12

This is a small update containing minor bug fixes. Thank you for your supports!

Jan 20
Version 5.11

This update mainly consists of minor bug fixes. Please send us any suggestions or feedback. Thank you!

Jan 19
Version 5.10

This update mainly consists of minor bug fixes. Please send us any suggestions or feedback. Thank you!

Dec 15
Version 5.9

Following features were added with this update.

• Trash folder and recovery support.
• Widget for iOS 10.
• Video tutorials.
• Bug fix for notifications.

As always, please send us any suggestions or feedback. Happy holidays!

Oct 11
Version 5.8

• Forgot my email page for the Community account.
• Feature to moderate contents based on texts, etc.
• Added News & Announcements page under the More tab.
• Minor error fixes and performance improvements.

Please contact us if you have any feedback or questions. Thank you.

Sep 08
Version 5.7

We have made various minor bug fixes, including the one related to editing profile. Thank you!

Aug 05
Version 5.6

• Added "Credit to" field for Community skins. When you post your skin, you will see an optional "Credit to" section. You can easily add reference to the original source using this section.
• Added 3D preview feature in the editor.
• Minor bug fixes and memory optimization to improve reliability on older devices.

Jul 18
Version 5.5

Recently we have realized that many of you were reading this What's New section. We were very happy to find it out. We thought almost nobody was reading this :)

Anyway, this update fixes a critical bug caused by a third party library. It could crash the app under certain device model and iOS version combinations. We will add more of such combinations to our test cases so it does not happen again. We sincerely apologize for the inconvenience.

As for the updated user interface, we know that the consensus is somewhat divided, putting it mildly, at the moment. We will try our best to combine what was good on the old interface with what is good on the new interface over time. Please kindly give us a bit of time though, because changing the user interface is rather time consuming. We really are working around the clock on it these days.

For any questions or feedback, please let us know using the Contact Us button in the app. Again, we are a bit behind at the moment due to the higher than usual loads, but we will check them all.

Thank you very much for your supports!

Jul 14
Version 5.3

• The colors in the color toolbar can be reordered with long press gesture. Requires iOS 9 or later.
• More bugs have been fixed.

If you have any questions or feedback, please send us an email using the Contact Us button in the app. Thank you!

Jul 12
Version 5.2

• We have changed the way the color toolbar works. With this update, the colors will not get reordered based on recent use. This should improve the workflow for applying shades and ombrè effects.
• Few tooltips have been added to show where some of the features are located, including the skin stealer and the load from websites features.
• Various minor bugs have been fixed.

We are working around the clock to make updates and fixes to the app. If you have any feedback, please send us an email using the Contact Us button in the app. Thank you!

Jul 07
Version 5.1

• Minor bug fixes.

Jul 04
Version 5.0

We have made the long overdue updates to the user interface. Navigation structure has been reorganized, and user interface components have been brushed up. Oh, and we have a new app icon as well :)

It might feel a bit different first, but we hope that you will feel at home in no time. We worked hard on incorporating the feedback that we have received over time, and we really hope that you like it.

As always, please let us know if you have any questions or comments. Thank you very, very much for your supports!

Jun 15
Version 4.8

• Minor bug and UI fixes.

Apr 22
Version 4.7

• Minor error fix for the new wardrobe backup feature.

Apr 21
Version 4.6

• We have added a new wardrobe backup feature . You can backup snapshot of your wardrobe to iCloud, and restore to any of the backups you have made in the past. You can also set it to make backups automatically. It is like having a time machine. Well, sort of :simple_smile: Please do note that previous iCloud backup method will be deprecated in the near future.
• Community login page has been modified to better accommodate iPhone 4s. We apologize for previous inconveniences.

Please send us any feedback. Thank you!

Mar 11
Version 4.5

• Minor error fixes

Feb 12
Version 4.3

• Added user blocking feature to the Community.
• Fixed a glitch in 3D rendering of slim armed skins.
• Minor bug fixes and improvements.

Thank you!

Jan 07
Version 4.2

Error fix related to the skin export feature

Dec 29
Version 4.1

This update contains various error fixes.

• Fixed an error where the second layer would not get recolored.
• Fixed an error that could cause crash while using the "Load from Websites" feature.
• Fixed minor errors in the "Community" section.

Thank you very much for your kind feedback. Please let us know if you have any questions or comments.

Thank you!

Dec 14
Version 4.0

This version contains minor error fixes, and performance improvements as usual. We have also added support for 3D Touch for iPhone 6s and 6s Plus, and support for partial opacity on second layer for Minecraft PC 1.9+. However, the big new addition is the optional community feature. You can think of it as a simple social network for the Minecraft skin creators and collectors.

• Create your profile and share some of the skins in your library.
• Follow and connect with other users and receive customized feeds.
• Leave comments and like the skins that you find interesting.

Please note that it is completely optional to join the community. You can still use all the features of the app without joining it.

Many more features will be added with the next few updates. If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know.

Thank you!

Oct 19
Version 3.6

Fixed various errors. Thank you.

Sep 18
Version 3.5

Minor UI improvements, including new buttons and instructions.
Minor error fixes.

Thank you!

Sep 01
Version 3.4

• Improved viewer with more natural 3D rendering for second layers.
• Any skins can be set as the default skin.
• Various minor bug fixes and performance improvements.

Thank you!

Aug 17
Version 3.3

Minor error fix and user interface tweaks.

Thank you for your feedback and suggestions!

Aug 10
Version 3.2

This is a small update with minor bug fixes. Thank you!

Jul 28
Version 3.1

1. Fixed an error with previews for slim arm skins.
2. Slightly modified default skin so that it has completely transparent second layer.
3. Minor user interface improvements.

If you have any questions or feedback, please let us know. Thank you!

Jul 14
Version 3.0

• Fixed an error in which the skin might disappear during the edit after using custom color picker tool.
• Critical bug fix for iOS 6.x users.

Thank you!

Jul 06
Version 2.9

Thank you for all suggestions and feedback. This update contains lots of enhancements that we hope you will enjoy.

• Better organization support for skins in the wardrobe.
• User interface improvements including more helpful guides.
• Bug fix related to head layer support.
• Bug fixes which should further reduce crashes from occurring.
• Native 64 bit support and other performance improvements.
• Significant increase in backend capacities.

Thank you!

May 08
Version 2.8

• Use with Minecraft Pocket Edition! Please update Minecraft Pocket Edition to 0.11.
• Now featuring a far more advanced skin search engine built from the ground up.
• Minor user interface modifications.

We hope you enjoy using it. Thank you!

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