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Ever wish you could build a car from your NXT Mindstorms set and control it using your iPhone or iPad? Well if so RoboRemote does just that.

BIG NEWS: we are happy to announce that RoboRemote Server has been launched on other platforms!! No more PC needed! Check out our website for more info! You can now use other devices to act as a bridge between NXT and your iOS device.

A must have for every NXT Mindstorms fan!

In 5 easy steps you will be ready to take your NXT car for a spin:
1) Go to our website and follow the step by step instructions to build the model car
2) Download and run the Mac/PC Server app
3) Download and install the Mindstorms NXT program on your LEGO Brick
4) Run the RoboRemote App on your iPhone and connect to the Mac/PC Server
5) Connect the Mac/PC Server to your NXT and you are ready to drive!!

There are 3 types of remotes you can use:
- the Puzzle Drive remote lets you build your track first and then you can play, pause, go forward or backward and choose the speed of individual track pieces
- the Pad Drive remote acts as a pad joystick allowing you to control the car with your thumbs
- the Air Drive remote allows you to drive the NXT by moving the iPhone through the air

For more setup and build details go to our website www.redroundrobot.com

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Version History

Launched Aug 06, 2012 (over 7 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 5 months, on average.

Dec 16
Version 1.5

- updated for iPhone 6/ iPhone 6 Plus and iPad

Jun 29
Version 1.4

- fixed a few connection bugs

You can check the new instructions for manual connection here: http://www.redroundrobot.com/support.html#connect

Jun 24
Version 1.3

-added a new option to choose between connecting via Bonjour or manual by IP

Dec 14
Version 1.2.2

- Improved the responsiveness of the Air Drive Remote
- Improved overall performance

Nov 05
Version 1.2.1

-Fixed the Puzzle Drive loop bug

Oct 24
Version 1.2

Fixed a few bugs ( thanks for your feedback - helps us make this app better for you ).

Added four new optional upgrades:

- The Ball Gun
- The Catapult
- The Proximity Sensor
- The Battery Level and Power Boost

Visit our website to find out how to build them and what they can do.Be sure to refresh the pages on www.redroundrobot.com in case you don't see the updates (right click on page and refresh/reload).

Important: we made changes to the original RoboCar design, so it can have more torque to support the new upgrades.Use this new version of the app only with the new build instructions and the new PC/Mac Server version.

Please send us any feedback at contact@redroundrobot.com

And don't forget: have fun!

Aug 07
Version 1.0

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