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A LITTLE CALCULUS is a collection of more than 70 interactive topics from a first year calculus course. To be used by both teachers and students, this app is designed to aid in the teaching and learning of calculus and should serve as a nice supplement to any introductory calculus textbook. While this app cannot be used to obtain solutions to calculus problems, it can be used to numerically and/or graphically verify computations for a wide variety of problems. Ultimately, the purpose of this app is to interact with and to gain a conceptual understanding of the fundamental topics of calculus.

• Graph functions of one variable, as well as parametric and polar curves.
• Investigate precalculus topics such as the equation of a line, graphing polynomials, Pythagorean Theorem, trigonometric functions, etc.
• Understand the fundamental notion of a limit from a formal or informal point of view.
• Study rates of change using the ideas from differential calculus (e.g., secant and tangent lines, derivatives, Mean Value Theorem, Newton's method, etc.)
• Calculate the area of a region or surface, length of a curve, and volume of a solid using the techniques of integral calculus.
• Interact with parametric and polar curves (e.g., slopes, areas, arc lengths, etc.)
• Learn about sequences and series (geometric, harmonic, alternating, etc.) and approximate functions using Taylor polynomials.
• Future releases to include more features, topics, and background information on each topic.

• Customize each topic by changing any function, variable, and/or interval and by selecting from a variety of options.
• Interact with every graph (drag to change the value of a variable or to move/rotate the graph, pinch to zoom, etc.)
• Universal App (requires iOS 8.0 or later running on iPad, iPhone, or iPod Touch.)
• Fully functional, built-in calculator.
• No internet required, except for initial download and updates.
• No in-app purchases or advertising.

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Version History

Launched Apr 10, 2013 (over 5 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 8 months, on average.

Dec 14
Version 1.31

• Added support for iPhoneX and iOS 11
• Added support for Dynamic Type in iOS 10 and later
• Fixed a problem with 3D content displaying on older devices

Oct 16
Version 1.3

• Completely rewritten using Swift and Metal.
• Updated look and feel to all buttons and calculator.
• Polynomials: added option to plot a monic polynomial based on its roots.
• Disk, Washer, and Shell Methods: added option to draw a single cross-section.
• Slope of a Parametric Curve: added option to show the parametric plot of the derivative of a parametric curve.
• Slope of a Polar Curve: added option to show the polar plot of the derivative of a polar curve.
• Created App Previews for the App Store.

Jan 08
Version 1.22

• Fixed a bug with the cosecant function that caused the app to crash
• Fixed a bug with displaying the intersection of cylinders
• Added a requested feature: option to display graphs with a white background

Nov 13
Version 1.21

• Fixed bug that caused app to crash in iOS 8
• Updated 3D graphics to appear correctly in iOS 8

Aug 20
Version 1.2

• Now requires iOS7
• 10 New Topics: compound interest, points of intersection, the Riemann integral, geometric series, geometric spirals, the harmonic series, alternating series, family of parametric curves, family of polar curves, slope of a polar curve
• Background information and examples added to many topics. Increased font size used on iPhone for easier reading.
• Parametric curves can now be entered and stored as a single ordered pair.
• System wide settings for color schemes (black, white, translucent) and presentation options (show screen touches)
• Minor bug fixes and improvements

Oct 02
Version 1.1.1

• Added support for iOS 7
• Minor bug fixes and improvements

Aug 16
Version 1.1

• 11 new topics (including conic sections, antiderivatives, volumes by cross-sections, intersecting cylinders, quadric surfaces, least squares, double integrals, and line integrals)
• Minor bug fixes and improvements

Apr 10
Version 1.0

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