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RealEngineSim is a simulation game that you can enjoy the real engine sound of cars and motorcycles made by the innovative engine sound synthesis technology.
RealEngineSim uses technology completed through years of research by engine sound professionals in Hamamatsu, a region known as a home to the world’s automobile and motorcycle manufacturers. Using this technology, we have created the world’s only iPhone app able to regenerate real engine sounds.

○This app is a simulation game in which you can enjoy the speed control and the innovative engine sound of manual mission vehicles.

○The use of a speaker gives you even more realistic and muscular sound.
However, we would ask you to enjoy this app with an earphone or a headset when using it in public places.
(* Please be extra careful of the volume in order not to either hurt your hearing or trouble people around you.)

◆ Available vehicles ◆
Four types: passenger cars, sports cars, sports motorcycles, and racing cars.
You can also enjoy controlling the acceleration, braking, clutch, and shifting of manual transmission vehicles (Auto-Clutch available).
*There are eight additional engine sounds available for in-app purchase.

◆ Pursuing realistic engine sound ◆
Precise vehicle models and innovative engine sound synthesizers were used to achieve real engine behavior and powerful engine sound that cannot be experienced through other racing games.
Features life-like tire slippage caused by sudden acceleration and braking.

◆ The Driving Mode ◆
There are two modes: free driving and speed tracing
Speed tracing is a game in which the object is to drive at a specific target speed.
Expert mode features the racing speed data from racing cards driving on famous courses from around the world, giving you the chance to experience the excitement of racing on real courses.
* The game modes, such as the chicken race, are available for in-app purchase.

* The new technology of engine sound synthesis used in this app was developed by an engineer, who started his own business after a long time research on the sound at Yamaha Motor Co.,Ltd. (motorcycle manufacturer). The patent application is now in preparation.

◇For information and inquiries on our engine sound
The engine sound synthesis technology used for this app is available for use in a variety of medias such as games, movies, and so on. Please feel free to contact us for more details.

Sound Design Lab LLC.
Email: maedao@sound-design-lab.com
Website: http://www.sound-design-lab.com/

◎The Profile of The Producer
Name: Osamu Maeda (Resides in Iwata city, Shizuoka Pref.)
Career: April 1974 to Sept.2007
Worked for Yamaha Motor Co.,Ltd. There he was in charge of the research on the engine sound.
Oct. 2007 (to the present) Founded the Sound Design Lab LLC.

◇For inquiries on the middleware
The middleware to play the engine sound is available for mobile devices such as iOS. For more information, please contact at the following address.

CAI Media Co.,Ltd.
Website: http://www.smocca.co.jp/iphone/Realenginesim.html

*This product uses fonts from Fontworks Japan Co., Ltd.
The Fontworks Japan company name, Fontworks, and font names are trademarks or registered trademarks of Fontworks Japan Co., Ltd.

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Version History

Launched Oct 26, 2011 (about 9 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 10 months, on average.

Nov 11
Version 2.1.3

Bug fix: Engine sound of Wankel Engine Sports Car has been fixed.

Nov 04
Version 2.1.2

Bug fix: Mph displays of speedometers for some models have been fixed.

Nov 02
Version 2.1.1

Bug fix: Noise in engine sound has been fixed.

Oct 27
Version 2.1.0

Four additional vehicle engine sounds available now for in-app purchase!
1. Turbocharged Sports Car
2. Wankel Engine Sports Car
3. 4 Stroke Engine Motocrosser
4. Heavy Duty Truck

*A new technology has been applied for engine sound synthesis.

*A bug has been fixed in the yard indication for the chicken race.

May 16
Version 2.0.1

・Minor Bug fixes

May 07
Version 2.0.0

Thank you for using RealEngineSim.
Details of the most recent update are provided below.

- Compatibility for 4in displays
- Improved audio quality for all vehicles
- Revised parameters for all vehicles
- Auto-Clutch function added
- Course images added to Trace Expert
- Changed to tire-slip model
- Display option for miles
- New vehicles added: “Japanese Sports Car” “Italian Sports Car” “60’s American Pony Car” “Cruiser Motorcycle” (add-on purchases)
- New games added: “Chicken Race” “Time Trial” (add-on purchases)

Oct 26
Version 1.0.0

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