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Access your Canvas courses on the go and in the classroom with the Canvas Student mobile app! From any device, students can now:

• View grades and course content
• Submit assignments
• Keep track of course work with to do list and calendar
• Send and receive messages
• Post to discussions
• Watch videos
• Take quizzes
• Receive push notifications for new grades and course updates, and much more!

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Primary: Education

Secondary: Productivity

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Version History

Launched Dec 08, 2011 (about 8 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 20 days, on average.

Jan 08
Version 6.6.9

- Fixed a bug preventing new courses from showing in the dashboard
- Fixed a bug preventing marking announcements and discussions as read
- Fixed a bug where the keyboard hides the submission comment text field
- Fixed an issue with reporting submission upload progress
- Fixed order of course announcements
- Fixed a bug when viewing submission comment attachments
- Fixed a crash after logout
- Fixed a crash in a Quiz uploading a file on iPad
- Improved performance on assignment list load
- Added page editing for pages in groups
- Improved accessibility
- Other bug fixes

Oct 25
Version 6.6.8

- Fixed a bug with marking To Do items as done
- Fixed a bug that caused file sizes to incorrectly show as 0 KB
- Fixed an issue that would prevent users from viewing feedback on submissions
- Fixed a bug that would prevent some HTML content from rendering
- Fixed issues with media attachments
- Fixed a bug with resuming quizzes

Oct 16
Version 6.6.7

- Fixed a bug that prevented some HTML content from loading properly

Oct 07
Version 6.6.5

- Fixed layout issues with split view on iPad
- Fixed text being cut off on a quiz
- Fixed an issue where grades list would show "Not Submitted" for a submitted assignment
- Fixed bad rounding for quiz grades
- Fixed submitting screenshots in iOS 13
- Fixed a crash when selecting a mastery path
- Fixed an issue with quizzes cutting off question text
- Fixed a bug that would cause the app to restart when in the background
- Fixed time for quiz not including extra time from moderated grading
- Fixed quiz submission comments not appearing
- Fixed calendar title contrast in iOS 13
- Fixed a flash of grey on locked assignment details
- Fixed a crash when viewing Conferences
- Fixed add comments appearing when assignment is locked
- Fixed a bug that would cause the app to crash
- Fixed submitting videos from library
- Improved access & organization of settings

Sep 27
Version 6.6.4

- Fixed an issue preventing custom student roles from submitting
- Fixed an issue with resuming quizzes from the assignment details view
- Fixed an issue with file upload quiz question types
- Fixed an issue where inputting uppercase domains resulted in login errors
- Fixed an issue where attachments of deleted discussion posts remained visible
- Fixed an issue with rubric descriptions
- Fixed an issue with submission rotations
- Fixed an issue where fonts were misbehaving
- Removed unavailable assignments from the Submit Assignment extension
- Other bug fixes
- Accessibility improvements
- Added location information to calendar events
- Updated link handling

Sep 12
Version 6.6.3

- Fixed submitting assignments using 3rd party applications
- Fixed start time of syllabus calendar event
- Fixed a crash when viewing pages
- Fixed an issue where un-submitted assignments and quizzes that were graded were labeled as submitted
- Removed unavailable assignments from Submit Assignment share flow
- Fixed pass fail assignments with 0 points possible to show the proper grade

Aug 29
Version 6.6.2

- Only show active courses in Submit Assignment flow
- Added support for viewing heic file submissions
- Fixed an issue with submitting certain document types
- Improved quality of pen annotations
- Fixed a crash when viewing pages list
- Fixed an issue that would cause a spike in page views for quiz submissions
- Fixed a crash in quizzes
- Fixed an issue with annotations while acting as another user
- Fixed an issue with error messaging in discussions
- Fixed a crash when viewing a quiz
- Fixed input lag when typing in rich content editor

Aug 14
Version 6.6.1

- Fixed a crash when attaching files

Aug 02
Version 6.6

- Redesigned assignments and submissions
- Added support for side-by-side mode on iPad
- Allowed schools to preset the host account for login on managed devices
- Fixed an issue with logging in for some accounts
- Fixed an issue with custom language packs
- Fixed an issue with conferences unsupported message
- Fixed an issue with calendar
- Fixed an issue with push notifications
- Fixed an issue with deep linking to group discussions
- Fixed an issue where you might not be able to create a discussion
- Fixed an issue that would cause external tools to launch automatically within modules
- Fixed external tools in quiz content
- Fixed a layout bug in the favorite courses list
- Fixed setting To Do or Inbox as landing page
- Fixed placeholder assignment grade being displayed in grades widget
- Fixed brand colors in navigation
- Fixed a crash in quizzes

Jun 25
Version 6.5.4

- Fixed a crash related to multiple choice quiz questions
- Updated translations

Jun 13
Version 6.5.3

- Added recently graded assignments to the today widget
- Update logo design
- Accessibility improvements
- Fixed a bug with discussion content white space
- Fixed a login bug with 3rd party providers
- Other bug fixes

May 24
Version 6.5.2

- Fixed a bug where the dashboard would have an error
- Fix Voice Over focus on the dashboard course card

May 23
Version 6.5.1

Release Notes:
- Respect the color overlays user setting
- Fixed a bug preventing SAML login
- Fixed a crash during login
- Fixed links in Syllabus
- Fixed a crash in Inbox when a student was enrolled in a past or future course
- Fixed a bug that would prevent Collaborations from loading
- Fixed creating and editing pages
- Fixed an issue with updating user avatars
- Fixed playing audio and video in quizzes
- Other bug fixes

May 02
Version 6.5

- Redesigned course syllabus view
- Added support for previewing augmented reality files
- Added Siri Shortcut for viewing grades
- Added an option to give text annotations a transparent background
- Added support for hiding rubric point values
- Fixed a bug with previewing HTML course files
- Fixed a bug with numbering in module links
- Other bug fixes

Mar 21
Version 6.4.7

- Fixed an issue where events with section specific dates would show multiple times for students in the course
- Fixed commenting on group assignment submissions
- Fixed error when sending messages to 100 or more recipients
- Added an option in Settings to always launch external tools in Safari

Jan 29
Version 6.4.6

- Fixed an issue with displaying all-day calendar events
- Improved login performance and usability

Jan 18
Version 6.4.5

- Security updates
- Bug fixes

Jan 17
Version 6.4.4

- Fixed issue with quiz question sort order
- Fixed issue with some non-graded assignments appearing in the grades list
- Fixed issues that would prevent calendar events and details from loading
- Fixed issue with viewing quiz results on locked quizzes
- Fixed issues with deep linking to course pages when no front page is set
- Fixed custom theming inconsistencies
- Fixed errors in nested folders
- Other bug fixes

Dec 06
Version 6.4.3

- Fixed issues with annotations appearing rotated or flipped
- Fixed to-do count in the tab bar
- Fixed some strings that weren't properly translated
- Fixed section ordering in course syllabus for non-English languages
- Fixed an issue where some folders were missing contents
- Fixed an issue with viewing rich content in modules
- Fixed LTI launches from modules
- Fixed links to pages with special characters in the name
- Fixed an issue with Switch Control not working in the calendar view
- Fixed a bug where the "All in..." button in address book wasn't showing
- Fixed push notification routing
- Fixed an issue with trailing decimals in numeric quiz questions
- Fixed a bug that caused the wrong time limit to be displayed on quiz details
- Added support for right-to-left languages
- Added support for custom language packs
- Added a link to get help when logging in

Nov 28
Version 6.4.2

- Built with support for the all new iPad Pro
- Fixed an issue with launching the Practice LTI tool

Oct 19
Version 6.4.1

- Fixed an issue with displaying rich content

Oct 05
Version 6.4

- Added the ability to search files
- Added support for custom help
- Bug fixes

Oct 03
Version 6.3.6

- Fixed viewing groups
- Fixed a bug that would cause the app to reset
- Fixed submitting files in some cases
- Added an option to view an old version of file annotations

Sep 21
Version 6.3.5

- Fixed showing subfolders named with special characters
- Fixed a bug that would break text annotations
- Fixed issues around updating avatars
- Fixed file names when sharing to other apps
- Fixed a bug that would prevent some annotation tools from being usable
- Accessibility improvements

Aug 31
Version 6.3.4

- Fixed a bug that would cause viewing a page to crash the app
- Fixed a bug that would prevent annotations from being saved
- Fixed a few other issues with annotations
- Fixed refreshing page details
- Improved support for SVG theme logos
- Fixed a bug that would cause the app to crash on login
- Fixed a bug that would sometimes cause the app to crash when uploading file submissions

Aug 29
Version 6.3.3

- Fixed sharing pdf files with other apps
- Fixed marking page and discussion module items as viewed

Aug 24
Version 6.3.2

- Fixed a bug that would cause assignment grades to appear as missing
- Fixed a bug that would cause submissions taken from the camera to be submitted in the wrong orientation
- Fixed a bug that would cause TurnItIn data to crash the app
- Fixed a bug that would cause a crash when composing a message
- Fixed a bug where the title of an announcement was incorrect when navigating from assignment details
- Fix showing course in edit favorites if course has not been accepted
- Fixed a bug that would cause annotations to stick around
- When you select Files from the top level navigation menu, the Files view will no longer be displayed in a modal window
- Aligned buttons in conversations and made them easier to tap
- Fixed a few issues with displayed grades on assignment details grade tab
- Fixed point annotations to be created at the same size as web
- Removed native content margins from rich content
- In Customize Course view, when a new color is selected, set the navigation's subtitle color to match
- Removed broken dropdowns in some quiz questions
- Do not auto-select first assignment when assignments is set as the home page
- Fixed deleting inbox conversations when viewing them from a push notification
- Added an empty state for the To Do screen
- Reduced bundle size by optimizing images
- Fixed discussions in modules not being viewable in some cases
- Fixed a bug that would occasionlly cause the app to crash when previewing files
- Grades page now shows points possible for each assignment
- Removed future groups from showing up on the dashboard
- Fixed recipients list from Reply and Reply All in Inbox

Jul 31
Version 6.3.1

- Fixed a bug that would cause the total grade to be displayed when it should be hidden
- Fixed filtering assignments and grades by grading period
- Fixed a crash when loading submissions

Jul 16
Version 6.3

- Support for adding images in the rich text editor
- Support for page view analytics
- Fixed a login issue
- Bug fixes

Jul 13
Version 6.2.10

- Bug fixes

Jul 02
Version 6.2.9

Bug fixes:
* Fixes a bug that would prevent pages from loading
* Fixed back button when viewing a file from a page within a module
* Fixed viewing group discussions from the To Do list
* Fixed being unable to close an assignment after opening it from a notification

Jun 26
Version 6.2.8

Bug Fixes:
* Fixed a bug that would cause the wrong discussion for groups to show after it had been loaded once
* Fixed univeral links to page and file module items
* Fixed a bug on the Dashboard with more than 100 courses
* Fixed a bug that would cause repeated buttons in modules to appear
* Fixed marking discussion module items as viewed
* Fixed marking external URL module items as viewed
* Launching the app from universal links now automatically show the login page for the domain

Jun 15
Version 6.2.7

Bug fixes:
* Fixed a crash on login
* Fixed showing the wrong participants when replying to a group message
* Fixed course grades for observers
* Fixed linking to a course's front page
* Fixed login links that open in a new tab (including discovery pages)
* Fixed bugs with annotation permissions
* Fixed pasting into rich content editors
* Fixed replying to group discussions
* Fixed bugs with linking to files
* Fixed a bug that would cause the wrong date to be displayed for imported discussions and announcements
* We now show the submissions tab when following a link to an assignment submission
* We now automatically show the login page when launching the app using an unauthorized link which allows users to bypass the domain search
* Logging out will now prevent push notifications from being received
* Fixed a bug that would cause the app to randomly log out

May 21
Version 6.2.6

* Added a share button to external URL module items

Bug fixes:
* Fixed filtering assignments by grading period after filtering in a different course
* Fixed refreshing announcements when there are no announcements
* Fixed a bug that displayed incorrect addresses for calendar events
* Fixed a bug that displayed a time for all-day calendar events
* Fixed a bug that would cause a crash when refreshing a calendar event
* Fixed a bug that would cause duplicate course invitations to show
* Fixed a bug that would display course invitations that are restricted by date
* Fixed a bug that would prevent scrolling through a discussion
* Fixed a bug that would allow students to create a discussion without proper permissions
* Fixed a bug that would cause Pinned discussions to not show up in Pinned section
* Fixed deleting files
* Fixed the displayed folder counts
* Fixed a bug that would cause pin annotations to appear distorted
* Fixed linking to the pages list on iPad
* Fixed a bug that would cause navigation buttons in quizzes to be invisible
* Fixed images in rich content aligned by percentage
* Fixed floated elements in rich content not displaying
* Fixed a bug that would cause the keyboard to hide the rich content editor on iPad
* Fixed viewing rich content that went beyond the right edge of the screen
* Fixed a bug that would cause large text in rich content to overlap
* Fixed a bug that would cause a black screen to appear when opening the navigation drawer after linking to a tabbed view
* Fixed submission annotation toolbar contrast
* Fixed a bug that would cause the expand button to disappear on iPad
* Fixed several bugs around deep links
* Fixed a bug that would cause the wrong placeholder to be shown in the text submission field
* Fixed marking LTI module items as viewed
* Fixed linking to LTI tools

May 11
Version 6.2.5

- Fixes an issue with uploading Arc videos

May 03
Version 6.2.4

- Bug fixes

May 01
Version 6.2.3

- Bug fixes

Apr 24
Version 6.2.2

- Bug fixes

Apr 20
Version 6.2.1

- Bug fixes

Apr 08
Version 6.2

- New assignments list
- New grades list
- Bug fixes

Apr 04
Version 6.1.2

- New discussions component
- New announcements component
- New pages component
- New files component
- New login page
- Bug fixes

Apr 03
Version 6.1.1

- New discussions component
- New announcements component
- New pages component
- New files component
- New login page
- Bug fixes

Mar 28
Version 6.1

- New discussions component
- New announcements component
- New pages component
- New files component
- New login page
- Bug fixes

Feb 27
Version 6.0.3

• Improved global navigation and course dashboard
• Improved course navigation
• Support for institution announcements and course invitations

Feb 24
Version 6.0.2

• Improved global navigation and course dashboard
• Improved course navigation
• Support for institution announcements and course invitations

Feb 22
Version 6.0.1

• Improved global navigation and course dashboard
• Improved course navigation
• Support for institution announcements and course invitations

Feb 21
Version 6.0

• Improved global navigation and course dashboard
• Improved course navigation
• Support for institution announcements and course invitations

Jan 31
Version 3.20.4

- Bug fixes

Jan 26
Version 3.20.3

- Bug fixes

Jan 23
Version 3.20.2

- Bug fixes

Jan 16
Version 3.20.1

- New Canvas Student Grades widget
- Bug fixes

Jan 15
Version 3.20

- New Canvas Student Grades widget
- Bug fixes

Dec 08
Version 3.19.3

- Fixes an issue where the current period’s total grade does not appear by default for institutions using multiple grading periods

Nov 17
Version 3.19.2

- Bug Fixes
- Support for Rubric Criterion Range feature

Nov 06
Version 3.19.1

- Bug fixes

Oct 30
Version 3.19

- New inbox
- Bug fixes

Sep 19
Version 3.18.6

iOS 11 compatibility and various bug fixes and performance improvements

Aug 22
Version 3.18.5

- Fixed: Various bugs related to push notifications.

Aug 19
Version 3.18.4

- Added: Gauge LTI support
- Added: Refined annotations support to match Canvas DocViewer
- Fixed: Various other bug and crash fixes

May 31
Version 3.18.3

Bug fixes

May 03
Version 3.18.2

Bug fixes

Mar 21
Version 3.18.1

Bug fixes

Mar 08
Version 3.18

Improved support for language selection

Feb 10
Version 3.17.2

Stability improvements

Feb 02
Version 3.17.1

In this Canvas by Instructure update, the app supports additional languages and full-screen course viewing on iPads.

Feb 01
Version 3.17

In this Canvas by Instructure update, the app supports additional languages and full-screen course viewing on iPads.

Dec 17
Version 3.16.1

Fixes a crash when viewing modules on older devices.

Dec 12
Version 3.16

In this Canvas by Instructure update, the Canvas MasteryPaths feature and Modules item indentation are supported. Additionally, icons have been updated in the app.

Nov 03
Version 3.15.3

- Fixed a bug that caused media uploads to fail occasionally

Oct 14
Version 3.15.2

- Fixed: Submitting assignment through student annotations now works all the time
- Fixed: Refresh controls on iOS 10 now show when initially loading

Oct 10
Version 3.15.1

- Added: Eraser in Student Annotations
- Fixed: Grades not being properly displayed
- Fixed: Courses not showing if no courses are favorited
- Fixed: Several issues with Student Annotations
- Fixed: Images sometimes not displaying properly

Sep 27
Version 3.15.0

Introducing student annotations! This release adds support for a built in replacement of many other apps that is often used to annotate common files such as worksheets. When a file is linked to from an assignment, the student is able to open that file, annotate on it and then subsequently submit it as an assignment submission! No launching to other apps and importing back into Canvas needed!

3.15.0 also brings a number of bug fixes including:
• Push notification routing fix
• Create announcement disappearing button fix
• Cancel button added to the grading period picker
• Total grade display fixes
• Better bluetooth keyboard support

Aug 26
Version 3.14.2

TL;DR Lots of behind the scenes upgrades and fixes for bugs and crashes.

Reimplemented Pages with updated CSS, navigation
Fixed top crash
Fixed crash when masquerading (and possible switching users)
Fixed assertion crash
Fixed calendar crash
Fixed keychain crash
Fixed alert for lti tools with no url
Fixed URL used to launch unsupported course tabs
Fixed teachers not being able to edit course files
Fixed routing from To Do to Quizzes/Discussions
Fixed crash when submitting comments anonymously
Fixed To-Do list sorting by due date
Reloaded tabs when pulling to refresh courses
Fixed images that weren't loading correctly

Aug 02
Version 3.14.1

Fixes several crashes.

Jul 23
Version 3.14.0

- Support for Multiple Grading Periods
- Bug and Crash Fixes
- Accessibility Improvments

Apr 01
Version 3.13.2

Bug Fixes

Mar 28
Version 3.13.1

Bug Fixes

Mar 21
Version 3.13.0

Better support for modules and multiple grading periods and bug fixes.

Feb 12
Version 3.12.2

Bug and stability fixes

Dec 22
Version 3.12.1

Fix for launching the app from a push notification causing a crash, and fix for the grades button not showing at times.

Dec 17
Version 3.12.0

Courses Page UI - Fully redesigned course page with ability to edit course colors on iPhone
Profile Pictures - Beautiful profile pictures for the profile page background
Panda Avatars - Build avatars from our panda illustrations
Push Notifications - Long awaited push notifications and corresponding settings for each push notification type
General Bug Fixes

Oct 14
Version 3.11.3

Fixes issue preventing assignments from showing up.

Oct 05
Version 3.11.2

Fixes a bug preventing some users from being able to sign in, and a bug directing users to an invalid url to view quiz results.

Sep 17
Version 3.11.1

Improved performance, small bug fixes

Aug 25
Version 3.11

Fixes a crash

Aug 20
Version 3.10

Speed Improvements throughout the app
Improved Feedback Submission
New ToDo View

Jun 22
Version 3.9

This release brings you a few highly requested features! These include:
• A calendar to view upcoming items by date
• Native quiz taking abilities that support the most commonly used question types
• Sent messages tab to access messages that you have sent

This release also includes a number of bug and crash fixes for improved stability.

May 13
Version 3.8.5

Fix for the Attendance tool as well as other External Tools.
Other bug and crash fixes.

Apr 23
Version 3.8.4

Student visibility for annotated feedback + point comment ability
Updated support links
Improved routing for special URLs
Better support for external tools
Minor visual updates
and Tons of bug fixes

Feb 12
Version 3.8.3

Fixes a crash when accessing course grades.

Feb 11
Version 3.8.2

Fixes a crash when sending a message from a Course's People list.

Jan 14
Version 3.8.1

- Fixes a crash when sending a message
- Fix a bug preventing you from seeing all the users when choosing message recipients
- Fixes an issue where file previews will intermittently fail to show. Thank you, LZ!
- Adds iPhone 6 and 6+ screen size support

Dec 30
Version 3.8

- Restores support for iOS 7
- Other bug fixes

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