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Learn how to build, maintain and manage an effective classroom library and get quick, easy access to over 50,000 Scholastic Children’s books with the new and improved Scholastic Book Wizard Mobile app!

Teachers have been using Book Wizard and Book Wizard Mobile for years to get information on books and share book lists with their peers. We’ve now made it a more powerful tool, providing them with the capacity to analyze, manage and track the books on their classroom shelves.

Scholastic Book Wizard comes with an easy-to-use barcode scanner that lets them scan, create and save book lists, or an entire classroom library to their existing Scholastic.com account. Teachers can also modify existing book lists and share book lists with their peers through email, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

Looking for something specific? Book Wizard will also allow them to search for books by title, author or keyword and instantly provide them with information including:

• Cover Image
• Title
• Author
• Interest Level
• Reading Level by:
o Grade Level Equivalent
o Lexile Measure
o Guided Reading Level

But Scholastic Book Wizard is so much more than just a scanner and book finder. The app serves as a unique reporting tool available to all teachers, empowering them with the data they need to create an effective classroom library. To get started, users must have a Scholastic.com account, or register within the app. Then, download the app, and start scanning! Once they’ve completed scanning their classroom library (at their own pace – we know teachers are busy people!), they are then ready to “Get Recommendations” to receive their classroom library analysis! They can find out where they have exemplary areas of performance, where they need to improve and how their classroom library measures against the 8 key benchmarks:

• Books per student
• Genres
• Authors
• Diversity
• Series
• Number of fiction/nonfiction
• Guided Reading levels
• Lexile bands

The analysis also includes a list of book recommendations to help them build and maintain an effective classroom library, all year round! If they love some (or all!) of the recommendations, they can add the titles to their cart directly from their app and purchase them off the Scholastic Teacher Store when they are ready!

But wait, there’s more: one of the newest features of the Scholastic Book Wizard app is the new “Borrow” feature. Now students can borrow books from their classroom library to continue independent reading at home! Teachers simply hit the “Borrow” button, check out the book to the student, and then check it back in when the student has returned the book! No more missing books!

This app does NOT collect:
• Personally identifiable information other than your Scholastic.com username, which may be your email address.
• Unique device ID

This app uses analytics software to track app usage. For details about analytics used by Scholastic in apps and on Scholastic.com, and for information abut Scholastic.com data collection, use and sharing practices, please see the Scholastic.com privacy policy located at: http://www.scholastic.com/privacy.htm

This app does collect device category (mobile/tablet) and device type (iPhone, iPod Touch, etc.)

This app collects general geo-location information associated with the Internet service provider through which you get Internet access on your device. Scholastic does not store this information.

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Version History

Launched Mar 20, 2013 (over 5 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 4 months, on average.

Oct 05
Version 3.1

- Addresses issue with scanner freezing

May 01
Version 3.0

• New analysis and recommendation engine unique to Scholastic to analyze classroom libraries and determine the best book recommendations specific to the classroom’s needs
• Updated database of titles for more accurate book details
• New “Borrow” feature

Scholastic Book Wizard Mobile empowers teachers with a reporting and classroom library management tool that can analyze the effectiveness of their classroom libraries, provide book recommendations, and encourage even more independent reading—in school and at home.

Once classroom library books are scanned into the app using the easy-to-use, in-app scanner, the app captures information such as Books per student, Genres, Authors, Diversity, Series, Number of fiction/nonfiction, Guided Reading levels and Lexile bands. This data is then used to create a Personalized Classroom Library Analysis Report that is received via email within minutes! This report provides teachers with information on where their libraries perform well and where they need to improve. And to help make those improvements, the Classroom Library Analysis Report also comes with book recommendations – saving teachers time identifying which books will help close those gaps!

Another new feature of the Scholastic Book Wizard app is the “Borrow” button. Now students can borrow books from their classroom library to continue independent reading at home! Teachers simply hit the “Borrow” button, check out the book to the student, and then check it back in when the student has returned the book! No more trying to figure out where all the books went – scan it and track it all in one place!

Jul 22
Version 2.0.3

- bug fixes

Jul 20
Version 2.0.2

- new Peek Inside area lets readers get a sneak peek into select titles
- new AR functionality

May 26
Version 2.0.1

- Users can now share the contents of their entire book lists via email and social media
- Updated Pinterest sharing functionality for both book & booklist sharing.
- Minor bug fixes

May 02
Version 2.0

New Features:
- New Multi Scan Mode allows users to create book lists faster than ever
- New Classroom Library list allows for saved books to be "borrowed" by students
- Multiple quantities of books within the Classroom Library can be lent and returned to the Teacher's Library
- New theme and designs

Dec 16
Version 1.6.7

Adobe Mobile SDK tagging added to the library

Nov 18
Version 1.6.6

Updates to the Ensighten Library
Resolved login issues for iOS 9 users

Jul 17
Version 1.6.3

Updates to the Ensighten Library

Jun 09
Version 1.6.2

* Modified to fix crash experienced on iOS 7.

Apr 24
Version 1.6.1

* Improvements to the display of book lists.

Dec 21
Version 1.6

* Updated to be compatible with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6+
* Sharing books or book lists on Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook or via email has improved visual appeal.

Nov 05
Version 1.5.1

Updated to be compatible with iOS 8.1

Sep 27
Version 1.5

• Save items to your book list with just one click.
• Plus, more books added.

Jul 23
Version 1.4

• Updated for iOS 7.
• Now compatible with iPads equipped with retina display.
• You can share your book lists on your social media account: Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest.
• You can email your book list to your colleagues and friends.

Oct 12
Version 1.3

Updated for iOS7

Aug 20
Version 1.2

Minor text updates

Mar 29
Version 1.1

App message update.

Mar 20
Version 1.0

Previous 3 versions

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