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+ theiphonemom.com - "The Crossword Puzzles for Kids app is a great app to teach children the basics of solving a crossword puzzle. This app would be a great tool to help build your child’s vocabulary, spelling, reading and writing skills, and more! There is even a color-coded letter system that will help children figure out which letters go where in the puzzle."

If your kids like puzzles and you want them to learn new things and improve their lexical skills, both you and your kids will love this App.

Crosswords are both educational and fun and this is a great way to develop vocabulary, spelling, reading and writing skills.

The app consists of 48 crosswords with more than 300 words of different categories (including animals, food, clothes, colors and many more).

"Crossword Puzzles for Kids" will be interesting for children 3-10 years old and also for everybody who is learning English as a foreign language.

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Primary: Education

Secondary: Word

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Version History

Launched Oct 28, 2012 (over 7 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 7 months, on average.

Dec 06
Version 1.13

Updated for iOS 13

Mar 20
Version 1.12

App design changed

Jan 04
Version 1.11

Design update

Dec 04
Version 1.10

App design changed

Apr 05
Version 1.9

App design changed

Dec 18
Version 1.8

App design changed

Mar 31
Version 1.7

App design changed

Dec 29
Version 1.6

App design changed

Apr 10
Version 1.5

App design changed

Feb 19
Version 1.4

Icon design changed

Dec 18
Version 1.3

Design updated for iOS 7

Sep 03
Version 1.2

App category changed

Apr 21
Version 1.1

Added support for iOS 4.3 and later

Oct 28
Version 1.0

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