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Picture Perfect Play Money Creator is a tool for anyone who finds a need to quickly make custom play money. Kids will have a stronger interest in learning to count money and improve their math skills when the visual tools they are using have their own face on them.

The application will allows you to:
• Instantly make play money at the snap of a picture
• Email the picture to yourself or anyone else
• Save the picture to your device for later use
• Print a sheet of bills (3 or 12 bills to a sheet) using Airprint.

How others use these templates:
• Use your personal play money to teach money handling skills in a kinesthetic way.
• Create math scenarios where change has to be figured out.
• Make a play market place to teach kids how to budget purchases and make decisions on “need vs. want”.
• Make board games that have play money more interesting by having your own bills made
• Teach basic economics on how money is made, and why its bad if we print too much of it
• The possibilities are endless!

Making custom play money has never been easier!
1. From the Main Menu, Click on “Start Making Play Money”
2. Select the money template you wish to make from the “Choose Your Template” screen
3. Using your devices camera, frame the person (or object) you want to fill in the center of the money template and press the camera icon to take the picture
4. Choose what you would like to do with your new customized bill.
a. “Print It” – This option will allow you to print your bill using AirPrint. You will be given an option to print 3 large bills per page or 12 smaller bills on a page.
b. “Email It” – You can email the picture to a computer that has a printer. The picture is sent in a PNG format, which is compatible with almost all computers and graphics programs.
c. “Retake It – Don’t like your picture? Click on the “Retake It” option to go back and try again.
d. “Save It” – Store your new made play money to use time and time again and print more money as needed.

Got a question or suggestion? Email us at info@kidsmoneyfarm.com

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Version History

Launched Sep 14, 2011 (over 8 years ago).
Mar 01
Version 1.2

New Bill Templates

Oct 11
Version 1.1

Updated for iOS 8
Bugs that occurred with iOS7 and iOS8 have been fixed. App is now updated to work with the iPhone 6 and 6 plus!

Sep 14
Version 1.0