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Grade multiple choice tests, quizzes, and assessments instantly in the classroom by using your iPhone or iPad's camera as a scanner. It is the most cost effective, fastest, and most accurate way to grade tests in the classroom or where ever you are.
* Free answer sheets available in several formats and sizes up to 100 questions (including custom form wizard)
* Organizes results for reporting and exporting via PDF and Excel-readable format
* Uses student ID numbers or written name of student for reporting.
* Use companion website (www.zipgrade.com) to manage your data and upload student lists and review results in dozens of reports and exports.

Use for exit tickets, formative assessments, or regular quizzes. Stores results by students, subject, and quiz.

By giving teachers the flexibility to grade papers instantly anywhere, ZipGrade provides immediate feedback on current knowledge and can be used to better focus lessons and assignments.

Download ZipGrade free with access to all features and website, but limited to 100 scans per month. After you've used it for a class or two, use the in-app purchase a non-recurring subscription with unlimited scanning.

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Version History

Launched May 04, 2013 (about 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

Nov 13
Version 2.30

- Backoff retry on failed image syncing-- reduced bandwidth for some users and improve app performance
- Updated database and other libraries

Jun 25
Version 2.29

* Fixed bug in defining last alternate key on 'Edit Key' screen.

Jun 20
Version 2.28

* Fixed mapping for larger forms
* Fixed localization issue for scanning screen

Jun 19
Version 2.27

* iPhone X support
* Improved syncing
* Improved database compression to reduce space usage

Mar 19
Version 2.26

* Fixed decimal entry issue
* Compact database on sync to reduce size

Mar 12
Version 2.25

* Bug fix for custom forms without key versions
* Tune sync process

Mar 05
Version 2.24

* Fixed syncing issues for some custom forms
* More intuitive button for adding 'Attempted, but incorrect' values

Feb 05
Version 2.23

* Added gridded numeric entry question type on custom forms
* Increased flexibility on decimal point values
* Change default point value of all questions on a key

Nov 15
Version 2.22

* Fixed search-- case insensitive throughout and bug on 'Review Papers' search
* Fixed caching bug when re-assigning paper to a different student

Nov 09
Version 2.21

* Fixed Item Analysis bug for mapped alternate keys

Nov 08
Version 2.20

* Improved logging
* Fixed scoring bug on extra credit questions with duplicate answers in key

Nov 06
Version 2.19

* Fix in-app purchase issue
* Improved logging

Nov 06
Version 2.18

- Major improvements to syncing system (less bandwidth & faster syncing)
- iOS 11 updates

May 03
Version 2.17

* Better accommodates poor copies (and copies of copies)
* Improved syncing of paper images

Apr 04
Version 2.16

* Persist 'Hide Students with Papers' when manually connecting papers to students
* Improved scanning for certain cases

Mar 27
Version 2.15

* Export CSV and PDF files to Google Drive and Dropbox
* Fixed alignment issue on viewfinder
* Additional bug fixes

Mar 21
Version 2.14

* Fixed bug affecting slowness in navigation for some users
* Improved scanning of sheets printed with low ink
* Added warning message if scanning wrong sheet
* Other bug fixes

Mar 14
Version 2.13

* Bug fixes
* Improved scanning of laminated sheets
* Better image syncing

Mar 10
Version 2.12

* Improved scanning accuracy
* Fixed syncing of images on new login for existing users
* More improvements to custom answer sheets. Use the custom sheet wizard at www.zipgrade.com

Mar 06
Version 2.11

* Improved scanning accuracy
* Additional warnings when bright light may affect reading
* Can now read custom answer sheets created at www.zipgrade.com

Jun 06
Version 2.09

* Fixed some translations and language related layout issues
* Fixed bug for older OS version

Jun 06
Version 2.08

* Fixed some translations and language related layout issues
* Bug fixes for free users.

May 31
Version 2.07

* Item Analysis shows answer distribution on main screen
* Added translations for Spanish, Turkish, and Arabic
* More data sync improvements

Oct 12
Version 2.06

Major updates:
* Behind the scenes iOS 9 updates
* Syncing improvements

Aug 17
Version 2.05

IF UPDATING: It is recommended that you create a ZipGrade Cloud user within the current version on the cloud page before updating to ensure your data is backed up.

Major updates:
* Fixed purchase bug
* Better Error Messages

Jul 26
Version 2.04

IF UPDATING: It is recommended that you create a ZipGrade Cloud user within the current version on the cloud page before updating to ensure your data is backed up.

Major updates:
* Better initial syncing for power users
* Fixed negative, fractional scoring

Jul 06
Version 2.03

Minor updates:
* Fixed fractional points bug
* Better error message on many errors

Jun 21
Version 2.02

Major updates:
* Weighted question point value
* Alternate Answers with partial or extra credit
* Multiple keys per quiz
* Connect multiple classes to a single quiz
* Tag questions or quizzes for standards or competency reporting
* Improved syncing.

Oct 18
Version 1.15

Bug Fixes:
- Export via email without closing
- Swipe left-right on review paper
- Faster database writes
- Updated all libraries for iOS 8 and 64-bit

May 20
Version 1.14

New Features:

* Swipe right or left on paper review to go to next
* Fixed bug on item analysis detail view
* Drill-through item analysis question and paper to see graded paper.
* Added CIITS/Kentucky Schools export format
* Add red 'X' or green 'C' on paper image
* Option to grade paper but not show correct answers

Apr 18
Version 1.13

* Export to Dropbox and Drive
* Drill-through and sort item analysis
* Custom tuning for sharpness in settings

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Feb 15
Version 1.12

* 100-question answer sheets with 9-digit student ID
* Improved syncing w/ less bandwidth
* Fixed iCloud backup bug that caused so many problems
* Ongoing improvements to scanning quality

Dec 28
Version 1.11

* Edit student answers after scanning
* Fixed item analysis sync bug

Nov 27
Version 1.10

Improved refresh of screens
Bug fixes

Nov 15
Version 1.9

Fix Review Paper Crash Bug

Nov 14
Version 1.8

* Fix some in-app purchase issues
* Bug fixes

Nov 05
Version 1.7

* Data sync improvements
* Quiz PDF Export: Reduced size of PDF so most email servers will work
* Percent Correct: Consistently rounding to 1 decimal place throughout app

Oct 24
Version 1.6

* ZipGrade Cloud:
* Synchronize data between devices
* Back-up data to a secure server
* Add Students to one or more classes
* Database bug fixes

Sep 02
Version 1.5

* Now available as an iPad universal app!
* Completely rebuilt scanning system:
* Ignores eraser marks better
* Faster scanning with feedback on focus and status
* Compressed images are quicker to scan and load
* FIxed memory bugs

Aug 21
Version 1.4

- Export as PDF or Excel via email
- Scan to load key
- Faster scanning (especially for older devices)
- Added sound for successful scan
- Improved accuracy (Thanks everyone for submitting samples!)

Jul 24
Version 1.3

* Read and Store Student ID on Answer Sheet
* New 50-Question Answer Sheet
* Assign Quizzes by Class/Subject
* Assign Papers by Student
* Faster Scanning with Optional Full-Page Review

Jun 10
Version 1.1

Many New Features:
- Saves all graded papers so you can review later
- Item Analysis: See which questions many students are missing
- Improved Accuracy

May 03
Version 1.0

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