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Are you awesome? Do you want to be like the rap stars? Announce yourself like a true balla with Ham Horn. Every event is better when you pump the air horn as you stroll in. Killed it at a meeting? Air horn. Nephew just got baptized? Pump the air horn alongside the choir. Want to yell the word "remix"? Need an air horn. Want to break up with your significant other but still have fun? Air horns mend broken hearts.

OR... Record your own sounds to add that personal flair. We've even included some fun ones for you to play around with. Download today! Byue byue byue!

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Version History

Launched Sep 14, 2013 (about 7 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 10 months, on average.

Aug 26
Version 3.3.1

Check out some new Action Bronson sounds, here for a limited time!

Oh yeah, and there's also like some bug fixes and stuff like that. BRAW BRAW BRAW BRAWWWWWWW!!!

Jan 11
Version 3.1.0

You horned, we listened! We've added a new setting that will automatically crank up your phone to max volume - just like the good ol' days! Check it out and turn it up in the Settings and Info section.

Dec 17
Version 3.0.0

Ham Horn has been rebuilt from the ground up! This shiny new app will let us more easily update in the future with cool new features like the ones you're about to download right now:

- Slick new look. If you miss the old colors, head to the Settings to change the theme!
- More sounds. Hit your friends with sounds like the Movie Horn and Sad Trombone!
- Unlimited recording slots. You asked and we listened, record as many sounds as you want!
- Pump the horn with your music. If you've got music playing, Ham Horn will keep it playing so you can slam it to the beat! (Just remember to un-silence your phone so both can play at once!)
- No more bleeding ears. Ham Horn will no longer max out your volume when the app is opened, so if you want to party with friends be sure to crank it up!
- Horn counter. Wonder no more how many times you've hit that button, check your counter in the Settings and Info section!

Big shout out to all our awesome fans who make this app as baller as you are. With over 1 million downloads you all have collectively Ham-Horned 600 million times! That's over 8 horns every second!

Keep pumping that horn and we'll keep the hotness coming!

Mar 20
Version 2.1.0

iOS7 functional updates.

Sep 18
Version 2.0.1

- Text display fix.
- Added more ham.

Sep 14
Version 2.0

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