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Parents know to read to their kids at night, but what about math? Our mission is simple: to make math a fun part of kids' everyday lives, as beloved as the bedtime story. Choose the Math Problem of the Day, or explore over 1600 additional math problems with various zany topics, ranging from electric eels and chocolate chips to roller coasters and flamingos. Each has three levels of challenge ("Wee Ones," "Little Kids," and "Big Kids"), and many also have harder questions ("The Sky's the Limit") for really big kids, grown-ups, and anyone who's feeling brave!

Bedtime Math gets kids jazzed about numbers. It's nothing like school. Make it a part of your family's routine today!

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Version History

Launched Apr 26, 2013 (about 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 6 months, on average.

Dec 17
Version 3.3

Looking to speed things up a bit? This version should load more quickly than the last.

Jan 23
Version 3.2

We've fixed a number of issues that were plaguing our loyal users. The whole app should be a bit smoother & faster now. We've also added a couple of new animations: keep your eye out for the mermaid!

Sep 21
Version 3.1

We've made our app a little faster and a little better. Plus, we fixed a few bugs. And added a pig! (You'll have to find her.)

Sep 01
Version 3.0.25

The same Bedtime Math app you love -- but in an exciting new version! Includes Spanish language version in the same app!

* Choose Spanish when you start or at any time from Settings.
* Our optional Community Edition connects to your student's school or district.
* Improved layout means you can scroll back to read the introduction while you work out your answers.
* Simple swipe up scrolling lets you browse through over 1,600 Bedtime Math problems
* Enlarge the math problem image or click a link to learn more...

Sep 21
Version 2.0.4

**BUG FIX** Fixed a problem which caused the app to crash on iPad.

Sep 18
Version 2.0.3

More fun Bedtime Math problems and a few fixes.

Oct 08
Version 2.0.2

Fixed display bugs for iOS 8 users

Jul 14
Version 2.0.1

- Updated for iOS 7
- Support for the iPad
- Search as well as browse
- New animations!

Sep 14
Version 1.2

* Five new fun special animations!
* Minor bug fixes

Jul 01
Version 1.1

We've made our daily Bedtime Math problem update faster, more efficient, and less prone to mistakes.

== If you've had trouble with the app freezing while downloading new math problems, please install this update ==

A big thanks to all of our fans for their help in making this a must-have app for parents!

*** Be sure to check out our new book!

Apr 26
Version 1.0

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