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The Official Street League Skateboarding Mobile Game.

#1 game in 80 countries. Loved by skaters all over the world.

Touch Arcade review - 4.5/5 - "True skate is clearly something special"

Note: True Skate comes with a single skate park and contains additional content only available by In-App purchase. See below.

- Realistic touch based physics.
- Flick the board to make it react exactly how you would expect.
- Drag your finger on the ground to push.
- A beautiful skate park to get lost in including ledges, stairs, grind rails plus a bowl, half pipe and quarter pipes. (Additional skate parks are now available as an In-App Purchase)
- Slow motion.
- User challenges
- Replay sharing
- Global leaderboards.

Available by IN-APP PURCHASE only:
- Additional skateparks and locations.
- Street League Skateboarding courses.

Optional IN-APP PURCHASES: (The same content is also available for free by spending True Credits earned by doing tricks and finishing missions)
- Unlock all missions.
- Unlimited slow motion.
- Unlimited board image changes.
- Unlimited wheel color changes.
- Unlock lists.

Trick Possibilities:
50 50 grind, 5 0 grind, boardslide, rail slide, tail slide, nose slide, darkslide, dark 50 50, suski grind, smith grind, feeble grind, salad grind, nose grind, crooked grind, lazy grind, overcrook, losi grind, bluntslide, noseblunt, kickflip, heelflip, pop shove-it, 360 pop shove-it, backside 180, frontside 180, ollie, nollie, impossible, hard flip, 360 hard flip, inward heelflip,360 inward heelflip, varial kickflip, nightmare flip, 360 flip, varial heelflip, laser flip, late tricks and more, or what ever else you can make the board do.

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Version History

Launched Oct 18, 2012 (almost 8 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 28 days, on average.

Sep 29
Version 1.5.25

- Added lip slide detection.
- Fixed issue causing board slides to fail in some missions.

Sep 14
Version 1.5.24

- Updated edges of Underpass with more grindable ledges and rails.
- Bolt rewards for daily gaps.
- Bolt rewards for completing friend challenges.
- Revert by swiping diagonally up from the tail or down from the nose.
- Controller updates.
- UI fixes.

Aug 06
Version 1.5.23

- Fixed impossibles
- Fixed park download issues affecting some users

Jul 28
Version 1.5.22

- Fixed manuals
- Improved skateboarder legs (v 0.2.1)

Jul 27
Version 1.5.21

- Fixed crash when purchasing certain items in the shop.
- Skateboarder legs (ver 0.2) update!

Jun 24
Version 1.5.20

- Fixed an issue causing un registered accounts created with Apple Sign In to lose progress.

- Added an option to attach Apple Sign In to existing game accounts.

Jun 09
Version 1.5.19

Fixed an issue preventing manuals and some grinds being scored.

- Option to enable skateboarder's legs for both game play and replays!
- In game notifications for challenges and friend requests.
- Usability improvements to challenges.
- Sign in with Apple support.

Jun 09
Version 1.5.18

- Option to enable skateboarder's legs for both game play and replays!
- In game notifications for challenges and friend requests.
- Usability improvements to challenges.
- Sign in with Apple support.

May 25
Version 1.5.17

Fixed potential crash when restoring skateparks.

May 25
Version 1.5.16

- Improved loading of news, community and shop menus.
- Optimised downloading of assets.
- Fixed graphical issue with missions.

Apr 11
Version 1.5.15

Fixed potential crash in the Live Event menu if notifications are enabled.

- New SLS flow missions for all SLS parks.
- Improved mission and event UI.

Apr 01
Version 1.5.14

- New SLS flow missions for all SLS parks.
- Improved mission and event UI.

Jan 23
Version 1.5.13

- Preparing for Australia Day and Lunar New Year events.
- New mission scoring system.
- New mission hud indicators.
- Improved DIY object use in user challenges.

Dec 19
Version 1.5.12

- Preparing for a special Christmas event!

- General game play, purchasing and UI improvements.

Oct 02
Version 1.5.11

New app icon.
Fixed issue which could cause some text corruption in the Features section of the store.

Sep 24
Version 1.5.9

Fixed an issue where the skateboard could get caught on some ramps in the SLS 2018 LA park.

Sep 18
Version 1.5.8

- Fixed issue which could cause the skateboard to catch on some skatepark objects.
- Improved purchasing items while not logged into a True Axis account.

Sep 15
Version 1.5.7

New course: SLS 2018 World Championship

- Play the first editable SLS course!
- Fixed issue where some sounds don’t play.
- Fixed potential crash when sharing replays.

Sep 03
Version 1.5.6

DIY Update!

- Stage 1: Placeable Objects can be unlocked via completing Missions.
- Schoolyard and Inbound Skateparks can now be unlocked via Bolts.
- Bolt Packs available for IAP.
- Mission system improvements.

Dec 12
Version 1.5.5

- Fixed possible crash when trying to use the store if safe boot mode is enabled.
- Improved UI when in safe boot mode.

*** 1.5.4 ***
- New course: SLS 2018 Los Angeles.
- Player skateboards now show in replays.
- Custom images for old school boards.
- Fixed an issue which could cause parts of skateparks to be black.

Dec 07
Version 1.5.4

- New course: SLS 2018 Los Angeles.
- Player skateboards now show in replays.
- Custom images for old school boards.
- Fixed an issue which could cause parts of skateparks to be black.

Nov 02
Version 1.5.3

- Fixed an issue where swapping from a board slot with an old school deck to a slot with custom images could cause the incorrect board shape to be used.
- Improved board display in the ME menu.

Oct 31
Version 1.5.2

- Old school boards have arrived!
- Skate the 2018 London Street League course.
- Native replay recording, you can now save replays to your camera roll and share them with your friends.

Aug 04
Version 1.5.1

- Improved restoring of skate parks.
- Added board repair to new UI.
- Fixed upper banners in the Glasshouse.

Jul 04
Version 1.5.0

Complete UI overhaul of True Skate! Biggest change since launch in 2012! To enable faster gameplay and easy access to the features you love. Includes;
- New 'ME' tab that enables quick change and select of setups and easy access to missions.
- New 'SKATEPARKS' tab for showcasing and accessing 30 world class skateparks from SLS, the real world and True Skate.
- New 'COMMUNITY' tab with focus on playing your mates in quick games of S.K.A.T.E and quick access to live Leaderboards.
- New 'SHOP' tab for you to browse over 1000 decks and grips from 20 of the worlds biggest skate brands.
- New 'SETTINGS' page for easy access to customise and fine tune your gameplay.

Apr 11
Version 1.4.39

- Fixed delay which could happen on launch in some situations.
- Fixed delay when pausing the game in some situations.
- Improved Facebook integration.

Mar 26
Version 1.4.38

- Stability improvements, including during skate park downloads.
- Improved user profile flow.
- Added crash detection on startup which can trigger a new safe boot mode.
- Improved performance in the skateboard store.
- Fixed issue causing skateboard wear to reappear after repairing.

Dec 20
Version 1.4.37

- Fixed issue with SLS 2017 Super Crown in the Skateparks menu

Dec 15
Version 1.4.36

- Fixed missing decks in the Skateboard Store.
- Fixed graphical issues in SLS 2017 Super Crown on specific camera modes.

Dec 13
Version 1.4.35

- New Course: SLS 2017 Super Crown.
- New Course Pack: SLS 2016.
- Fixed issue causing custom deck and grip loss.

Nov 24
Version 1.4.34

Stability and profile improvements, including wheel, deck and grip loading.

Nov 02
Version 1.4.33

Updated UI to support iPhoneX

Oct 18
Version 1.4.32

- Fixed crashes in game and in menus.
- Fixed graphical corruption during gameplay.
- Improved stability of online services including leaderboard fixes.
- Improved loading of branded decks and grips.

Sep 22
Version 1.4.31

Improved collision in Chicago 2017

Sep 19
Version 1.4.30

New Course: SLS 2017 Chicago

Sep 04
Version 1.4.29

New user account system, including the ability to manage your account across platforms via your email address.

Aug 17
Version 1.4.28

- Fixed issue which could cause rails and ledges to become sticky in SLS 2017 Munich.

Aug 11
Version 1.4.27

- New Course: SLS 2017 Munich

Jun 29
Version 1.4.25

- Improved Facebook login flow

May 17
Version 1.4.24

- New Course: SLS 2016 Super Crown
- Realistic mode challenges

Apr 19
Version 1.4.22

- Updated Facebook integration
- Fixed potential crash when loading skateparks

Mar 22
Version 1.4.20

- Everyplay updates

Mar 19
Version 1.4.19

- Bug fixes

Mar 10
Version 1.4.18

- Fixed issue that could cause True Credits loss.
- Fixed issue that could apply excessive wear to grip and deck.

Mar 03
Version 1.4.17

- MACBA bug fix

Mar 01
Version 1.4.16

New course: The 2017 "Tampa Pro" course is available for download. For the first time you will be able to skate the competition course the same time as the pros in this weekend's 23rd Annual "Tampa Pro". We have also included the outdoor area!

Feb 15
Version 1.4.15

- Griptape has finally arrived! Apply new griptape to your boards from some of the world's best brands - Grizzly, Mob, Santa Cruz, Creature, Independent, Krux and Knox.
- Add your True Skate friends in the new Friends Manager.
- Improved True Skate news feed.

Dec 23
Version 1.4.13

- New Course "MACBA." Skate the Barcelona Museum of Contemporary Art, one of the world’s most desirable skate destinations.
- Challenge friends to a game of S.K.A.T.E

Dec 21
Version 1.4.12

- New big real world course: MACBA
- New challenge mode: S.K.A.T.E

Dec 04
Version 1.4.11

Fixed a crashed bug that occurred when the device has Italian language set.

Nov 30
Version 1.4.10

- Language fix for Japanese, Chinese, Korean and Russian.
- Fixed a bug that caused various random crashes including frequent crashes when grabbing the deck for some people.
- Note: For devices with language set to Italian, the True Skate will crash on start up. Until we get a fix released, if you set your device to English, then run the game once, then back to Italian, it may help.

Nov 23
Version 1.4.9

- New Course: The Berrics
- New Localization

Nov 09
Version 1.4.8

- New Course: Street League New Jersey 2016

Oct 19
Version 1.4.7

- Fixed bug where pushing failed to work with glitch mode enabled.
- Fixed a potential progress loss issue.

Sep 29
Version 1.4.6

- Tinnell Memorial Skatepark, Lake Havasu, Arizona
- Improved issues with buttons presses not being recognized on iOS 10 on far left of screen on some devices.
- Performance optimizations.

Aug 25
Version 1.4.5

- New course: SLS 2016 Munich.
- Fixed issue with Branded decks being reset after particular updates.
- Filter option in Store and improved Store accessibility.

Aug 08
Version 1.4.4

- Updated Facebook

Jul 28
Version 1.4.3

- New Course: Love Park
- Grabs (Swipe towards deck to grab)
- Switch and fakie trick naming when riding fakie with spin cam.
- Skateboard slots for swapping between skateboards. (Buy with TC or IAP)
- Fixed some consistency issues with grind lock on to allow greater control.
- Fixed bug when doing minor adjustments to skateboard angle with feet.

Jul 05
Version 1.4.2

This update fixes various small issues after our huge SLS Hanger course update.
- Fixed replay crash bug.
- Spin cam lock on is now faster.
- Narrowed button area for new Spin Cam flick feature.
- Various other small fixes.

Jun 30
Version 1.4.1

1.4.1: Fixed Skateboard deck pack purchase glitch.
1.4.0: New course: SLS Hanger (By far the biggest course in now available in True Skate)
1.4.0: Control which purchased courses are downloaded during Restore Purchases.
1.4.0: Delete and restore individual purchased courses in the store.
1.4.0: Spin cam up upgrade for advanced users. (Swipe spin cam icon for body spins. Hold spin cam still locks to board rotation)
1.4.0: Smoothed spin cam glitches

Jun 30
Version 1.4.0

- New course: SLS Hanger (By far the biggest course in now available in True Skate)
- Control which purchased courses are downloaded during Restore Purchases.
- Delete and restore individual purchased courses in the store.
- Spin cam up upgrade for advanced users. (Swipe spin cam icon for body spins. Hold spin cam still locks to board rotation)
- Smoothed spin cam glitches
- NOTE: Attempting to purchase Skateboard deck packs will cause a crash in this update. We will try to get a fix out ASAP. Individual decks, and previously purchased packs will still work.

May 20
Version 1.3.30

- The 2015 SLS courses are now available together in one pack.

May 12
Version 1.3.29

- Various fixes

Apr 21
Version 1.3.28

- Fixed steering bug when "Glitch Mode" is on.

Apr 15
Version 1.3.27

- New Course: The Alley
- Fixed board slide speed up glitch.
- Made skating off an edge less sticky.
- Note: Steering is broken with glitch mode on.

Mar 09
Version 1.3.26

- New course: SLS 2015 Super Crown.
- Added Everyplay for video recording to replace Kamcord. (Kamcord are ending there support for recording and play back from with in True Skate)
- Improved progress loss and iCloud issues.

Dec 21
Version 1.3.25

- New Course - SLS 2015: New Jersey

Nov 25
Version 1.3.22

- New Course: Mondo Ramp.
- 3D Touch controls on supported devices.

Oct 01
Version 1.3.21

- New Course: SLS 2015 Los Angeles
- New missions on SLS courses implementing Street League's scoring system.

Aug 25
Version 1.3.20

- fixed bug where downloading or applying a deck would sometimes freeze the app.
- fixed bug to stop missions being accessible in realistic mode.
- fixed bug where some missions would not appear in correct locations.
- fixed issue where cancelling a custom image would revert to the default deck in cases when it should have reverted to a branded deck.

Aug 20
Version 1.3.19

- Added a Skateboard Store with 50+ decks from 9 major skateboard brands, and more coming soon.
- Added mission hot spots to courses to access missions.
- Increase True Credit limit to 100,000
- Made decks harder to fully wear down.
- Fixed recent issue with blunt slide controls.

Jul 10
Version 1.3.18

- New courses can now be purchased in 6 pack bundles as well as one at a time. Note: Bundles may be hidden if you have already purchased a course from within the bundle.

May 14
Version 1.3.17

- New course: Street League Super Crown 2014.
- Manual slow motion control.
- View replay button on HUD.
- Spin cam on by default.
- Adjust board angle for landing on transitions.
- Improved grind lock on and roll off physics for lips.
- Tail or nose now stays above a grind rail when trying to stop down onto it.
- Fixed some speed up glitches on grinds.
- Fixed issue with board steering wrong way during extreme skid angles.
- Various bug fixes.

Apr 27
Version 1.3.16

- Fixed Game Center not working bug.
- Facebook comparability update necessary for Facebook functionality to continue to work correctly after April.
- Improved account management for attaching Facebook to accounts.
- Other fixes.

Mar 20
Version 1.3.14

- New skatepark: The pro course from Skatepark of Tampa
- Fixed issue with steering and pushing at the same time using two fingers.

Feb 26
Version 1.3.12

- New skatepark: The Valley
- Bug fixes
- Improved progress loss issues.

Dec 18
Version 1.3.10

- New course: SLS 2014 Los Angeles
- Fixed ollie/shovit/nollie swipe accuracy issues in last update
- New camera angles
- Remember last park played and camera angle.
- More spin cam button position options.
- Varioius fixes.

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