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- Are you a fan of our blond jokes, but tired of the ads?

- Do you like laughing at dumb blonds?

- Do you like funny stuff?

- Then this is the app for you!

Super Blond Jokes Box has over 100 great blond jokes!

App includes jokes about all sorts of blonds, from dumb ones to really dumb ones!

Play it for friends and family!

Listen on your headphones!

Fun for at least 5 minutes every week or so!

- Now even more fun! you can read the jokes as well as hear them!

- And you can even share them with friends via, facebook, twitter, SMS, or E-mail!


Blond Jokes AKA "Tim's Awful-ly Funny Dumb Blond Jokes" is meant for entertainment and is not meant to actually insult blonds. We here at BrennanMoyMedia have friends and family who are blonds and we know that they are not as stupid as these jokes suggest. So blonds out there please don't be offended, but then again you prolly won't get them anyway :)

Seriously! Blond people stop commenting about how you are not stupid, it just makes you seem dumb and re-enforces the stereotype. No one actually thinks that blondes are any dumber than anyone else, these are just stupid old jokes. So there is no need to comment and tell us how smart you are. :)

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Version History

Launched Feb 20, 2013 (about 7 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 11 months, on average.

Nov 06
Version 3.5

- Updated for iOS 11
- Updated for iPhone 8 and 8+
- Updated for iPhone X

Nov 19
Version 1.4

- Updated for iOS 9
- Updated for iPhone 6s and 6s+

Oct 28
Version 1.3

Optimized for iOS 7!

May 21
Version 1.2

Bug Fix

Apr 22
Version 1.1

★ Glitch fixed for iPhone 4

Feb 21
Version 1.0

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