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Free Protractor is an easy to use virtual protractor great for anything from checking your homework to helping with that DIY project. Colour coded angles make it easy for students to quickly get to grips with how a protractor works. Just tap or drag on the screen and the angle will follow your finger as easy as that. Free Protractor has many features including.
1. Camera mode the protractor appears superimposed on the camera view, great for checking the angle of real world objects.
2. Horizontal guide helps you to keep the protractor level.
3.Angle types this allows you the option of viewing the angle types e.g. acute obtuse.
4.Customisable use the apps settings to show or hide the various features depending on what you are doing.

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Version History

Launched Sep 03, 2012 (almost 7 years ago).
Jun 23
Version 2.0

New icon, new look and feel, removed ad banner, new features including camera mode.

Sep 03
Version 1.0


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