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***** FREE VERSION *****
This is a free version of Ani'Mots with 2 limitations :
- only 15 animals are available (56 in the full version)
- options are not available
***** FREE VERSION *****

Dear Parents,

The application "Ani'Mots" is a game based on the concept of arrow words intended for children between 3 and 8 years old or more.

This game was designed to allow your children to learn while having fun.

Whatever their age, they will discover the name of various animals and how to spell them.

The younger children will develop their motor skills through the manipulation of small items to be inserted in a grid.

The application "Ani'Mots' is available in three languages​​, French, Spanish and English, an excellent way to discover a foreign language.

The game includes:
- A random generator of crossword arrow based on 56 animals,
- Sounds to discover the pronunciation of letters and names of animals,
- Three languages, English, Spanish and French,
- Audio and visual effects to stimulate your child,
- Three levels of difficulty with an easy level fully customizable (font size, animals ...)
- Zoom on iPhone and iPod Touch


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Version History

Launched Dec 07, 2012 (over 6 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Oct 11
Version 2.8

iOS7 Support

Jun 04
Version 2.7

- corrige un problème d'affichage de l'écran de choix des animaux sur iPad non retira
- améliore l'affichage des lettres sur iPhone

Jan 25
Version 2.6

Débloquer la version complète d'Ani'Mots directement depuis l'application en achat in-app et faites découvrir à votre enfant le nom de 56 animaux !

Dec 08
Version 2.5

Previous 3 versions


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