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Tomanji is the best party game! To play Tomanji you only need friends and something to drink.
The most famous party game in Latin America!

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* * * Nominated to Best App Chile * * *

Tomanji is a turn-based game in which each player will have to do one of the over 500 challenges that can be games, gifts, rules, penitence, hard games, etc.

Each challenge has an estimated score (in shots or sips). The player who has the highest score will win Tomanji!

Tomanji is a essential game to have in all parties. It is perfect for make pre-parties and turn your night unforgettable (or forgettable)

With Tomanji Pro you can play any times you want, and any crazy mode:
- Warm up to get in tune
- Madness for when you need a little more
- Hot for when you want to go further
- Bar for when you're with friends in a public place (believe me you'll have an excuse to talk to that person at the bar)
- After Party for when you want to surprise yourself with any kind of challenge

Thanks to the portability of Tomanji you won't have excuses to have fun!

It includes a lot of traditional games such as Never have I ever, Waterfall, Jack sparrow, Seven, Finger, Not one drop, etc.. You will have over 500 challenges updated every day.

The most famous game in Spanish finally speaks English, do not stop trying it! 8 years of experience let us know about crazy parties.

Greetings from Chile

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Version History

Launched Jan 28, 2013 (over 7 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 11 months, on average.

Jun 27
Version 6

- Tomanji now speaks English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Japanese
- New game modes: Warm Up, Madness, Bar, Hot, and After Party
- More than 500 games and challenges

Jun 11
Version 5

- Tomanji now speaks English!
- New game modes: Warm Up, Madness, Bar, Hot, and After Party

Feb 25
Version 4

- New modes: Madness, Bar and Hot

Jan 04
Version 3

- New UI
- Remote challenges

Jul 16
Version 2.1

- iOS 8 User Interface
- iPhone 6 y 6 Plus supported
- Easy way to change the language from Options view
- Explore Tomanji Network without be logged in Facebook
- Tutorial to understand the game
- Millions of bugs fixed (not million but a lot)
- Push notifications

Jul 27
Version 2.0

- Tomanji now available in English!
- GUI totally improved play now is much more simple and fun.
- GameCenter enabled.
- Facebook Connection: You can login and add your friends directly to the game, make posts of the challenges, etc..
- Central Tomanji:
- Check the best challenges that other users have posted! Install them to your list of challenges if you like, or share a challenge to help other parties will know that you are the creator!.
- You can have in your profile the number of drinks you've had to drink and play time.
- New Challenges
- Gameplay improvements and bug fixes.

Feb 05
Version 1.0.1

- Edita las pruebas como se te antoje! Borra las que no te gusten y agrega bromas internas de tu grupo de amigos, modifica la cantidad de sorbos, etc. Ten el control total de tu Tomanji!
- Sincronización de pruebas mejorada, ya no se eliminarán las pruebas propias. Manténte al día con las nuevas pruebas que se vayan agregando a nuestro servidor.
- Optimización en el arranque de aplicación (mayor velocidad)

Jan 29
Version 1.0

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