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Discover Tarot! The Ator Tarot is a carnival of color, a charming cartoon interpretation of Pixie’s classic 1910 Tarot deck. Accessible and friendly, The Ator Tarot is great for novice readers. The simplified art focuses attention on the card’s symbolism, and acts as a mirror for your intuition. The Ator Tarot includes a 215-page book, The Concise Tarot Reader, to guide you through every aspect of reading the cards.

*Intuitive, elegant interface is easy for beginners and experts
*Gorgeous full screen, high-resolution card images
*Full support for all current iOS devices
*Includes The Concise Tarot Reader, a 215 page guidebook by Janet Farrar and Gavin Bone
*20 built-in card layouts
*Free form layout option
*Sophisticated Journal
*Many adjustable settings
*Allow reversed cards or not
*Option to use Major Arcana only
*Zoom in to enlarge card details
*Share reading via email, Facebook, and Twitter
*Animated shuffle & cut
*Adjustable voice prompts
*Customize with your own card meanings & reading cloths
*Book and card meanings available in English only

Explore Tarot the easiest way! The Ator Tarot shows tomorrow today!

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Version History

Launched Jul 11, 2012 (over 8 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 10 months, on average.

Jun 08
Version 2.1.3

Fixes journal crashing bug.
Improved support for iPhone X.
Various other minor bug fixes.

Aug 01
Version 2.0.2

Added support for force touch and multitasking (when available).
Improved compatibility with newer versions of iOS.
Now requires iOS 6 or newer.
Fixed on/off sliders in Settings sometimes getting "stuck".
Added several traditional spreads.

Sep 24
Version 1.4

Now supports iOS 8 and the new iPhone 6 & 6 Plus. Added sharing using the new iOS 8 sharing extensions. Various minor bug fixes.

Jun 17
Version 1.3.8

Free Form spreads skipped shuffle and cut, fixed. Various minor bug fixes.

Oct 31
Version 1.3.5

Full support for iOS 7. Now includes support for VoiceOver. Free form spreads now allow you to place a specific card on the table. Additional comments are now indicated in the journal index. Various minor bug fixes.

Feb 03
Version 1.2.1

Shows the description for the card position in the spread along with the card meaning. Searching in the journal now searches the full text of the journal entries, including the card names. There is a new user interface for Draw from: List of Cards that allows you to correct any mistakes you might make. Card of the Day now only appears in the journal once per day. Shows the card name for One Card readings in the journal index. The book reader now launches more quickly. Revisions to The Concise Tarot Reader. Various minor bug fixes.

Sep 21
Version 1.1

Added full support for the iPhone 5 and iOS 6. Can now share spreads via Facebook (requires iOS 6). Email and Twitter sharing now include larger pictures of the spread. Fixed problems with the full text from book links. Assorted minor new features and bug fixes.

Jul 11
Version 1.0.4

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