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Code CPR allows for the quick and easy timing and registration of events during incidents or medical procedures in the emergency room, such as cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on your iPhone, iPad or Apple Watch.

In this environment it is important, yet very difficult, to maintain a reliable record of what is happening, as well as to accurately record the amount of elapsed time. It was to assist those who are likely to perform these functions that this app was created.

• Easy to use event logging. The app comes with around 100 events in several predefined categories (drugs, procedures and other events), with the possibility of adding many more. These can marked as favorites for easy selection, or searched for by name and category.
• Logging the amount of time elapsed since activation.
• Audio and visual alarms for events.
• A log book for past events, with the date and time during the procedure in which they were added. They can be exported in text format to either clipboard or e-mail.
• A metronome to facilitate the performance of cardiac massage with the correct frequency on your phone.
• Apple Watch Support with glances notifications and event logging.

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Version History

Launched Jun 10, 2012 (over 8 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

May 28
Version 5.8.0

- Support for Apple Watch complications for launching CodeCPR.

Feb 19
Version 5.7.3

- Corrects an user interface bug

Jan 21
Version 5.7.2

- Enables manual reordering of favorites events
- Bug fixes

Dec 18
Version 5.7.1

- Bug fixes to Apple Watch sync with the iPhone
- Removed the metronome from the Apple Watch (the energy saving features from the watch disables it very frequently)

Sep 27
Version 5.7.0

- iOS 13 support with Dark Mode
- Bug fixes

Sep 18
Version 5.6.2

- Compatibility fixes.

Mar 08
Version 5.6.1

-Supports custom vital signs. They can be managed from the Settings screen and then found on the vitals screen.

Feb 02
Version 5.6.0

- Now you can change the label of your logs so is more easy to identify them
- Bug fixes

Oct 16
Version 5.5.1

- Bug fixes

Oct 12
Version 5.5.0

- Update to iOS 11
- Bug fixes

Jun 06
Version 5.4.2

- Bug fixes

Oct 26
Version 5.4.1

-Bug fixes

Sep 11
Version 5.4.0

- Now you can use the device Share Sheet to export your logs
- Bug fixes

Jul 19
Version 5.2.2

- Bug fixes

Mar 17
Version 5.2.1

Bug fixes:
- If the user tried to expand a custom category the app would crash on the Apple Watch
- The color picker for a custom category it's working again on the phone

Feb 24
Version 5.2.0

- Metronome support for Apple Watch: Now in a CPR you can use your Apple Watch to do cardiac massage at the right frequency. He will vibrate or give a sound alert whenever its time to do a compression
- Bug fixes

Jan 26
Version 5.1.0

- Bug fixes

Aug 04
Version 5.0.3

-Fixed a bug were the main timer could be not activated on the Apple Watch on the first try.

Jul 27
Version 5.0.2

- Correction of a startup bug on Apple Watch version
- Correction of a bug that would prevent the Apple Watch from controlling the app
- Correction of a bug that would prevent a custom notification on the Apple Watch

Jul 17
Version 5.0.0

- Apple Watch Support: You can now manage your timers and add events on your Apple Watch.
- Notifications: If you exit Code CPR you will still get notifications when the timers have elapsed on your device or Apple Watch on the next 20 minutes.

Nov 19
Version 4.1.1

- Speech alarms are back

Sep 18
Version 4.1.0

- iOS 8, iPhone 6 and 6 Plus support
- Removed speech alarms due to a bug on iOS8. It will be back when resolved.
- Bug Fixes

Sep 03
Version 4.0.0

-New streamlined Interface
-Bug fixes

Feb 06
Version 3.2.1

- Bug fixes

Nov 01
Version 3.2.0

- New metronome sound
- Bug fixes

Oct 25
Version 3.1.1

- Bug fixes

Oct 03
Version 3.1.0

- Now, and by default, the mini timers alarm will speak the it's label, the elapsed time and the number of repetitions. You can change to the old sounds in each of the timer's settings
- You can change the time of each mini timer with 1 second resolution, giving them more flexibility for it's use.

- Startup glitch bug fix on 3.5" devices.

Sep 26
Version 3.0.1

- Bug fixes

Sep 18
Version 3.0.0

New great features:
- New interface to help manage all the app features
- You can now add vital signs as an event during a call
- New icon
- Bug fixes

Only works on iOS7

May 09
Version 2.6.1

- Change in development identity

Apr 24
Version 2.6.0

Now you can mail your event type list to another user. He then can add your events to its list or replace it altogether.
This its great for groups of users sharing the same protocols.

Apr 16
Version 2.5.0

- Added a crash report tool to know when the app it's misbehaving and improve the user experience

Apr 11
Version 2.4.0

Hi, here's a new version:
- New dark theme for choosing and managing events
- Fixed a number of typos on the default event types (it will not change them on previous installations)
- Bug fixes

Dec 21
Version 2.3.0

-Now you can also define mini timers for less than a minute. Those will play a shorter visual and audible alarm than the others.
-Improved the sound level of the metronome for cardiac massage

Nov 28
Version 2.2.3

Bug fixes

Oct 31
Version 2.2.2

Bug fixes:
-Crash when opening the event type list after adding a new one without a category
-Crash when leaving a new category text box name empty

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