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Learn to conjugate the 500 most common Russian verbs in all tenses and in the imperative mood. Listen to the pronunciation of conjugated forms. Track your progress with statistics.

VERB LISTS: make your own lists of verbs or use the predefined lists: "All Verbs", "Basic Verbs", "Reflexive Verbs" and "Verbs of Motion".
ASPECT: learn to which aspect the verb belongs. For many verbs, the aspectual pair is provided.
PRACTICE: enter the conjugated verb form, the infinitive or the translation and get visual feedback.
VOCABULARY TRAINER: activate the options "Infinitive" and "Translation" in "Training Preferences" to learn Russian verbs.
TRACK PROGRESS: see ratings for each verb and decide which verbs to focus on.
CUSTOMIZE EXERCISE: filter the verbs based on tenses/mood and/or ratings within the selected list of verbs.
VERB CONJUGATION TABLE: for each verb, there is a conjugation table including translation, transcription, aspectual partners (if available), conjugation type and audio of all forms in present, past and future tenses and in the imperative mood.
AUDIO: conjugation forms of all verbs pronounced by a native Russian speaker.
SEARCH: quick verb search (both language directions).

Please, send us your comments and suggestions to help us improve the App. Propose verbs you would like to see in coming updates.

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Version History

Launched Mar 25, 2013 (over 5 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 months, on average.

Oct 16
Version 4.0

∙ Now 500 Russian verbs in total
∙ Verbpack 1 verbs now available to everyone, no InApp-Purchase needed
∙ Audio player stays on the screen when scrolling verb conjugation table
∙ Big, easy to understand and use buttons instead of icons
∙ Editing verb list now easier
∙ App size reduced. Audio files load on demand and are cached.
∙ Support for new iPhone screen sizes
∙ Small bug fixes

Sep 19
Version 3.2

Layout Adjustments for iOS 11

May 24
Version 3.1

• 2 New Exercise Modes: Train now "Infinitive" and "Translation"
• Bug fixes

Oct 04
Version 3.0.5

Bug Fix: Fixed past tense forms of the verb звонить.

Sep 26
Version 3.0.4

Show aspects when adding verbs to verblists

Feb 12
Version 3.0.3

Bug Fix: Correction of one of the notes

Feb 05
Version 3.0.2

Bug Fix: the verb бояться has now the correct audio file
In-App-Purchase: description with number of verbs

Jan 27
Version 3.0.1

Bug Fix: missing phonetic transcription in verb tables when the translation was too long to be shown directly on the display.

Note: if you have already bought the Verb Pack 1 per In-App purchase and don't see it after this update, please use: "Restore Purchases" (upper right corner) in the "Verb Packs"-Screen.

Jan 20
Version 3.0

Verb Lists:
Create your own lists of verbs.

Verb Conjugation Table:
Aspect - Learn the aspect of each verb. For many verbs, the aspectual pair is provided.
Audio - Improved player with scrollbar.

Train Mode:
Use success rate to filter the verbs.
Filter tenses/mood while training.

Split View support for iPad.
Font size according to iOS settings.

In-App Purchase for 100 additional verbs.
Now also for Spanish.

Oct 01
Version 2.6

• Bugfix: Problem with english translations after upgrading to iOS 9 (when language on device was configured to show german) fixed.

Oct 10
Version 2.5

What's New in Version 2.5
• Bugfix: Excercise Button Visibility

Oct 04
Version 2.4

What's New in Version 2.4
• App Preview Video for iPhone in App Store
• minor correction in english translation of one verb

Nov 27
Version 2.3

What's New in Version 2.3
• Bug Fix for App starting problem after having updated to Version 2.2

Nov 21
Version 2.2

What's New in Version 2.2
• Random generator improved: all activated tenses/modes now have the same probability
• Settings/List: If you select ONLY Present or Imperative, the verbs that do not have these forms will be marked in the list and deactivated for the exercise
• Exercising: text size in entering field adjusted
NOTE: If you cannot start the App after the Update, please, delete it and download it again from the App Store. You can do it without having to purchase it again. We are currently working to solve the problem. The problem does not affect new installs.

Sep 24
Version 2.1

- iOS 7 Support

May 29
Version 2.0

What's New in Version 2.0
• Optimized for iPad screen (portrait and landscape mode)
• Predefined verb lists to focus on practicing the following groups of verbs: all, basic, reflexive verbs or verbs of motion (swipe right to access the menu)
• Russian verb aspects (perfective/imperfective) are now shown in the verb list
• When you select a verb tense or mood in settings, only verbs that have this tense/mood will appear in the list of verbs to practice (e.g. by selecting the present tense you will not be practicing perfective verbs as they have no present tense)
• Search verbs in both language directions (scroll up the verb list to access the search bar)
• Search results now are scrollable
• Bigger text entry box makes it more comfortable typing in verb forms while exercising
• Verb table layout improved
• Slide-in-menu
• Layout and usability improvements
• App now starts up faster
• Send feedback directly from within the App
• Rate This App (please rate if you like the App, thank you!!!)

Mar 25
Version 1.0

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