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Is the movie really over?

Tired of waiting to find out if the movies you’re watching have any clips after or during the credits? Waited forever to see if your favorite bat superhero movie had an after credits scene but was disappointed to find out there wasn't? Now with After Credits, you don't have to wait to be disappointed! Why wait 5-10 minutes when you can take 5-seconds to find out?

+ App completely powered by user submissions and feedback
+ Over 5000 movies and growing!
+ Simple and intuitive voting to tell others if it is worth the wait
+ Search through an ever growing archive of movies
+ Add tags to group movies together to make searching easier for others
+ Submit movies that isn't in the app for others
+ Miss the clip? Don't want to wait? Spoil yourself with spoilers!

*** Disclaimer ***
No copyright infringement intended. All materials used are property of their respective owners.

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Version History

Launched Jun 01, 2012 (almost 8 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

May 02
Version 4.7.2

Dusting the bugs away with a snap!

Apr 26
Version 4.7.1

- Squashed bugs and improved the app to get you what you need faster!

Oct 14
Version 4.7.0

- Support for the new phone screens
- Bug fixes and improvements.

Nov 12
Version 4.6.4

- iPhone X support
- More responsive Apple Watch app
- Bug fixes and improvements

Feb 10
Version 4.6.3

- Squashed a bug where posters weren't loading for some users

- Lots of improvements to the overall app
- You can view spoilers when voting now
- Better search engine
- Better and higher quality images
- Better searching when adding movies

Provide any feedback as the app is defined by you the users.

Jan 18
Version 4.6.1

- Lots of improvements to the overall app
- You can view spoilers when voting now
- Better search engine
- Better and higher quality images
- Better searching when adding movies

Provide any feedback as the app is defined by you the users.

Jan 12
Version 4.6

- Lots of improvements to the overall app
- You can view spoilers when voting now
- Better search engine
- Better and higher quality images
- Better searching when adding movies

Provide any feedback as the app is defined by you the users.

Sep 13
Version 4.5.3

* Squashed some nasty bugs!

Jan 08
Version 4.5.2

- Bug fixes and improvements all around

Jul 06
Version 4.5.1

Thanks everyone for all your amazing feedback! You're the ones defining what this app is!

- Added URL scheme to have support for quick launches using apps like Launch Center Pro
- Minor bug fixes and improvements

Apr 10
Version 4.5.0

After Credits for Apple Watch
- Find out if a movie in theaters has a during / after credits clip straight from your watch!

Other Improvements
- Added who submitted the spoilers
- Numerous bug fixes and improvements

Oct 06
Version 4.4.0

Update for iOS 8 and new screen sizes!

+ New design!
Tap on the poster to see more detail about the movie. Tap on either the during credits circle or after credits circle to vote if the clip was worth the wait. Hope this makes the interface a lot cleaner and clearer to certain users!
- Crushed some iOS8 bugs

Enjoy the fall movies!

Aug 01
Version 4.3.1

Updates for the summer movies continue!

+ Small bug fixes

Jul 24
Version 4.3

Updates for the summer movies! Tons of new additions with this update that I hope you all will like! Enjoy the movies!

+ Tags
Some users complained about the search. To fix that now you can start tagging movies and group them into specific tags to make searching better. For example, you can tag "Time travel" for movies that involves time travels like Back to the Future, Terminator, Looper, etc. Hope you enjoy tagging!

+ Filter / Sort
One of the most requested features and I'm proud to say that it's finally here. Let me know what you think about it!

+ Movie Trailers
Again, another requested feature that I'm proud to say that it's finally in the app! You can watch trailers for any movies right inside the app!

+ Small design updates and bug fixes
Movie posters are a little bigger now and bugs are squashed!

Jun 09
Version 4.2

Quick updates to prepare for the summer movies! More updates to come! Please let me know with the feedback on what you would like in this app! There has been many great suggestions and I'm considering each and every single one of them.

More visual improvements and a bug fix that was breaking the voting for some.

+ Push Notifications
The app will now send a push notification to your phone for a reminder if a popular movie of the week has a during credits clips, after credits clip, or both!

+ Bug fixes and some visual improvements.

May 21
Version 4.1

Quick updates to prepare for the summer movies! More updates to come!

+ Push Notifications
The app will now send a push notification to your phone for a reminder if a popular movie of the week has a during credits clips, after credits clip, or both!

+ Bug fixes and some visual improvements.

Feb 13
Version 4.0

Happy New Years everyone! New year means new look so hoping everyone love this redesign of the app! Brought the app back to the core experience and added some new features that many users will love!

Also added a tutorial for new users and existing users!

* Updated for iOS 7
Completely redid the project from grounds up. No more old code bringing it down. No more packed on features that takes away from the core experience of the app.

* Plus and minus rating
There will now be a + and - rating. + will go along with thumbs up and - will be with thumbs down. These will tell if the clip is either worth the wait or not. No more needing to tap the movie to see.

* New add system
Now users can search for a movie they would like to add. Sometimes there would be confusions of when a user submits a movie with similar names. Now they can directly pick that specific movie. There's also a release date field to resolve more of this confusion. You can also add the movie manually like before if you like to =]

* Faster everything
Everything is much smoother and faster than ever before! Hopefully you'll all enjoy it!

* New Icon and color scheme
Hope you guys like it!

* Thank you
Thank you everyone for making this app what it is! Also big thanks to Jamie Summers for submitting all those movies!

Sep 18
Version 3.6

Everyone excited for all the new fall movies? I sure am!

- Caching support!
This one was requested by many users so I'm happy to say that there is now caching if the movie theater you're in does not have good signal. Though this is only for movies that are "In Theaters" right now. Let me know what you think!
- Bug fixes for iOS 7

Thank you again for your wonderful support!

Jun 15
Version 3.5

Lots of new features that was requested by many of you has been added with this version. This app couldn't have become as popular as it has become without your support!

+ FIlters / Sort
This was one of the most requested feature that I've been getting. Finally you can now sort the movies by release date or filter movies that only have an after credits. You can even do a combination of the sorts and filters to get to your liking.

+ Reward system
I've always wanted to reward my users who contributed to the app whether if it is just by voting, submitting, or updating. Now with the reward system, doing these kinds of contributions will sometime earn you a reward. You can always turn off this feature in the new settings menu.

+ Settings
A settings screen that for now is mainly used to adjust Kiip rewards. You can enter more details about yourself so that the rewards can be better targeted for you. You can also turn off the reward system if you don't like it. The clear cache will help reduce the space the app takes up if the app gets too big in the future.

+ Notes for reviewer
You can add a note for the reviewer to help with the submission if your submission is outside of normal. For example: If it is for a Halloween movie but you're not sure how to tell the reviewer if it's for the first or the remake. Or if you're editing a grammar problem, you can tell the reviewer that. Small things like that will help smooth out the submission process.

+Shortened Archive list for faster loading
With the growing number of movies in the Archive, I've shorten the amount it loads to speed up the load times. Now when you scroll down to the end of the movies that are already loaded, the next batch will load.

+ Add button more prominent
The add button is now at the front for easier access

+ Better search
+ Other graphical improvements and changes
+ Bug fixes and some other improvements

Let me know what you guys think!

Mar 17
Version 3.1.1

- Better interface for submission screen
Just spliced something up as everyone was getting tired of the old looking submission screen.

- Update movies now shows previous submitted data
When you update a movie now, the datas from the previous submission of another user is shown. So now if you just wanted to correct a typo in a spoiler, you don't have to retype everything!

- Small Bug fixes

Feb 28
Version 3.1

- Spoilers!
Got a bunch of feedbacks for this. Been working on this for a while now. It looks like things are all cooked up and ready to ship! There is now an eyeball icon that will show you what the clip is. Thanks to MediaStinger.com and AfterCredits.com for providing what the clip is for previously submitted movies. The sites are credited where it's due.

- Bugs squashed and UI Improvements!

Jan 27
Version 3.0

Version 3.0! I've have been working for a while. A lot of things has been reworked to make things simpler for me and you.

+ App is more streamlined
Tap on a movie, the voting options will open up.
Tap on the arrow icon (-->) and movie's detail will show.
Tap on the bandaid to update/correct the movie.

+ Sorting of movie
I know, I know, this was also updated on the last update but I believe I finally found the best option. New releases is now considered as new releases of the current week (Monday to Sunday) instead of a Friday to Friday schedule like before. Let me know if you like it!

+ Improved search
Before there were two search systems: one for archives and one for In Theaters. Now it is a new system that should make searching much simpler!

+ Other UI improvements and bug squashing!

Let me know if you like this new look and what other improvements you would like out of it!

Thank you again for making the app awesome!

Jan 19
Version 2.3

+ Automatically refresh after a certain amount of inactivity time
Now you won't need to remember to use the pull-to-refresh. This will also make sure you see the most up to date stuff!

+ Better sorting
Confused about why some new releases from last week still shows as new releases until after Sunday? Don't be confused no more! This issue has finally been fixed.

+ Remember username
This was something I got some feedbacks about. Now after you have inputted your username after this update, the app will remember the username.

- Bugs
Squashing bugs is always good!

Dec 03
Version 2.2

- Christmas came early! No more ads! I wanted to thank users of the app so I decided to remove that annoying ad on the bottom. No need for in app purchase or pay a dollar for anything! Go use that money on your love ones!

- Voting is turned back on in Archives! Now you can vote on the old movies that are not in theaters but might be in some classy theater somewhere. It should also link correctly with the movies that are both In Theaters and in Archives. You might just need to refresh the list to see the change.

- Optional username in the submission/update of a movie. You can put whatever you want me to display as long as it's not offensive. It is still a work in progress but I wanted to find a way to thank those who are submitting/updating the movies. Now there will be a small tag at the bottom that will tell who submitted the movie. The default is Anonymous so unless your username is Anonymous, I suggest you change it. You don't want to give the person with the username Anonymous all the credits do you? =P

- Better no connection notification! A little bar on the bottom of the screen will pop up and stay on until user connects to the internet.

- Fixed a bug where archive was only showing 100 movies.
- Fixed a bug that wouldn't change the title when updating movies
- Fixed a bug that made stuff overlap others on iPhone5
- Fixed some other bugs and small minor tweaks and improvements!

This update, most of it, came because of the feedbacks I got from you guys! Let me know what else you guys want!

Nov 13
Version 2.1

- Question mark icon! There will be time when a movie just came out that it is not yet determined yet if there are clips during/after credits. This kind of situation will be perfect for the use of the new "Update Movie" feature!

- Added a "Update Movie" option when looking at a movie's detail page. This will help users submit an update to that specific movie.

- Small minor change to help certain users understand the app better.

- Small bug fix and improvements

Oct 04
Version 2.0

Big Update!! Fresh for the new iPhone 5. New additions thanks to the feedbacks I got from users! Keep up with the feedbacks! You guys are the one shaping this app to what you want it to become!

- Search!
This was the most requested feature that you guys wanted. Say no more! Search is here and here to stay! There are two different searches. One for the archive and one for the movie that are in theaters. Splitting up the search into two categories made the search instantaneous!

- Archive!
Another thing some of you guys wanted! Though it's not perfect as I haven't been archiving it until recently. Let me know if any movies are missing and I'll be sure to add it! The archive also includes all movies that are in theaters too. However you will not be allowed to vote on the archive movies as it makes no sense!

- Faster!
You may not notice it but this is a much faster app now! Hope you guys enjoy it! =]

- Design Change!
Another thing you might not notice but there's some subtle design changes to make it look fresher. Let me know what you guys think!

- iPhone 5 Ready!
Now 0.5 inches bigger!

- Bug fixes!
Squished and squashed them!

Sep 19
Version 1.3

- Added options button on top right
- Feedback option added! Please submit any ideas that you would love to see in this app!
- Info option added! Confused about this app? Can't figure out what a smile means? Look in the info!
- Submit Movie option added! Now you can submit a movie that may not be on a list! I appreciate any help!
- Change some visuals around to make it look nicer

Jun 22
Version 1.2

Want to thumbs down Prometheus disappointing after credits clip? Now you can!

Due to popular demands, a "Not Worth It Button" has been added!

- "Worth It" and "Not Worth It" buttons has been changed to thumbs up and thumbs down to have a better look
- Going to IMDb or Rotten Tomatoes now does not take you out of the app
- Faster
- Bug Fixes

Jun 09
Version 1.1

- Separate new releases of the week from the rest of movies in theaters
- Bug fixes that may cause some crashes/freezes

Jun 01
Version 1.0

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