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Main Features:
- View the moon phase calendar for any month
- Instantly find the best time to sow different vegetable seeds
- Get specific plant suggestions based on your location
- Plan your gardening with notes and reminders
- Share your activities on social media

Lunar Planting Guide enables you to conveniently plan your gardening based on the moon phase calendar for the current or selected month.

Pick a month or quickly jump to today and instantly see the most appropriate plants to sow or transplant based on the moon phase calendar for the date you select. Easily view the entire month and tap any day in the calendar to save a note and set a reminder.

As of version 4.0 we have introduced specific plant suggestions based on your location! Select Northern or Southern Hemisphere or your specific region and climate zone, such as 'USA/Canada Zone 2', and get specific plant suggestions for that month based on the time of year. You can then use the moon planting colour guide to determine the best days of the selected month to sow your seeds.

Saving notes for any day makes it very easy to plan ahead based on the moon cycles. The note taking feature can also be used to store a history of your planting and other relevant activities.

Notes can be sent to your device's Calendar and Reminders apps for even more planning flexibility. Send notes by sms or email. Share notes on social media networks.

The simple uncluttered interface enables you to quickly get to the day you want and save notes as you think of them, even while busy in the garden.

This app is suitable for both the Northern and Southern hemispheres.

Some general advice is also given for flower planting and other garden activities.

Please note that the app is designed as a quick reference for home gardeners seeking advice on planting times based on the more scientific aspects of moon gardening. There is a more complicated aspect to lunar planting based on astrology which ties in with the 4 main moon phases and breaks them down further into subsections based on the signs of the zodiac and their association with the elements (earth, air, fire and water). This additional information is not included in the app.

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Version History

Launched Aug 03, 2012 (almost 7 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Dec 20
Version 4.8

- Updated calendar dates

Apr 07
Version 4.7

- Added planting suggestions for South Africa, Puerto Rico, Cyprus, France and Italy

Apr 06
Version 4.6

Added planting suggestions for USA zones 7a and 7b

Jan 29
Version 4.5

Added planting suggestions for Spain (Barcelona)

Nov 04
Version 4.4

- New planting suggestions for India and US Zones 8a and 8b

Oct 03
Version 4.3

- Minor updates for iOS 8 compatibility

Aug 20
Version 4.2

- Added plant suggestions for Hong Kong

May 15
Version 4.01

- Added new plant databases for 'Australia - Warm Temperate' and 'Australia - Semi Arid / Arid'
- Some new plants added to the other Australian zones

May 09
Version 4.0

- Specific plant suggestions based on selected climate region and time of year.

Jan 16
Version 3.3

- Minor behind the scenes updates

Jan 07
Version 3.2

- Fixed bug causing app to crash if February 2014 selected

Sep 17
Version 3.1

- Optimised interface for iOS7
- Increased number of notes in 'Upcoming Notes' list to 10

Jul 19
Version 3.0

- Added 'Upcoming Notes' display. Quickly preview a list of pending notes in the main screen area.

- As requested, the planting guide has been expanded to incorporate suggestions for flower planting and other garden activities.

- Improved performance in the "Add to Calendar App" and "Add to Reminders App" share functions.

Apr 04
Version 2.1

- Copy notes to your Calendar and Reminders apps
- Send notes by email and sms and share on social media networks

Oct 19
Version 2.0

- Brand new 'Reminders' feature: receive alerts on any of the days that you have saved notes at a time you specify. Makes planning ahead even easier.
- Interface updates.

Oct 01
Version 1.2

- iOS 6 compatible
- Display updated for larger iPhone 5 screen
- Updated info text

Aug 15
Version 1.1

Reduced file size of default loading images in order to reduce overall download size of app

Aug 03
Version 1.0

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