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**Disclaimer** Please check with your pharmacy first to see if they are compatible with RefillRx Mobile.

RefillRx Mobile provides a one tap solution for refilling your prescriptions. Simply scan the barcode on your prescription bottle and watch as RefillRx Mobile sends the request to your local participating pharmacy. If a barcode is not available you can also enter the Rx number for your prescription and search for your pharmacy by entering the phone number. Download RefillRx Mobile today and get peace of mind that your refills will be waiting for you on your next visit to the pharmacy.

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Version History

Launched Sep 26, 2011 (over 8 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 2 months, on average.

Sep 22
Version 3.2

- Fix pharmacy phone number search issue for invalid phone numbers

Jun 17
Version 3.1.9

- Visual enhancements

Jun 05
Version 3.1.8

- Added additional barcode support

May 06
Version 3.1.7

- Fix issue with barcode scanning on iPhone 4 devices

Apr 05
Version 3.1.6

- Updated barcode scanning logic
- Requires iOS 7.1+
- Added flashlight for barcode scanning

Mar 12
Version 3.1.5

We've been listening! Thank you for the feedback! Please add / update your reviews if you like the changes.

- "Ready to send" graphic change
- Clarify App Feedback Email Messages *App feedback is not sent to pharmacy and is only intended as a means to send feedback concerning the App itself.
- Fix sending feedback issue for iPad / iOS 8
- Format phone # at top of view after selecting pharmacy
- Simplify changing birthdate for Rx on unsuccessful request
- Previously entered birthdate is automatically filled in for new Rx'
- Added date / time successful refill request was last sent

Feb 21
Version 3.1.4

- Fix issue preventing detailed responses from displaying properly

Feb 12
Version 3.1.3

- Selected pharmacy information is displayed at top of screen

Feb 03
Version 3.1.2

*IMPORTANT NOTE* RefillRx 3.1.2+ will require a date of birth field to be entered for refill requests.

- iOS 7+ support
- Graphical improvements
- Date of birth field added for refill requests
- Phone number of pharmacy added for easy calling

Dec 15
Version 3.1

- Updated user interface
- More explanatory layout

* Thank you everyone for the feedback!

Nov 22
Version 3.0.6

- Added more detailed error descriptions from Rx status.
- Added ability to change Rx from any step.
- Improved help screen

Nov 20
Version 3.0.5

- Add header to represent Rx / Pharmacy previous entries

Nov 18
Version 3.0.4

- Clarify Rx / Pharmacy usage
- Highlight current action to take
- Added help screen to ( i ) button
- Fix message to pharmacist message issue
- Restart camera scanning after invalid barcode

Nov 14
Version 3.0.3

- Feedback button added to lower right hand corner

Nov 10
Version 3.0.2

- Prevent invalid characters in Rx # field

Nov 09
Version 3.0.1

- Added scan line for easier barcode scanning

Nov 06
Version 3.0

- User interface changes
- iPad / iPhone Universal App
- iOS 8 support
- Stores previous requests and pharmacy information for quick refills

Oct 15
Version 2.2

New/Changed in 2.2:

* NEW: Support for iPhone 5.
* NEW: Added support for additional barcode type.
* Compatibility updates for iOS 6.

Jul 27
Version 2.1

* NEW: icon
* NEW: Call pharmacy button now appears on the status screen if the refill request returns an error.
* FIXED: When an Rx was in progress at the pharmacy, the status screen would show either a generic error or nothing at all. It now shows an appropriate message.

Apr 24
Version 2.0

New Features:

* Totally new user interface for easier navigation.
* New version of RedLaser library for faster barcode scanning.
* Additional options when submitting a refill: choose a delivery method and add a custom message to the pharmacist.

Bug Fixes:

* Fixed bug where app may not remember the previously selected pharmacy.
* Numerous stability improvements.

Jan 24
Version 1.1

FIXED: If a refill is requested and the Rx has already been picked up or delivered, the status will reflect that.
NEW FEATURE: Pharmacy locations that share the same phone number will now show up as a list of search results and allow the user to select the appropriate address.

If you have any issues with submitting refill requests, please email our support team at refillrxmobile@rx30.com. Thanks.

Sep 26
Version 1.0

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