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NOTE: This official Moodle app will ONLY work with Moodle sites that have been set up to allow it. Please talk to your Moodle administrator if you have any problems connecting.

If your Moodle site has been configured correctly, you can use this app to:
• browse the content of your courses, even when offline
• receive instant notifications of messages and other events
• quickly find and contact other people in your courses
• upload images, audio, videos and other files from your mobile device
• view your course grades
• and more!

Please see http://docs.moodle.org/en/Mobile_app for all the latest information.
We’d really appreciate your feedback on what else you want this app to do!

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Primary: Education

Secondary: Productivity

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Version History

Launched Apr 15, 2013 (about 7 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

Apr 02
Version 3.8.2

New features and improvements are:

• Usability improvements in the Login page
• Performance improvements

Mar 24
Version 3.8.1

New features and improvements are:

• Auto-save text editor contents as a draft
• Display recent searches in all search areas
• Several improvements (Dark mode, accessibility and performance)

Dec 20
Version 3.8.0

New features and improvements are:

• H5P integration including option to view H5P content offline
• Dark mode option
• Native MathJax support
• Comments can be added or deleted in blogs and activities
• Forum user interface enhancements
• Forum posts can be edited and deleted
• Geolocation support in the database location field
• Calendar events can be filtered by type
• Course participants search
• The app lets you know if you are working offline

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Sep 20
Version 3.7.2

• Security fixes

Aug 31
Version 3.7.1

New features and improvements in this version are:
• Support for Site home, Dashboard and Course blocks in the app
• Support for tags
• Support for new calendar views
• Support for calendar events creation and deletion
• Support for notes deletion
• Accessibility improvements (new font size selector)

Jun 07
Version 3.7.0

New features and improvements in this version are:
• Various UX improvements
• Support for forum improvements in Moodle 3.7
• Support for group messaging improvements in Moodle 3.7 (including Push notifications for group messaging and mute conversations)
• Improved storage management (user can manage storage within any course)
• Big performance improvements (especially when connecting to a site running Moodle 3.7 onwards)
• Offline support for Nextcloud
• Vimeo embedding improvements

Thanks for using the Moodle app!

Mar 30
Version 3.6.1

New features and improvements in this version are:
• Support for blogs
• Support for ratings in forum, glossary and database activities
• Support for SCORM packages full screen
• Push notification improvements
• Support for multiple calendar event alerts
• Offline activities synchronisation improvements
• Accessibility improvements
Thanks for using the Moodle app!

Jan 11
Version 3.6.0

• Customisable Course overview
• Group messaging support
• Performance improvements
• Improvements in sections navigation
• Support Nextcloud integration

Sep 11
Version 3.5.2

Welcome to Moodle 3.5.2

This update comes with new features and improvements:

• Support for RTL languages
• Improved navigation between sections
• Support for embedded content in iframes
• Interface adapted to iPhone X
• And more!

Go mobile with Moodle App!

Jul 12
Version 3.5.1

Several bugs fixes and improvements:
- Icon updated
- SVG images are now correctly displayed
- It is possible to view all course sections

Jun 26
Version 3.5.0

- Several UX (user experience), performance and design improvements
- New Moodle 3.5 dashboard course images supported
- The app has been renamed to just "Moodle"
- New Moodle 3.5 choice results display supported
- Improved support for Vimeo embedded videos
- Administrators have a better control of how the app is used, they now can disable the offline mode and the download course options.
- Plugins support improved. Developers can now support their plugins easily.

Please note that the Moodle app 3.5.0 will require Moodle 3.1 onwards.

Mar 20
Version 3.4.2

- reCAPTCHA v2 is now supported.
- Age verification before sign-up is now supported.

Mar 01
Version 3.4.1

- Courses download - A new option for downloading all courses you are enrolled in
- Embedded Vimeo videos work better

Dec 01
Version 3.4.0

The updated app has new features & improvements to provide you with:
- Full 100% support for workshop activity so you can complete it directly on the app.
- Support for forgotten passwords.
- Restricted Vimeo videos functionality.
- Better file sharing and uploading functions.

We hope you enjoy Moodle Mobile 3.4.

Sep 29
Version 3.3.2

Several improvements and bug fixes.
Detailed information here: https://docs.moodle.org/dev/Moodle_Mobile_3.3.2_release_notes

Jul 31
Version 3.3.1

- Database module: Students can now browse and create database entries even when offline.
- Languages: New languages supported: Lithuanian and Serbian (Cyrillic and Latin alphabets).
- Improvements in media (audio, video) handling in the lesson module.
- Improvements in the notifications displayed to users when there are connection problems.

May 28
Version 3.3.0

Welcome to Moodle Mobile 3.3.

The updated App has new features & improvements to provide you with:

- Ability to engage in more activities, such as Feedback & Lesson, directly on your mobile device
- The option to log in to the App using your G-Suite, MS Office or Facebook account
- A new course overview dashboard that reminds you about your progress & what’s due
- Search functionality to get to the messages you need faster!
- More control on how & when you want to be notified on your mobile device

Mar 02
Version 3.2.1

Glossary: Users can add glossary entries with attachments.
Unread messages and notifications count are displayed in the app
The site home displays the same options as via the web
Course pages display labels
Messaging is faster and smoother
Video posters are downloaded
Forum: Tracking, nested discussions and forum post attachments are supported.
Text messages can be copied.
More information here: https://docs.moodle.org/dev/Moodle_Mobile_3.2.1_release_notesGlossary: Users can add glossary entries with attachments.
Unread messages and notifications count are displayed in the app
The site home displays the same options as via the web
Course pages display labels
Messaging is faster and smoother
Video posters are downloaded
Forum: Tracking, nested discussions and forum post attachments are supported.
Text messages can be copied.
More information here: https://docs.moodle.org/dev/Moodle_Mobile_3.2.1_release_notes

Dec 14
Version 3.2.0

- Teachers can grade assignment submissions (even offline).
- Quick access to course grades.
- Users can create new accounts in sites supporting it.
- Notification and message preferences.
- Users can easily update their profile picture by taking a photo.
- Users can view their awarded badges in their profile.

Oct 20
Version 3.1.3

- The majority of app features now work offline - creating a message, adding a course note, completing a choice, completing a survey, creating a new forum post, creating a new wiki page and completing an assignment
- Courses should load faster due to several performance improvements
- Forum threads can be displayed with the oldest or newest first

Jul 28
Version 3.1.2

New features
- Assignment: Users can submit assignments with text or attached files
- Wiki: Users can create new pages or edit existing ones
- Rich text editor: available when creating forum posts, attempting quizzes with essay questions, creating wiki pages or submitting assignments

- Gradebook: Users can view full grade information on their phones
- Custom profile fields "visible for everyone" are now displayed in the user profile

Jun 14
Version 3.1.1

Translations updated
Several bug fixes

May 24
Version 3.1.0

New features
- Quizzes - users can attempt quizzes
- Competencies - users can browse their learning plans and teachers can view the competencies of students in their course

- Empty topics are not displayed in the sections menu.
- Large multimedia files are now served via streaming.

Apr 19
Version 3.0.0

New features:
- Wiki - users can browse wiki pages (requires Moodle 2.6 onwards with the Moodle Mobile additional features plugin installed)

- App usability and interface improvements to the chat activity, messaging and video player
- App translated to Portuguese (Portugal) and Romanian

- Images in the book resource are now displayed correctly

Mar 04
Version 2.9

New features
- Glossary: users can browse glossary entries.
- Course and activity links can be followed using the app. For example, a link to a glossary entry will open in the app. This allows any activity to be displayed.

- Downloaded files now keep their original name so they can be easily found by other apps.
- Several bug fixes.

Jan 27
Version 2.8

SCORM player: Moodle Mobile can now play SCORM 1.2 packages online and offline. The app stores all tracking information, including grades, when offline, and synchronizes with Moodle when you are online again.
See the user documentation for technical details and the complete list of features:

Jan 07
Version 2.7

New features:
- Courses with guest access enabled can be found and accessed using the search option in the app

- Participants option is not shown if the user doesn't have permission to view the participants list in a course
- Site home section displays the main topic section first

Dec 18
Version 2.6

New features:
- Download all resources - users can choose to download all resources in a course section or in the whole course
- Keyboard display - the keyboard is automatically displayed on a new screen requiring the user to enter data

- Folder - users can choose to download all the content

- Gradebook table not displayed if it contains hidden grades
- Page and book resource logging

Nov 12
Version 2.5

New features:
Course search - users can search for courses on the site
Self enrolment - users can self-enrol in courses
Note: Both features require Moodle 3.0 or the Moodle Mobile additional features plugin

Translations for all languages supported updated including missing strings

Upload file button in My files isn't working
Description in my courses is empty if the description only has media (images, video) in it
Pull to refresh not working in forum and all course sections

Oct 29
Version 2.4

New features:
External tool - users can access LTI-compliant learning resources via the app
Survey - users can now take surveys
Note: Both features require Moodle 3.0 or the Moodle Mobile Additional features plugin.

Improved internet connection availability checking

Formatting of titles

Oct 16
Version 2.3

New features
Forum - users can create new discussions and reply to existing ones
Choice - users can now delete responses

Date handling and formatting
Notifications for deleted sites are not shown
Scaling of large images and videos
Option to view scaled images at full size
Option to report errors in the background (configurable)

Site notes can no longer be viewed via the app

Sep 18
Version 2.2

- Errors are now triggered only the first time they happen
- Some third party core library errors are now omitted
- Improved display of Book and IMS Content Packages (scrolling and iframe size problems fixed)
- App use prevented if required user data such as first name is missing
- Keyboard is now automatically closed when submitting some forms to prevent Ionic errors.

Sep 09
Version 2.1

- New add-on: Course completion - Users can see course completion status if they're allowed to. They can also mark a course as self-completed.
- Errors in the app can be sent to us to improve bug fixing.
- Participant's country name is now translated.
- Loading a site or starting the app is no longer blocked until the site info is updated.
Improved accessibility.
- Deleted users are handled in a similar way to Moodle web.

Jul 31
Version 2.0

- Improved user interface
- App storage limit increased
- Activity completion: Activity completion status is displayed and can be updated
- New add-on: Choices - Users can make a choice and view responses
- New add-on: Notes - Teachers can view site, course and personal notes
- New add-on: Book - Users can view books.
- New add-on: IMS CP - Users can view IMS content packages
- New add-on: Chat - Users can participate in the live chat via the app (only for sites using simple or Ajax chats; daemon chat not supported)

Notice that the new functionalities requires Moodle 2.9 or the latest version of the local_mobile add-on.

Jun 18
Version 1.15

This will be the last release of the Moodle Mobile 1.x series.
Fixes and improvements:
Prevent the user to log-in when file downloading is disabled in the Mobile service
The Moodle Mobile additional features plugin has been updated to support Moodle 2.9
Prevent to process Moodle filters js code when rendering panels

Jun 08
Version 1.14

New features and improvements:
- Student activity is showed in the Moodle site logs (requires Moodle 2.7 and onwards with the local_mobile plugin)
- Content in the app is processed through Moodle filters
- App updated to use new features and improvements in Moodle 2.9

Apr 05
Version 1.13

New features:
Teachers can view student's assignment submissions (both files and online-text) online and offline.
Files are opened using the Quick Look feature; from there they can be shared, printed or opened with a different application.

The topic list for the front page now displays only one section.

Calendar does not recognize some locales
When scrolling down the contents page, some elements like pages or URLs are opened

Feb 27
Version 1.12

New features:
Any type of file can be uploaded to Moodle
Group events are now displayed in the events list
New reminder options for local notifications
Blocked users are listed in the contacts page
You can block/unblock users in the messages option


Local notifications: better synchronization with calendar events
Notifications title in Android is now the site name (instead the Moodle Mobile word)
Front page course is now supported
When a site is deleted, the device is unregistered in your site
Report a bug via email and "add as contact" options replaced
Added extra debugging in order to warn developers that their Moodle custom version uses deprecated Web Services
Documentation improved (general documentation, notifications, etc..)

Jan 24
Version 1.11

New features:
- Calendar integration with warning reminders as local notifications
- Sections summary is displayed in the course contents page

- The app uses non-deprecated web services if available
- Countries full name are displayed instead of international short code

- Scrolling in the forum discussion screen open posts
- Page and resource contents opened inside an iframe don't open external links
- Resources with multiples files not available in offline mode (regression)
- New message text box incorrectly positioned

Jan 08
Version 1.10

New features:
Messages: new interface. You can view your recent conversations, search for contacts, add/remove contacts and view user profiles.

New navigation system with improved headers. The main menu and submenus are now more consistent.
Synchronization: You can choose to enable sync data only when on Wifi connection.

Dec 07
Version 1.9

New features:
New languages added: Bulgarian, Turkish and Chinese traditional
Notifications: Forum notifications are more concise and include a link to open the discussion directly in the app.
Grades: New "Show grades" button in the participants profile page to view that participant's grades (if you are allowed)
General design: New main menu and back icons, courses menu section improved design.
Forum design and usability: Discussions are now opened in a new page displaying all the posts expanded. Forum notifications open the discussion inside the app. Pressing the user name opens the user information page.
Grades design and usability: Added missing icons, fixed background colours.
Recent messages list design

Nov 10
Version 1.8

New features:
Support for Moodle 2.8
Messages and notifications are separated in two different views
HTML and Page resources are displayed using a viewer inside the app.
If the user presses a phone notification, the app is opened displaying the complete notification
Notification title is displayed in notifications bar
Category and manual items are now displayed in the grades option
Participants list is now paginated
Downloaded files are opened automatically
Downloaded files are named exactly as Moodle had them with UTF-8, white spaces etc.
Keyboard is automatically displayed when a text field gains focus
Interval time now decreases if a hook has a interval time lower than the defined in the app
DirectorySize function now copes with empty subdirectories
Donate to Moodle and help it grow! https://moodle.org/donations

Oct 18
Version 1.7

New features:
- Forum activity support - users can read posts on and off-line, with messages synchronized periodically from the server (Note: requires the Moodle Mobile additional features add-on)
- All files in a directory, page or file resource can be downloaded in just one tap
- Language translations updated
- New language: Persian
- New icon for activities only viewable in the Moodle site
- New loading icons
- Calendar event right panels don't displayed in tablet view when there aren't events
- In the calendar the panel on the right is not displayed in tablet view when there is no event
- Improved animation performance

Sep 17
Version 1.6.1

- Language translations updated
- New languages: Japanese, russian and hebrew

- Page titles displayed in “Tablet” view
- URL resources open in new browser (without requiring Moodle login)
- Files and resource contents visualization

- Invalid check of passwords incorrectly trimmed
- Files with spaces and german umlauts can’t be downloaded
- Login errors in sites nor returning release information

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