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Learn to sign what you say! The only app available with Exact English Sign! S.E.E. is used by thousands of families, students and interpreters to enable the English language to become alive and visually accessible. Learn basic signs for communicating with babies, children, students and friends. Keep the Signing Exact English Dictionary at your fingertips for easy reference and a convenient way to expand your signing vocabulary.

Over 4000 Signs
Sign Alphabet, Numbers

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Find the pace that's right for you. Speed up to test yourself or slow down to get a better look!

Signing Exact English is a sign system that allows the English Language to become visible to those that may benefit from visual communication. It is used with countless deaf and hard of hearing children, with and without amplification. Signing Exact English is also used by hearing people of all ages with who can benefit from visual communication support. Of course it is also fun to use with friends and family!
An important NOTE to remember: Body language and expression are important parts of communication. Be sure to incorporate into your signing. Sign languages incorporate visual features and markers that cannot be represented adequately in a dictionary. To learn more about using Signing Exact English please look for a workshop or course offered by qualified S.E.E. instructor near you.

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Version History

Launched Jul 11, 2013 (almost 6 years ago).
Nov 11
Version 1.0.7

Updates fixed the following reported bugs:
1) Improved stability when scrolling and adding favourites.

New Features:
*Improved Search
*Added "Delete all" Favorites Button
*Additional words: wear, trip, thigh, penguin, panty hose, panty, loaf, day, deck

Dec 27
Version 1.0.1

IOS 7 updates and various Bug fixes

Jul 11
Version 1.0.0


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