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Numerology is a study of the relationship between numbers and people. Numerological divination was much practised in ancient times, and even great mathematicians such as Pythagoras dedicated much time to it.

The most accredited theory holds that numerology is a reflection of natural laws, and that it provides exact indications regards the complex vibrations which regulate the functions and the existence of the universe.

"Your Number" is able to define those numbers which govern your daily existence by integrating numerology knowledge with that from astrology, and thus providing DAILY numerological divination for a range of applications:

Lucky Number
Red or Black
Even or Odd
Flip a Coin
Astrologic Lucky Number and Zodiac Sign

You can send lucky numbers via email.

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Launched Jul 20, 2012 (almost 8 years ago).
Oct 05
Version 1.5

Full compatibility with iOS10

Jul 20
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