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With WatchApp you can manage your favorite series and movies in a clear and easy way. Keep track of your watched episodes and stay informed about new ones.

- Search for your favorite series* and movies** or draw inspiration from favorite series of the other WatchApp users and add the series to your favorites.

- Get an overview of series airing today in the Today-Widget for NotificationCenter (iOS 8)

- Synchronize your series and movies with trakt.tv (2-way-synchronization).

- Checkin with trakt.tv

- Get recommendations, trending shows and movies from trakt.tv

- Browse through episodes of a series or search for a specific one.

- The WatchApp TV Guide shows you the airing dates of new episodes in a user-friendly way. Don't miss new episodes by setting reminders.

- The WatchApp statistics contain interesting details about your favorite series.

We would be glad to hear from you! Rate WatchApp in the AppStore or send a short feedback to watchapp@sebastian-scherrmann.de

* all series, episodes and background information are provided by theTVDB.com. Browse through http://thetvdb.com and look if your favorite series are available.

**all movies and background information are provided by themoviedb.org.

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Primary: Entertainment

Secondary: Utilities

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Version History

Launched Apr 21, 2012 (over 8 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Dec 19
Version 1.68

* Minor bugfixes regarding image loading.

Dec 07
Version 1.67

* Added dark mode support.

Nov 22
Version 1.66

At first, sorry for taking so long to fix the app!
* Fixed loading information from TheTVDB.com (there is an API issue and WatchApp will be moved to the new API soon).
* Please also check your trakt.tv login inside WatchApp.

Aug 07
Version 1.65

* Updated trakt.tv login which will now open in Safari.

Dec 22
Version 1.64

* iPhone X support

Aug 28
Version 1.63

* Fixes error when loading popular series and movies.

Jun 12
Version 1.62

* Fixes possible crash when starting the app.

Jun 05
Version 1.61

* Fixes crash when updating series.

Feb 24
Version 1.6

- Added 3D Touch support for favorites and movies.
- Added unviewed episodes count sorting method.
- Bugfixes

Sep 18
Version 1.5

- New: WatchApp shows specials of series. You can decide if you only want to show them in your favorite details or also show them as a normal season and include them into your watched / not watched statistics.
- Minor UI improvements in series and movies details.
- Improved grouping in the favorites overview (airing date sorting).
- Improved calendar.
- Bugfixes

* WatchApp requires iOS 8 or later.

Dec 21
Version 1.43

- Bugfixes
- Info: This will be the last update for iOS 7 users!

Dec 08
Version 1.42

- Minor bugfixes.
- Watched episodes will be synchronized to trakt.tv again.

Oct 21
Version 1.41

- Fixes crashs in iOS 7 and iOS 8.
- Fixes a bug which caused the wrong airing times to be displayed.

Oct 16
Version 1.4

- Introducing series and movies search inside WatchApp to navigate to your favorites quickly.
- Movies and series will now be available in Spotlight search results (iOS9 only).
- Added 3D Touch support for quick actions on the app icon (iPhone 6S / iPhone 6S Plus only).

Sep 27
Version 1.3.95

- Fixes for notifications on iOS 8 and later
- Minor bugfixes

Aug 31
Version 1.3.92

- Select the language you want to use to search for series
- Better trakt.tv synchronisation performance
- Minor bufixes and improvements

Mar 21
Version 1.3.91

Small bugfixes

Feb 16
Version 1.3.9

Small bugfixes

Jan 28
Version 1.3.8

Support for the new trakt.tv API

*** Important info: theTVDB.com (where WatchApp is loading its series from) is currently very slow, so reloading, searching and adding series could be slow as well. We hope, that it will be faster soon to guarantee a fast WatchApp experience!

Nov 08
Version 1.3.6

- Today-Widget for NotificationCenter (iOS 8)
- Optimizations for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus

Oct 08
Version 1.3.5

- Bugfixes

* This will likely be the last update which supports iOS 6

Sep 12
Version 1.3.4

- Movie statistics
- Reworking of series and movie search
- Suggestions of popular series and movies now contain pictures (iOS7 and higher)
- Cache for images can be deleted in the settings
- Many user interface and performance improvements

New for trakt.tv users:
- Faster synchronization
- Comments (shouts and reviews) for series, episodes and movies
- Standard action for "mark as watched" possible ("checkin" or "seen before")
- Movies which have been removed on the trakt.tv site will now be deleted in WatchApp

Feel free to give me your feedback via the form in the WatchApp settings!

Apr 02
Version 1.3.3

- Small user interface changes
- Bugfixes

Mar 25
Version 1.3.2

- Show the number of your unseen episodes as badge at the WatchApp icon (Settings --> "AppIcon Badge (unseen)")
- Movie trailers: Watch trailers of your added movies and of movies in the search (if the trailers in your added movies aren't available, reload the movie in the details in the upper right corner with the reload-button).
- Similar movies: Get similar movies to a movie in the details view.

Mar 18
Version 1.3.1

* Bugfixes (fixed movies crash. Now shows an error, if some shows can't be synchronized with theTVDB.com)
* New setting: When selecting an episode in the TV Guide, you can choose if swiping through episodes shows the next/previous episode in the selected show or shows the next/previous episode in the calendar (Settings point "Episode calendar swipe")

Mar 13
Version 1.3.0

- New sort method of favorites: By activity
- Lots of bugfixes

Nov 20
Version 1.2.9

- Unaired episodes and episodes with no airing dates can now be marked as seen
- Runtime information of shows is now available in the show search and on the information page of a show
- Bugfixes and small layout changes

Sep 23
Version 1.2.8

- Compatibility for iOS7
- Bugfixes

Mar 16
Version 1.2.7

Fixed an error at loading the overview of a tv series.

Please like our Facebook page or follow us on twitter to get the newest news about updates, bugfixes and other stuff.

Facebook: facebook.com/TheWatchApp
Twitter: @TheWatchApp

Mar 06
Version 1.2.6

Fixed a critical bug while synchronizing shows with trakt.

Alphabetical sorting of shows in language exceptions and hidden series.

Be prepared for the next big update!

Dec 19
Version 1.2.5

The last update contained an error, which let the app crash on when choosing a series.

Dec 18
Version 1.2.4

- Choose, if you want to see the "next unviewed" or the "next airing" episode in the favorites view (Settings --> Favorite display)
- Improved series suggestions at the search
- Movie suggestions at the search
- Lots of bugfixes

*** If you have got any feedback or any crashes to report, feel free to use the feedback form in the settings view ***

Dec 07
Version 1.2.3

- Set the day for the beginning of the week
- Minor changes of the favorite-detail user interface
- Possibility to buy series or movies on iTunes

Nov 27
Version 1.2.2

- Custom sorting of favorites
- Common bugfixes

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