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Celebrate Chinese New Year and learn Chinese astrology with the beautiful graphics and intuitive use of this well designed app!

Key Features:
- Supports unlimited profiles for friends and family for individualized readings
- Easy indexing on alphabetical order
- Quick glance provides a peek into the Chinese Zodiac signs for each profile
- 4 readings per profile: 1) Chinese zodiac animal sign, 2) Chinese element sign 3) Chinese Ascendant and 4) Element animal reading
- plus extras like Chinese name plus phonetic pronunciation, most favorable planet, color, taste and direction and whether your sign is yin or yang.
- NEW feature; browse all dates in the past and future to see which date features which Zodiac Sign and Element.

Which of the intriguing 12 Zodiac Animal Signs apply to you and what secret characteristics lie hidden? Discover which of the challenging 5 Elements influence your personality and finally read your personalized Chinese Zodiac horoscope!

Enjoy and learn about the beautiful ways of Chinese Astrology, have fun finding out about your inner self and be fascinated about the hidden personalities of your friends and family.

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Version History

Launched Feb 14, 2012 (almost 9 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 10 months, on average.

Mar 11
Version 8.1

-Routine bug fixes and improvements
-Support for latest version of iOS12.1.4

Jan 25
Version 8.0

-Many improvements to improve user experience
-Support for latest version of iOS12 and latest iPhones

Oct 26
Version 7.0

We added a wonderful new feature that allows you to browse through the past and explore the future to see what sign and element any date of your choice has.

Besides that we made some minor improvements to the functionality and made it compatible with the latest iOS.

Mar 12
Version 6.0

We added some great new features;
- Supports unlimited profiles
- Easy indexing on alphabetical order
- Quick glance provides a peek into the Chinese Zodiac signs for each profile
- We added one more reading; the Ascendant Zodiac animal
- We upgraded the looks and graphics

Oct 30
Version 5.0

- Optimized for iOS 7

Feb 01
Version 4.5

- Support for a quick view of signs of your defined profiles. View the Element, Animal and Element animal signs of all your profiles at a glance.
- Handy reference of all the signs and elements
- Minor graphics improvements

Jan 08
Version 4.0

- Now with the ability to have upto 5 profiles for yourself, friends and family.

Jan 05
Version 3.0

- Improved graphics
- Support for iOS 6 and iPhone 5

Jul 03
Version 2.0

-Share your Element-Animal reading via Email or as an SMS text message with others.

Feb 15
Version 1.0

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