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Discover upcoming local events and outdoor activities in your city and nearby places. Get a personalized event recommendation.

Find events your friends are attending and follow them to stay updated on their activities. Every day find some new things to do near you be it a yoga workshop, free art classes, business seminar or a live music concert.

Allevents.in has the largest collection of events and happenings; with 250 million events across more than 30,000 cities reaching out to more than 40 million people.

Explore events by your interests including sports, parties, meetups, concerts, festivals, workshops, art and theater. Best app for the eventseeker to explore college/campus events, industry events, tradeshows, lectures, event offers, musicals or uncovered events in bars. Follow your favorite event organizers and get notified whenever they announce new events.

Ever had a question, How do I find events near me? or what are the things to do this weekend? or Where do we go for the party tonight? Allevents.in is the answer to finding local events. Whether its local band performing near you, Concert in London, Party in Vegas, a Fashion event in Paris or a Startup event in San Francisco.

* No more boring weekends. Get updates via email every week for top things to do in your city and other outdoor activities near you.

Explore startup or business events in town or find fun local hangout events and activities in Delhi, Mumbai or Bangalore happening now.

It is the best app for event managers/event planners to promote or market their events and to reach more event seekers.

Find Worldwide and Local trending events from cities like:
New York City, Los Angeles, Houston, Vegas, San Fransisco, Boston, Chicago, Atlanta, London, Singapore, New Delhi, Tokyo, Moscow, Cape Town, Sydney, Karachi, Mumbai, Bangalore and 30,000 more. Even find out vacation events and activities to do this Summer.

With the option of add to the calendar, this app becomes your perfect event calendar, listing all the events you are attending in your city/area.

Without requiring you to sign up, you can:
• Browse events categorically from various categories like parties, meetups, concerts, seminars, art events, festivals, workshops, conferences, etc. happening in your city with a single tap.
• View events by city or by location. Map them on Google. Play with them. Share them.
• Seamlessly add events to your Google Calendar.
• Filter events by date and/or by categories.
Once you sign in, you get additional benefits such as:
• Collaborate with your friends and share and comment on events you plan to visit.
• Find events recommended for you.
• Keep a track of events you have attended, attending and invited.
• Know which events your friends are attending.
• Follow your favorite organizers and get updates about their events.
• If you are an event planner. You can promote your event. Reach to more people and get your event tickets sold.

The different types of categories we have for you are as below:
- Parties – From House Parties to Club Nights
- Music Concerts – Be it rock, jazz, blues or metal, we have it all.
- Workshops – Art Workshop, Cooking classes, DIY workshop, Yoga Classes.
- Business – Networking, Startup Seminars, Exhibition, Industry meetup.
- Dance – Contemporary Dance, Hip Hop Face Off and much more.
- Few more categories to explore are theater plays, sports activities, travel and foodies’ meetup, health and wellness, comedy, etc.

It is your perfect guide to sailing through the week and plans your weekend.
Download “All Events in City” and never miss an event in your area and neighboring cities.

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Version History

Launched Dec 14, 2011 (over 7 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Jan 24
Version 5.3

- Bug fixes and performance improvements
- Create a new event with text formatting

Jun 04
Version 5.2

- Various UI changes, Bug fixes & performance improvements
- Optimised for iPhone X
- More control to you. Updated our privacy policy.

May 03
Version 5.1

- Now you can chat with event organizers
- Various UI changes, Bug fixes & performance improvements
- Explore Things to do in The Summer Vacation

Mar 22
Version 5.0

- Improved User Profiles
- Bug fixes and other performance improvements
- Summer Vacation Events and Things to do in the city

Feb 08
Version 4.9

- AE Stories available for everyone without login
- Explore trending things to do in city in Stories
- Various UI changes, Bug fixes & performance improvements
- New profile design

Jul 04
Version 4.8.0

We work hard to keep the app updated and give you amazing features.
Introducing AE Stories, Now you can explore your city by happening stories. Find out happening activities and things to do around you.
- Explore happening activities around you by your location and add the activity you admire to your wishlist.
- Publish new story directly from the gallery sharing options.
- Apart from FB now you can log in with your Google account.
- Various bug fixes

Apr 27
Version 4.7

We work hard to keep the app updated for you. We have added season categories now you can explore Summer activities and vacation events in your city.
- Explore Best of city events on home screen
- Networking: Find like-minded people around you
- Booking tickets is easier
- Now you can share multiple photos on event event
- Improved Search Experience
- Various bug fixes

Feb 07
Version 4.6

- Now you can explore nearby events added in feed and adjust the radius.
- Various bug fixes and performance improvements.
- Add all events from an event organizer to curated list.
- Now you can download booked tickets to your Photo Gallery.
- Create/submit your events directly from the app.
- New event categories, You can find festival events, like valentine's day events.

Dec 03
Version 4.5

- Various bug fixes and performance improvements
- Add to Calendar and daylight saving issues fixed.
- Reduced app size

Oct 17
Version 4.4

- iOS 10 Support
- Fixed issues with Daylight saving timings
- Various bug fixes
- Curated List Notifications.

Sep 08
Version 4.3.5

- Now you can see videos embedded in events
- Fixed ticketing related bugs
- Some UI fixes & icon updates

Aug 05
Version 4.3

- Now you can explore events on the Map.
- We are supporting Univeral Links in this version so you can easily switch between app and website links.
- Explore and follow trending event organizers of your city
- Now you can find events right from the spotlight search
- Various bug fixes and performance improvements
- Added new categories like Pokemon Go events

Jun 07
Version 4.2

- New Designed Explore Screen, Better Events Exploring Experience
- Improved Fonts and Typography
- Now you can see your ticket booking history.
- Improved Push Notifications with actions
- Create/Import your events
- Now you can see videos on the event page.
- You can send message to event organizer
- Better profile sharing options.
- You can send messages to other event attendees

Feb 03
Version 4.1

Referral features improvements
Security bug fixes

Jan 22
Version 4.0

- New User Interface Design for iPad
- Zoom/pan the event posters
- Now you can refer this app to friends and earn tickets
- Navigate to event venue with native maps.
- Quick and easy social sharing buttons
- Compatibility​ for iOS9 and universal deep links
- Various bug fixes and performance improvements

Oct 14
Version 3.9

- Now you can receive notifications even without login in.
- Beautiful Custom notifications to keep you updated about events, offers and contests.
- Various UI changes, Bug fixes and performance improvements
- Optimized for iOS 9

Sep 11
Version 3.8

- Now you can search organizers and user profiles
- Add favorite events to your curated list. Share your list with friends.
- Bug fixes and other performance improvements

Aug 10
Version 3.7

- Now you can navigate from our website to app seamlessly.
- Enabled registration for events.
- Now you can buy tickets of event from different websites.
- Import your facebook events from the app.
- New image gallery for event photos.
- Bug fixes and other miscellaneous improvements

Jul 08
Version 3.6

- Now you can chat with other users or attendees of the event. Connect with new people, make friends or ride to an event together.
- Notifications: Access event notifications from people and organizers you are following.
- Notification on/off button on profiles. You ​got the control on notifications you want to receive.

May 22
Version 3.5

• All new revamped design
• Now you get event recommendations based on your interests.
• User profile which your friends can follow and stay updated events you attend.
• Organizers: Follow your favorite organizer and never miss any event.
• Get Push notifications from organizers and users you follow.

Dec 20
Version 3.4

Various Bug Fixes.
Login permission now asked only when they are needed.

Mar 12
Version 3.3

Various Bug Fixes

Mar 04
Version 3.2

Various Bug Fix
New Push notifications

Feb 21
Version 3.1

• Rebranding of the app to match our new identity
• Push notifications to keep you updated through recommendations
• New landscape mode for iPad
• Contextual thumbnails
• Reminders

Oct 30
Version 3.0

Completely revamped UI. More engaging and fun than ever
iOS7 Design
New Navigation
Better map and navigation support
Find Events by Category or keywords
Filter Events by Date
User Profile
View event invitations, events created by you and events you are attending
Live Event Photo Streaming

Jul 28
Version 2.5

- Live photo sharing on events page.
- Now join/attend events directly on facebook from app
- Reworked UI
- List of events you RSVP
- New features and bugfixes

May 04
Version 2

- Now detects nearby cities by your location
- Various bug fixes
- Faster
- iOS 5 ready

Dec 13
Version 1.5

Previous 3 versions

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