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Speed into the future--how long can you survive? Welcome to Warp Rush, the most challenging arcade endurance racer to land in the iTunes App Store! Select your ship and race through the never-ending game grid with no boundaries, except the limitation of your gaming skills.

• Earn points and speed by collecting triangles and multiply your score on warp jumps.

• Navigate an always-changing environment; no two racing experiences will ever be the same.

• Unlock Beginner, Intermediate, and Expert leagues for faster play, more points, and bigger air as you defy a relentless onslaught of obstacles.

• Collect and deploy powerful boosters to become the grand champion, including Phase, Slowdown, Radar, Shrink, and Score boost!

• Accelerometer tilt controls for maximum flight control.

• Techno-dubstep soundtrack that adapts to your in-game actions.

• Earn achievements and top the Leaderboards through Game Center.

Stay tuned for exciting new updates, including advanced ships, boosters, and maps!

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Version History

Launched Nov 04, 2011 (about 7 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 25 days, on average.

Feb 29
Version 2.0

Same game - NEW NAME!


Feb 10
Version 1.5.1

Several Bug Fixes

Jan 31
Version 1.5

You asked, and we listened!  SGN loves its fans and we are proud to bring you the updates you asked for and so much more!

- Revamped game progression!  Now unlock all ships and boosters based on total triangles you have collected off jumps in your races!

- Race The Eagle to gain advanced vision down-field when you collect a triangle or booster.

- New Beginner League ship, The Barrel!

- More unlock able ships with special abilities!  Which one will be your favorite?

- Updates to graphic effects.

- Improved game play and user experience.

Oct 11
Version 1.2

-2 new unlockable ships, the Hammer, and the Arrowhead!
-All 3G and 2G devices are now supported.
-Leagues now have separate ship hangars.
-General performance upgrades.
-Achievement and leaderboard updates.
-Other bug fixes.

Sep 28
Version 1.1.1

-Fixed Gambit and Phantom unlocking bugs.

Sep 22
Version 1.1

Warp Dash 1.1

-Added new unlockable ship, the Gambit!
-Added booster power-ups: Phase, Shrink, Slowdown, Radar and Score Boost!
-Camera now looks a little bit farther down the play field.
-Difficulty level balancing and level tweaks.
-You can now see the current ships top score on the game over screen.
-Fixed a bug that caused game to crash upon load when the music was muted.
-Fixed an issue causing older devices to draw ship and menu in a pink color.
-Plus other bug fixes!

Sep 15
Version 1.0.1

Bug Fixes!

Sep 08
Version 1.0

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