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We changed server and so you need to update our app unitil the end of December, 2015. If not, you can't use Kpop Lyrics Plus after that.

You love KPOP hits, and the desire to sing along is practically irresistible!

Unless, of course, you don’t know Korean, or can’t read it well. Don’t get stuck wistfully humming along to your favorite tunes when you could be singing your heart out! KPOP Lyrics Plus is here to help.

KPOP Lyrics Plus identifies your songs and then displays the lyrics in Korean WITH easy-to-read English letters, side by side, while you listen to the song! Sound out Korean lyrics with ease, and enjoy your favorite music in a whole new way.

That’s not all KPOP Lyrics Plus can do, either. Customize your display, save, and share lyrics; you can even search for translations.

You know you don’t have to know Korean to love KPOP. Now you don’t have to know Korean to sing along with it either!

**KPOP Lyrics Plus uses your OWN music library. This isn’t a way to sell more music: we’re going to help you enjoy the music you already have!

**Using your internet connection, KPOP Lyrics Plus identifies the title and searches for the lyrics of KPOP songs, then displays their Korean lyrics and transliteration (using the English alphabet) so you can sing along in Korean with your favorite stars.

**You can save favorite lyrics to image files to share or read over later, and you can also bookmark your favorite songs.

**Want to know exactly what your heartthrob is singing? KPOP Lyrics Plus also includes a lyrics search to help you find the meaning of the lyrics that you’re curious about.

Whether you speak Korean, but don’t read it, read and speak a little, or don’t read OR speak Korean, KPOP Lyrics Plus is here to help you truly enjoy your favorite KPOP music more than ever before!

1. Main Features
•Anglo-phonetic function(Romanization) of Korean
•Text modes for easy reading : 2 words/3 words/A line
•Search for kpop lyrics
•Translation links for users who want to know the meaning of them
•Basic song player
•Saving lyrics texts to an image
•Emailing a lyrics image

2. How to use
•If you install Kpop Lyrics Plus and run it, you can see the songs’ list.
•Please select and click one of kpop songs.
•And then you can see their lyrics written in Korean and the romanized texts beneath them.
•Finally, you can come to read Korean letters’ pronunciation.

Follow us on Twitter : @ShirleyStory
Support : zennahh@naver.com

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Version History

Launched Oct 12, 2011 (over 8 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 11 months, on average.

Oct 05
Version 3.0

- Support iOS 12
- Bug fix

Mar 30
Version 2.5.1

We fixed some errors in listing & searching.

Nov 17
Version 2.5.0

We fixed some errors in the lyrics page view and changed our design a little bit.

Nov 21
Version 2.1.5

I would like to add the localization data.

Jan 05
Version 2.1.0

We fixed some errors. We will add lyrics data more and more in the future.

Dec 21
Version 2.0.0

We launched our app newly. And we want to change its name from Kpop Lyrics to Kpop Lyrics Plus. Kpop Lyrics Plus is added search, translation links and favorites function.

Nov 02
Version 1.1.5

We just fixed wrong grammar for a loading image.

Oct 25
Version 1.1

- We changed a little bit codes of romanization from Korean to English to make it better.
- We upgraded "Save"function to make users feel better when they read & sing along kpop.

Oct 13
Version 1.0

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