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Would you find Egypt on a world map? And where are the Himalayas?

With MAPS OF OUR WORLD you can discover the world playfully. Learn the countries with their capitals, the rivers of North America, the largest deserts of Asia - whatever interests you. If you feel confident, put your knowledge to the test and win achievements in small challenges.

MAPS OF OUR WORLD invites you to go on a travel around the world on beautifully designed maps. It’s easy to get started for everyone, but the higher difficulty levels are a challenge even for experts!

Try the first levels and win your first achievements on these political maps:
- World map
- North America
- South America
- Europe
- Africa
- Asia
- Oceania

You can unlock higher difficulty levels as well as maps of the following countries:
- United States
- United Kingdom
- Germany
- Switzerland
- Canada
- Australia

Further, all these maps can be unlocked in a physical version with rivers, lakes, mountains and much more.

This app has been developed in collaboration with teachers.

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Secondary: Trivia

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Version History

Launched Aug 05, 2013 (over 7 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 5 months, on average.

May 01
Version 1.6.4

• Small corrections on the maps
• Various bug fixes

Jan 15
Version 1.6.3

• Small corrections on the maps
• Bug fixes

May 11
Version 1.6.2

• Small bug fixes

May 02
Version 1.6.1

• Small changes on the maps
• The country Swaziland has been renamed to Eswatini

Apr 05
Version 1.6

4 new maps
• Canada (political)
• Canada (physical)
• Australia (political)
• Australia (physical)

Updated all maps according to recent changes
• The capital of Burundi is now Gitega
• The country Macedonia has been renamed to North Macedonia

• Various UI improvements
• Various small additions and corrections on the maps
• Fixes a small bug where sometimes taps on lakes wouldn't be recognized

Aug 14
Version 1.5.3

• Fixes an issue where taps on countries would not be recognized correctly for some users.

May 03
Version 1.5.2

• Updated Privacy Policy
• Fixes a bug which could cause the app to crash

Apr 19
Version 1.5.1

• This app is now ad-free
• Fixes a bug where the Start button would not be visible when a game starts in landscape mode
• The upgrade button is now hidden when all content is unlocked
• Small corrections on the maps
• UI improvements

Oct 24
Version 1.5

• Sound effects can be disabled
• Additions and corrections on the maps
• Improved UI

Oct 11
Version 1.4.2

• Improved compatibility with iOS 11
• Bug fixes and UI improvements

Jul 06
Version 1.4.1

• UI improvements and bug fixes
• Small corrections on the maps
• Improved stability

May 20
Version 1.4

• iPhone support!
• New designs for North America and Europe maps
• Share your achievements on Facebook and Twitter
• Small UI improvements and bug fixes

Apr 13
Version 1.3.1

Fixes a bug that could crash the app on some devices running iOS 7

Mar 28
Version 1.3

• Improved UI, better support for gestures
• Updated map contents
• This app uses analytics to improve gameplay in future versions

Dec 17
Version 1.2.1

• UI improvements and bug fixes
• Fixes some map errors
• New Icon

Nov 25
Version 1.2

• Fixes various bugs and stability issues
• Performance improvements

Nov 21
Version 1.1.1

• Fixes bugs that could lead to a crash on startup or app freezes
• Small UI improvements
• Updated map contents

Sep 19
Version 1.1

Bug fixes and UI improvements

Aug 05
Version 1.0

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