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"Math Facts to the Rescue",
"Great app! Simple and to the point..... Exactly what I was looking for",
"Great App for learning math basics!"

Maths Facts will help you to learn your Number Bonds and Facts Families and your addition and subtraction facts and your multiplication and division facts. With a collection of fun and easy-to-play games you can quickly start exploring addition, subtraction, multiplication and even division facts.

Maths Facts has a number of different games that allow you to focus on specific number bonds, or explore different facts families, addition facts, subtraction facts, and even multiplication facts and division facts. These games are quick to play and perfect for a short car journey.

By default you can play with facts up to 10, but from the main menu you can also enable facts up to 20, to make the games a bit more difficult.

We will be adding more games and quizzes with free updates, so please contact us if you have any requests or suggestions. If you have any problems please get in touch and if you like this app, please consider leaving a review.

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Version History

Launched Aug 29, 2011 (over 7 years ago).

Releasing new versions every 3 months, on average.

Jun 20
Version 1.9.2

Bug fixes.

Oct 26
Version 1.9.1

Improved support for newer iPhones.

Aug 29
Version 1.9

You can now play Fact Families with multiplication and division facts, as well as addition and subtraction facts.

Also, some bugs have been fixed that sometimes caused the tiles to move in a strange way.

Jun 28
Version 1.8.1

The last update added multiplication facts and division facts games, but unfortunately a tile went missing in the Number Bonds (20) game.

Jun 26
Version 1.8

Two new games added: Multiplication Facts and Division Facts. Also the graphics have been improved on newer iPads and iPhones.

Oct 04
Version 1.7.2

Improved graphics on newer devices.

May 10
Version 1.7.1

Bug fixes and changes to the Subtraction Quiz to try to stop the questions from repeating.

Sep 15
Version 1.7

- you can now play number bonds up to 20. This option is available on the main menu.

- sounds can be turned off

Aug 11
Version 1.6

+ missing addends game
- bugs

This version adds a new game "missing addends" and fixes a couple of bugs where certain games couldn't be played again and some scores would appear incorrectly.

Jun 27
Version 1.5.1

The yellow background was a bit too bright on some devices, so it has been adjusted a bit. Sorry!

Jun 21
Version 1.5

The old design was looking a bit old so this version adds a fresh design.

More importantly, it also provides clearer feedback for right and wrong answers.

A couple of bug fixes have also been solved, but if you have any problems please get in touch at support@cloudpebbles.com

May 21
Version 1.4.3

This update fixes the bug where the addition and subtraction quizzes would continue to ask the same question, but wouldn't accept the correct answer.

May 09
Version 1.4.2

Cosmetic fixes

Jan 03
Version 1.4.1

bug fixes and a new icon

Dec 11
Version 1.4

Support for iPhone 5/5S/5C and iOS 7

Dec 19
Version 1.3

- sounds can be turned on and off from the main menu
- numerous bugs fixed including when tiles appearing in the wrong place when a game is played again.

Sep 26
Version 1.2.1

The Fact Families quiz now places the tile with the highest value on the top of the triangle.

Jul 10
Version 1.2

Bug fixes

Apr 09
Version 1.1

Bug fixes and retina display graphics

Mar 01
Version 1.0.5

Bug fixes.

Feb 01
Version 1.0.4

Bug fixes

Dec 16
Version 1.0.3

Sounds and bug fixes.

Sep 15
Version 1.0.2

Cosmetic and bug fixes for the main menu and the correct answer showing.

Sep 08
Version 1.0.1

Bug fixes:
- fixed a bug in the Fact Families game that occurred when tiles were swapped
- corrected URLs on contact page

Aug 29
Version 1.0

Previous 3 versions


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