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NEWLY UPDATED! A seemingly impossible prediction using your iPhone Camera!

From the creators of Email Wizard (an amazing app acquired by the legendary David Copperfield).

Demo video available at https://iPhoneMagicApps.com

Ghost Card allows you to take a photo of any card held by the spectator (at any angle, in almost any lighting conditions) and later change the value of the card in that photo to any other card.

The effect: The magician says that he will show the spectator a card trick, but first he wants to take a photo. He hands the deck to the spectator and asks her to pick any card (100% free choice), face down, and not to look at it. The magician holds the card (with its back facing the spectator), and takes a photo of the card with the spectator in the background. The card goes back in the deck and the magician performs a card routine of his choice during which he asks the spectator to select another card, but this time face up (100% free choice). At the end of the routine, the magician reminds the spectator about the photo he took, emphasizing that it was a free choice and taken before the magician did anything else. He picks up his phone, opens his photo album, points at the thumbnail of the last photo he took, and taps on it. The full-sized image shows a photo of the magician holding the chosen card with the spectator in the background, proving his correct prediction!

Reverse mind-reading: The magician selects a card (any card) and, without showing it to the spectator, he takes a photo of the card with the spectator in the background. The magician asks the spectator to concentrate and speak aloud the card that pops into her head. The spectator names a card, and the magician picks up his phone a shows the photo that he just took. The image will be of the card the spectator named.

The spectator has free choice of any card, and the magician's prediction will be correct every time!

Ghost Card is a "stealth" app -- the spectator will never suspect that an app was involved. The credit goes to the magician, not the iPhone. The app can be used as a self-contained mind-reading effect, however mixing it into your current card routines is recommended. At some point you need to make a single tap on the screen before revealing the photo, however this can be done as you pick the phone back up off the table.

Confederate Mode: If you have a friend who has a copy of the app, you can perform the effect without EVER touching your phone again. You take the photo, hand your phone to the spectator, and she can be the one to reveal the photo! Your friend makes the secret entry on his phone which is transmited it to yours.

• Use any card from a standard deck (designed to match a Bicycle-brand ace).
• You can choose to end clean (you'll be viewing the photo in the real photo library, not the app).
• The spectator can hold the card.
• Includes instructional videos and full routine examples.

Ghost Card is the original "any card to any card" photo prediction app. Other apps require the card to be on a table, held at a certain angle, held unnaturally with no fingers covering any part of the card, or that require you to reveal a photo you took much earler. With Ghost Card, you take the prediction photo in view of the spectator, with the spectator in the actual photo (even holding the card), making the prediction much more personal for the spectator.


• Cannot be performed if you are surrounded for the entire performance. However the only non-spectator-safe time is when you're taking the prediction photo, and so it's natural that you don't want anyone to see what you're photographing.
• Since this app uses the iPhone camera, some lighting conditions will work better than others, so the app is not suited for every situation. Practice is needed to learn the app's limitations.

For entertainment purposes only. Does not provide real mind-reading abilities.

For questions or comments, email James at james@howdyoudothat.com

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Version History

Launched Jun 10, 2013 (over 7 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 6 months, on average.

May 29
Version 2.0.2

Updated for Xr and other newer devices.

Dec 13
Version 2.0.1

Minor bug fixes.

Oct 03
Version 2.0

• Gaff card no longer required (can now use any card from a standard Bicycle brand deck)
• Improvements to speed and quality of card detection
• Auto detection of card (not required to tap on the card in the camera viewfinder)
• Auto brightness detection
• Updated for iOS 10, 11, and 12
• Added support for iPhone X and the notch
• Added “routine ideas” video
• Updated instructional video
• Bug fixes & screen layout updates

Aug 22
Version 1.3.3

What's New:
1. Bug fix: missing toolbar on the Camera Roll.
2. Bug fix: missing images in the Performance History screen.

Jul 24
Version 1.3.2

1. Fixed: Missing toolbar after photo pinch zoom.
2. Fixed: Incorrect toolbar position after selecting a photo in the Camera Roll.
3. Added: Improved app icon.

Aug 04
Version 1.3.1

Fixed issue with failing video and website links.

Jul 08
Version 1.3

Updated the fake camera and camera roll screens to look more like iOS 9.

May 01
Version 1.2.3

Bug fix: when the "Save Results to Real Camera Roll" setting is ON, it didn't always work on the first performance unless you touched the thumbnail (to open the fake camera roll) before pressing Home.

Jan 18
Version 1.2.2

Restore Camera Roll navigation bar in iOS 8.
Be sure your iPhone's Settings, Privacy, Camera, is ON for gCard.

Jan 30
Version 1.2.1

Minor bug fixes.

Oct 26
Version 1.2

Fixed the video and website links in the Instructions.

Oct 12
Version 1.1

Updates for iOS 7.

Aug 06
Version 1.0.3

Added another flash control button (easier access).
Bug fix: touching the swap button (to change the out) won't take a new photo.

Jul 15
Version 1.0.2

Updated instructions and training text.
Minor bug fixes.

Jun 18
Version 1.0.1

Added two missing pips.
Minor update to instructions and setting defaults.

Jun 10
Version 1.0

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