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Are you up for some quick entertaining quizzes that will take you on a journey of self-exploration and uncover some hidden aspects of your persona? This is the app for you.

With a set of well-assembled relational psychology tests, you can find out where you stand with your love life, your preferences when choosing your partner, your sex life, and so on. By completing each test, you will find out more about yourself and most certainly uncover some details in your personality that you are not aware of.

Designed to be fun and offer lite entertainment above all, the tests use a simple method of relational psychology to correlate your views on everyday objects, your reactions to various events, and the general aspects of your personality. Each test starts with analyzing your image of a given object and then puts you in different situations based on that image. It uses all given answers to compile a complete analysis of a certain topic related to your persona.

At the end of each test, the app will compose a complete text with an analysis of all your answers and reveal what’s hidden behind each aspect of the topic you are currently taking the quiz for. You can save and/or share the results of these tests with your friends on Facebook or email your results to one.

You can take each test many times and save the results of each test so you can build a history of how your opinions and views have changed or evolved through time.

Hope you enjoy and have fun with this stylish app, and be ready for many more tests that are soon to come.

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Version History

Launched Dec 21, 2011 (almost 9 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 1 year, on average.

Jun 02
Version 3.0

New tests are available.
Removing all known bugs and glitches.
Restore Payments added.
In-App subscription payment per month and year are added. 
Revision and update of existing tests for a lot more fun.

Sep 29
Version 2.0

Share and compare results with your Facebook friends, comments section ,
new look and feel for the app.

Sep 23
Version 1.5

- Support for iOS 6
- French and German translations

Jul 26
Version 1.4

- Spanish translation
- Minor fixes

May 12
Version 1.3

- Minor bug fixes and corrections

Apr 30
Version 1.2

New tests are here! Six completely new tests to explore your personality even more!

Find out more about your views on childhood, what kind of superhero you are, your people relations, how you deal with relationships and much more!

Tons of improvements that include:

✓ Unlock all tests at once with the new "Unlock All" option and receive a special discount.

✓ Comment on the test results and how they relate to you directly from inside the app. Share your thoughts with other people that use Personality Tests.

✓ You can now see how many people have chosen the same answers as you bellow each paragraph in the test results.

✓ Rate the truthfulness of each test result and organize your saved results better.

✓ Installed on a new device? Transfer all your purchased tests with one click.

✓ Many small improvements and bug fixes.

Jan 08
Version 1.1

Minor bug fixes and corrections.

Dec 21
Version 1.0

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