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Play Chess the FUN way with the ultimate chess app for kids - and for parents & coaches too! Learn everything from the basic rules to advanced strategies of the world's greatest brain game, all with an app that is AD-FREE and 100% SAFE for kids.

- Play chess for FREE with kids from around the world!
- Challenge the ChessBots - perfect for all skill levels!
- Improve your game with hilarious kid-friendly videos!
- Sharpen your skills with 1000s of tricky puzzles!

(Chess games are unlimited and completely free to play. Puzzles and Videos are unlimited for Gold members. Kids cannot chat or make friends with anyone without explicit parental permission. Parents have full control over kids’ accounts.)

- "The videos are funny and I learn a lot from them. I spend a lot of time doing puzzles and it makes me a better chess player." - Kid, Age 7
- "I love ChessKid because my kids are safe and having smart fun. They love playing play kids from around the world.” - Matt, Parent
- "I've been looking for years for a place like this where the kids in my chess club can enjoy chess online. You've done it!” - Bruce, Coach

ChessKid is built by Chess.com - #1 in online chess!
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ChessKidcom
Twitter: http://twitter.com/chesskidcom

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Version History

Launched Apr 06, 2013 (about 7 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 months, on average.

Jan 02
Version 2.5.7

Hey Chess-Kids, parents, and coaches! Here's a fresh new version of ChessKid to play with! Here's what's new...

- Brand-new tab design
- Pop-ups show what's happening if you disconnect and are reconnecting
- Scrolling added to Play and Lessons features on iPad
- Fixed a bug with avatars that was affecting new accounts
- Minor bug-fixes and improvements

If you enjoy this new version, please consider giving the app a fresh, 5-star rating or review... It really helps us out! Thank you!

Sep 03
Version 2.4.27

Hey, chess-fans! We’ve fixed some bugs and made improvements to Lessons so that they work better and look better on all devices. We also tweaked the strength of a few of the lower-ranked Bots, as they were a bit too tough!

We hope you love this new version of ChessKid! If so, please consider giving the app a fresh five-star rating or leaving a review. It really helps us out! Thank you.

May 09
Version 2.4.22

• Lesson Fixes
• Theme Songs for Robot Play!
• Other Bug Fixes & Improvements

Jan 23
Version 2.4.14

• Lessons now have audio for each position.
• Bug fixes and improvements

Jul 17
Version 2.4.6

This ChessKid update includes bug-fixes and interface improvements all over the app - to make it more fun and easier to use! Lessons will now show your current level (in case you forget!), and watch out, those pesky chess Bots make noises now (probably trying to distract you)! If you enjoy this update, please consider giving the app a fresh, 5-star rating! (It really helps us out!) Thanks!

Mar 07
Version 2.4.4

* Animated Bots as you play vs the Computer!
* Fun new sound effects!
* Want to retry a Lesson? Now you don't have to wait!
* Squished some bugs, including one that was preventing board previews from displaying sometimes
* Added pagination for Videos

If you love this new version, please help us out with a fresh 5-star rating or review! We really appreciate it!

Aug 18
Version 2.3.8

Just a few minor updates!

Aug 03
Version 2.3.6

Hey, ChessKids! This update has fun new features (see below), along with some sneaky bug fixes and little tweaks!

If you like this update, please give it a new 5-star rating in the Store: It makes it easier for other ChessKids to find us!

* Super-fun new “Capture the Stars” game!
* Animated bots let you know how they feel when you play vs the Computer!
* More time-control options for your Fast Chess games!
* Better notifications for your Slow Chess games!

May 03
Version 2.2.39

We found and fixed some sneaky bugs! Happy chessing!

Apr 25
Version 2.2.37

We squashed some big bad bugs and made a few other minor improvements! Enjoy your chess!

Mar 21
Version 2.2.35

Bug fixes! If you love the ChessKid app, please consider giving us a fresh 5-star rating! It really helps us! Happy chess!

Mar 14
Version 2.2.34

Hey, ChessKids! This new version makes it easier to message with your parents or your chess coach - and features lots of other improvements and bug-fixes too! Happy chess!

Nov 04
Version 2.2.30

- Bug fixes and little improvements everywhere!

If you love the ChessKid app, please consider giving us a fresh 5-star rating in the App Store. It really helps! Thanks, and enjoy your chess!

Sep 09
Version 2.2.26

** In this version, we have fixed some nasty little bugs, including one that was preventing some users from completing Lessons! **

If you love this new version, please consider giving us a fresh 5-star rating in the App Store. It really helps us out! Thank you and enjoy!

May 23
Version 2.2.23

Dozens of improvements, bug fixes, and new touches of fun throughout the app! Happy chessing!

Apr 16
Version 2.2

Many improvements and bug-fixes in this great new version! The best ChessKid app yet!

If you love this app, please consider giving it a fresh five-star rating or review! It really helps, and we truly appreciate it!

May 07
Version 2.1

- Knock knock.
- Who's there?
- Yeah
- Yeah who?

We added a button so that you can claim the win when your opponent runs out of time. We also removed some bugs! Have fun!

Apr 06
Version 2.0.0

Welcome to a brand new ChessKid app, re-built from scratch to be more stable, better looking, and more fun! Enjoy!

Aug 11
Version 1.3.10

* Get Video Lessons from top coaches and master players!
* Claim the win if your opponent times out!
* Upgrade to Gold membership in the app!
* Many fixes & minor improvements!

Apr 25
Version 1.2.1

★ Bug Fixes ★ Coming Soon: Video Lessons! ★

Apr 15
Version 1.1.1

★★ “It’s Your Move” alerts! ★ Bug fixes! ★★

(Coming soon: Video Lessons & many other improvements!)

Apr 06
Version 1.0

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