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DigiCel FlipPad is for people who like to draw and want to do traditional, Disney-Style, hand-drawn animation. Whether you use an Apple Pencil or draw with your finger, FlipPad makes animation easier.

DRAWING in FlipPad is Smooth and Natural. So whether you’re working on your first pencil test or your final masterpiece, it’s going to look great.

The THUMBNAILS in the timing window make it easier for you to see what’s going on.

The LIGHTBOX (onion skin) is almost completely automatic making easier and more versatile.

Since TIMING is so important in animation FlipPad lets you change the timing while the scene is playing so you can see the results every time it loops around.

FlipPad’s unique PAINTING tools are designed specifically for painting animation and that makes them faster and more effective. Try dragging the paint bucket.

You can PLAY, PAUSE, STEP and SCRUB through your animation to scrutinize every frame to get it just right.

You can ADD SOUND and time your animation to sync with lips, action or anything.

IMPORT MOVIES to draw over or use as reference to help you animate.

And of course you can SHARE your movies with friends on social media pages.

The in-app UPGRADE to FLIPPAD PRO adds support the Apple Pencil and gives you full HD resolution, 16 million colors, custom color palettes and up to 10 layers and 1,000 frames. It also lets you drag the bucket so you can paint much faster and easier.

Check out our website (DigiCel.net/FlipPad) for videos to see what it does and how to do it.

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Version History

Launched Mar 01, 2014 (almost 7 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Jan 04
Version 3.2.2

This version fixes the bugs that caused a few customers to experience occasional crashes. It also improves painting and runs a little faster.

Dec 19
Version 3.2

We added a new introductory tutorial to help people see what FlipPad can do and how to do it. We also improved copying and pasting cels and painting within lines that had been erased and redrawn.

Sep 12
Version 3.1

We fixed a bug in the new lightbox features, improved the pressure sensitivity for the Apple Pencil and added a ? icon to make it easier to get help if you have any questions.

Aug 07
Version 3.0

So much is new in this version.
New, Improved Drawing with Double-Tap for Apple Pencil and a Control Pad to adjust the pencil size and density
A More Versatile Lightbox with Xsheet Highlights
Improved 2-Finger Pan and Zoom
More Free Colors In the Free Trial Version
Drag the Bucket for Faster Painting
Better Playback with Improved Audio
New Slider for Scrubbing through your scenes
Step Forward and Backward
Go directly Home and to the End of the scene
Movie Import for Rotoscoping and animation reference
Better File Security with Automatic Backups
Import and Export To and From Files Folder
Save to iCloud lets you Share Scenes across devices
Share Movies and Frames wtih your friends and Social Media platforms
New Icons and Improved Icon Layout
New Help & Tutorial files to explain it all

Oct 17
Version 2.4.1

This version is more stable and fixes an occasional issue with the 2-finger zoom and corrects the scale to fit on the iPhone.

Oct 15
Version 2.4

This version fixes a problem with HD scenes on some iPhones improves speed and general stability.

Oct 10
Version 2.3

This version includes a few bug fixes and a few enhancements to make it look better and be easier to use.

Aug 13
Version 2.2

* Performance and stability improvements.

Sep 25
Version 2.1.1

* Improved stability including a potential crash on iOS 9 and when adding photos.

Aug 01
Version 2.1

* Improved drawing performance on 12.9 inch iPad Pro - Others to follow
* Improved xsheet responsiveness
* Improved stability
* Improved saving
* Fixed color palettes in portrait mode
* Improved importing sound and images
* Improved exporting
* Improved layout on the iPhone X and iPad
* Added drag and drop in the xsheet

Aug 18
Version 2.0.5

Fixed crash with lightbox settings on the iPhone and improved saving scenes.

Jul 13
Version 2.0.4

Fixed problems importing photos and improved stability.

Jul 10
Version 2.0.3

Improved stability.

May 22
Version 2.0.2

* Fixed crash when adjusting hold count on some cels in the xsheet.

Apr 25
Version 2.0.1

* Bug fixes and performance improvements.

Apr 23
Version 2.0

* FlipPad is now a universal app for both iPhone and iPad.
* Many performance enhancements, bug fixes and other improvements.
* Now you can duplicate scenes for backup and copy them to iCloud Drive for sharing.

Aug 30
Version 1.3.6

* Fixed elusive drawing crash problem (this fixes all known crash problems)
* Fixed saving blank frames in the sheet
* Fixed problem with pasted or imported images disappearing
* Fixed problem with Scene Toolbar Edit button that only occurred after deleting scenes (and other minor issues)
* Improved performance and reliability of undo/redo

Aug 15
Version 1.3.5

Fixed a new bug that was introduced in previous version.

Aug 10
Version 1.3.4

Improved stability and performance. Updated text for upgrading to FlipPad Pro.

Jun 27
Version 1.3.3

* Exported videos now play at the correct speed.
* Creating a new scene now prompts for resolution.
* Removed tap-and-hold shortcut that could cause accidental color fills.
* Fixed occasional crash when deleting palettes
* Added preferences for exportin stills to Settings app.
* Exporting all still frames is improved but we're still working on it.

May 23
Version 1.3.2

* Improved Lightbox displays several most recently opened images to help w/ inbetweens
* Improved color picker supports RGB and HSL values
* Improved stability (98% crash free)
* Added frame preview when tapping on frame number
* Fixed xsheet highlighting when selecting rows
* Fixed intermittent xsheet width issue
* Fixed undo/redo buttons getting enabled
* Fixed intermeittent New Scene and Delete Scene issues
* Added new default tutorial scene

Mar 21
Version 1.3.1

* Fixed crash opening scenes on older versions of iOS, as well as a potential crash during playback.

Mar 15
Version 1.3

* Fixed stability problems and improved saving of the scene automatically.
* Improved playback controls to allow stepping through composited frames. Tap the Pause icon to see composited frames. Then tap Play to start playback. Tap Pause again to stop. Tap Home or End icons to step through composited frames. Then tap a cel in the xsheet to draw again.
* Added different types of brushes (solid pen, pencil, and chalk) with transparency based on pressure and speed.
* Added "Stop Hold" menu command to more easily control a held cel.
* Improved line drawing and performance.

Jan 14
Version 1.2.3

* Fixed potential crash, a problem with saving scenes, and some layout issues.

Jan 02
Version 1.2.2

* Improved stability and performance.
* Fixed bugs with the main toolbar layout, eraser size (tap and hold to change it), and other issues.
* Updated the line width range, allowing a smaller minimum value.

Dec 14
Version 1.2.1

Fixed crashes on iOS 7/8 and improved stability.

Dec 08
Version 1.2

Support for the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, significant drawing improvements, and bug fixes.

Sep 30
Version 1.1.1

Fixed crash on iOS 9, support for new Wacom stylus, and minor bug fixes.

Jul 03
Version 1.1

Added a quick-start tutorial. Improved xsheet to always be visible by default. New column headers and toolbar buttons. Added stepping one frame at a time. Many bug fixes and performance improvements.

Nov 19
Version 1.0.3

* Fixed bug restoring purchases.
* Fixed potential crashes in the xsheet.
* Fixed problems with undo/redo history.

Oct 27
Version 1.0.2

* Improved line quality and responsiveness while drawing.
* Fixed crashing bugs.
* Fixed recognizing the Jot Touch stylus.
* Fixed paint showing up when the lightbox is on.
* Fixed problems with alert views and placement of colors palette.
* Fixed switching to HD resolutions and prompting for upgrade if necessary.
* More bugs and minor improvements.

Sep 11
Version 1.0.1

First official release.

Feb 17
Version 1.0

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