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Dopameme is an app that specializes in the sharing of funny/entertaining photos and GIFs. And maybe a few videos here and there.

We help maintain a community that enjoys creating and sharing content for others' amusement.

Oh my goodness has this app got it all. Check out the long list of image/gif/video builders that let you caption, edit, customize, and build some of the greatest things your imagination can come up with.

Once you are done using the builder, you can upload your creation for the world to see and comment on.

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Primary: Entertainment

Secondary: Photo & Video

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Version History

Launched Aug 17, 2011 (over 9 years ago).

Releasing new versions every about 2 months, on average.

Jan 11
Version 4.0.7

Mental status: grapefruit

Sep 17
Version 4.0.6

I'm going to level with you here. I'm not doing very well. I know it's been a literal year since the last update, but my life has taken a dramatic turn. I've been focusing on a new risky startup without pay for the past year. I quit my day job thinking this was the right move. Time will tell. My gf left me and now I'm basically alone. We might not have been right for each other, I'm not sure. Time will tell. I still have a supportive family, so that's nice. If you want, I'd like it a lot if you could send me an email with some words of encouragement. If this app has ever helped you get you through some tough times, let me know. Thanks. Send your love to voodoocoding@gmail.com

What's new:
Annual fall cleaning
More bugs if we're being honest.

Sep 20
Version 4.0.4

Fixed crash that would happen immediately when opening the GIF Builder
Fixed problem that would not let you convert videos to GIFs in the GIF Builder
GIFs less than 3 seconds are modified and can now be shared on insta accordingly
Spooky spooktober themed icon. Sign in any time in October at night for a spooky theme.
Starting October any posts that are spooky get upvoted in honor of spooktober

Aug 22
Version 4.0.3

This is what peak performance looks like

Aug 08
Version 4.0.2

Fixed the bugs associated with choosing videos and meme templates

Aug 01
Version 4.0.1

Fix problem where thumbnails scaled incorrectly on certain screens
Fixed crashing issues while picking media from photo library
Fix problem where videos would play offscreen

Jul 22
Version 4.0.0

We've changed our name! Hope you like.
I also hope you like the icon. Made with love.
NEW: make memes with Tenor gifs
Make memes with popular templates
Send tenor gifs in private messages
Redesigned private message screen
Share to Instagram will now only resize and add white space if the image if it is too tall or thin for Instagram posting
Choose the default feed the app opens up to. Defaults to popular
More intelligent meme loading for SPEED

Mar 28
Version 3.14.1

Fixed crash in messages when a corrupt video was sent
Layer tool has been redesigned and is now easier to use
Fixed problem in layer tool where layers on video that were rotated ended up garbled
You can convert a still image to a 6 sec video in the gif to video tool

Mar 10
Version 3.14.0

I've added icons to various menus to make things easier to find
Added icons to GIF Builder menu
Added icons to layer tool menu
Max FPS for a GIF in the GIF Builder is now 28 - up from 16
Fixed bug in image feeds that caused the images offscreen to load before the ones on screen

Feb 02
Version 3.13.9

New: add transparency to image layers in the watermark tool
Added cropping capability to most of the editors

Jan 26
Version 3.13.8

You may not realize it, but this is what peak performance looks like
Overdue icon update

Jan 16
Version 3.13.7

Random is back
Fixed the volume bar

Jan 10
Version 3.13.6

I went through all several hundred responses from the survey and decide to add a video tab. Anyone will be able to submit videos here and popular ones go to the popular tab.
Popular weekly tab replaces random section
Fixed problem where opening a notification did nothing
Fixed problem where notch was covering images and volume bar on the X
Fixed problem where the image gallery would lag if you had a ton of gifs on the screen
Picto merch coming soon

Nov 09
Version 3.13.5

Adjusting the volume won't cover what you are looking at
Fixed problem where opening a notification would not always open when app launched

Oct 24
Version 3.13.4

Pull-to-refresh added to account and profile pages

Oct 10
Version 3.13.3

Fix some crashes people were experiencing trying to pick photos & when trying to type messages.
Solve issue where screen recordings were not able to be compressed. Thx Emily

Oct 08
Version 3.13.2

Fake news generator added. It's primitive, but fun to use.
I fixed a bunch of bugs people have been experiencing with the photo picker.
Other little tweaks here and there for a nice, smooth meme browsing experience.

Please post more spooky skeletons for spooktober.

Sep 13
Version 3.13.1

A lot has changed and I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy it.

Scrolling left and right to browse memes on the home page was fun, but it just wasn't typical. So I changed it to a vertical layout.
Memes on Popular are sorted by dates thanks to the vertical layout.
Uploader usernames appear on thumbnails under feeds with people you follow.
A little badge will appear on the bottom home screen for unseen notifications.
You can take your thumb now and swipe from left to right to open the side drawer to select feeds.
You can trim the start and end length of any videos you select in the app.
Share to Instagram was all messed up, now it resizes and uses the least possible amount of whitespace.
Gifs will auto play in camera roll as you go to select them in the photo picker.
Can now use the camera in the app to take photos/videos and make memes out of them without leaving the app.
The builders dubbed "Templates" accept both videos and images. It didn't make sense to have two separate tools for each format.
You can upload your memes to your account straight from the builder screens after you generate them.
I updated my rating for Lexington. It is no longer a 7 out of 10 place to live, work and lern. Now it's a 6 for unnamed reasons.

Apr 26
Version 3.12.3

Fix crash on devices when trying to view notifications tab

Apr 19
Version 3.12.2

Fixed bug where screen recordings would have blank video after a caption
Can pull to refresh your notification activity

Mar 31
Version 3.12.0

Fixed those pesky crashes when you were captioning videos
Fixed the bug where the app would lock up when opening up comments
Every Friday you will be allowed to submit videos to public. What better way to waste your Friday than with us?
When you open an image popup, you can now swipe down to dismiss it instead of breaking your finger to press done.
Doot sound when you get a notification - if you have notification sounds enabled.

Meow, Meow, Meow- Simba

Dec 22
Version 3.10.0

Better iPhone X layout support for SNG
Low potato quality images imported into the fixed and free form builders are upscaled so captions are no longer blurry

Nov 06
Version 3.9.0

Builder list is now more noobie friendly
Killnot wanted the default feed to be recent, so that's what we are going to do

Oct 23
Version 3.8.6

Notification banners in the app getting stuck at the top of the screen? No more!
Shrinking a GIF only makes it larger? Be gone!
Border captioning a GIF quadruples the size? Think again!

Oct 17
Version 3.8.3

Bug fixes galore
We need to pump up the spooky posts count. Those are rookie numbers

Oct 03
Version 3.8.2

Spooky Halloween theme for Spooktober
Share to Messenger added
Can change own suffix and falling text if you meet requirements
Anything captioned with the 2 border caption tools now come out with at least 480p quality. No more blurry captions, cuz `merica

If I don't wake up each morning and open Picto to see at least a dozen spooky skeleton posts, then there will be problems

Jun 16
Version 3.7.3

Can scroll forever while viewing a gallery of images. Before you had to press the back button to load more feed images.
Changes to how gif layers are applied to still photos

Apr 14
Version 3.7.0

Added search bar to user lists
Can tap on usernames to go to that person's profile
Added a new border caption tool
No longer have to manage the port for messages. Should now always work under school and work wifi
Added a walk through to show new users what the app can do

Dec 03
Version 3.6.7

Bug fixes for those having problems cropping avatars.
Fixed problem people on 3.5in screens were having where they could not save anything made in the builders.
Super sekrit Christmas theme added.

Oct 26
Version 3.6.6

Spooky Halloween theme at night
Fixed weird bug that allowed kite to be admin
View older comments on threads with 100+ comments
Added share options for posts and things you make in the builder
Banner videos play again

Jul 13
Version 3.6.4

Fix bug in GIF builder where GIF layers were not working correctly.
People apparently have no idea this app can convert videos to GIFs, so I've renamed the GIF Builder 9000 to a less ambiguous title. Rest in pieces GIF Builder 9000.
Other minor ENHANCEments.

Jun 05
Version 3.6.3

Redesigned classic meme maker - now you can adjust the text.
Bug fixes to the gif builder.
Can block other users.
Other minor bug fixes and design changes. Enjoy my little memelings

May 18
Version 3.6.2

Minor crash & bug fixes.

May 12
Version 3.6.1

Minor Bug Fixes

May 06
Version 3.6.0

‣GIF to video converter
‣Video border caption tool
‣Video stitcher for combining still photos to videos
‣Video compressor
‣Video cropper & rotator
‣You now get a little badge showing unseen subscription posts

‣Scrolling is substantially smoother
‣Fixed a crash that would occur on older devices when switching categories
‣Fixed crash that happened when scrolling really fast through the feed
‣Fixed crashing problems when importing and exporting a ton of frames from the GIF Builder. Shouldn't crash anymore when you preview your GIF either

‣The GIF Builder will scale unequal frames proportionally instead of stretching them out. Your text should now no longer get stretched out and look all caddywhompus
‣Importing a video into the GIF Builder will now have higher quality, where as before the FPS was garbage
‣Tired of importing the same layer over and over to match it across a series of frames? No more! Import the layer and deselect "link layer across frames"

Apr 09
Version 3.5.2

•Fixed the bugs in the border captioning tool
•New GIF cropping and rotation tool
•Lowered the requirements for video banners and backgrounds
•Video length for comment attachments increased from 30 to 45 sec
•Removed the length limit on videos attached to messages
•Various crashing problems solved

Thanks everyone for the superb reviews and support

Mar 22
Version 3.5.0

-New UI brings the app into the present
-Can copy people's messages! Just tap and hold the message/comment text to copy it
-See when people are online
-Fixed the bug where layers rotated in the builders would reset back to zero if tilted a certain way
-Substantial number of crashing problems fixed

Dec 16
Version 3.4

-Faster login process
-Added new font for text formatting. Use it like: $fancy text$
-Underlining is now done with __underline__. I did this so I could make that one text smiley face of the guy shrugging his shoulders.
-Made the jumbo text full on wumbo
-Can tag people easily in your biography
-Can click on @usernames to go to their profile
-Fixed problem some were having zooming in and out on images
-Fixed problem using the seek bar on videos
-Fixed problem some were having where keyboard would go invisible or not appear in certain situations
-Fired Butterwolf
-Howerd luvs u all lots

Dec 01
Version 3.3

• Fixed crash on iPads that would occur when rotating the device while inside of a gallery
• New video player - solves all the crashing and problems people were having with videos
• Non-logged in users can now modify app settings
• GIF Builder 9000 - can now add gif layers to gifs. Like a gif inside another gif. GIF-CEPTION
• GIF Builder 9000 - can now duplicate a frame x number of times. Useful if you want to put a gif layer over a still image canvas
• Fixed problem where if you tried to resize a text layer to be really big, it would only go so big, now it can be super duper big. Most noticeable on iPad
• Can now adjust the transparency of layers you add in the builder
• Fixed problem where if you imported a transparent gif in the builder, the frames would get all jumbled if you tried editing and recompiling it
• Fixed problems that would arise from removing a range of frames in the builder

Thanks everyone for rating the app and providing constructive feedback.

Oct 27
Version 3.2

-Bug fixes to the builders
-Changed icon
-Better tagging system
-Oracle come back, we miss you

Sep 02
Version 3.1

‣Tag people you're following much easier
‣Fixed problem in gif builder where FPS could not be set manually
‣Added a tab that shows activity of people you are following
‣Reply images download in advance
‣Cache control for avatars is much smarter. As soon as someone changes their avatar, you'll see it.
‣Redesigned builder page
‣Videos will stream, no more waiting for them to download all the way

May 08
Version 3.0.2

-Scrolling on the main feed is now infinite - scroll away!
-Scrolling on the main feed is much smoother
-Importing videos into the builder will no longer crash
-Changes and enhancements made to GIF builder
-Fix clear cache button not always clearing the cache
-Fix rotation problems on iPad
-Videos as replies will not stop background music if playing

Apr 01
Version 3.0.1

-Howerd <3

Feb 26
Version 3.0

Well, it only took like 3 eternities, but it's finally here. I've rebuilt everything from ground up. Started over from complete scratch.
New things added:
○ Commenting and messaging is instant
○ Tagging people works, just use @ then the username
○ iPad now does landscape
○ You can log into your account on multiple devices and get notifications across all those devices.
○ All the builders actually work
○ See who you're subbed to and who's subbed to you
○ See when you registered
○ Can have profile banners and biographies

Oct 22
Version 2.5.3

Minor enhancements and bug fixes
Modifications have been made to the search function
The photo and gif captioner no longer have blurry text

Thanks everyone for your support and reviews (both good and bad). I've truly enjoyed building this app and hope to continue doing so

Jul 29
Version 2.5.2

Better notification system
Can do border captions on the top of images
iPad UI fixes
Importing videos into the gif builder rotates the right way
You can tap the image thumbnail while in the comments pane to return to the image now

Jul 09
Version 2.5.1

minor bug fixes and enhancements
-border caption and party generator fixes
-imported images are no longer rotated upside down
-crash on account creation fix

Jun 21
Version 2.5

I believe it has been well over a year since I have done anything to the meme builder part of this app. I'm hoping this update will make up for lost time. I have added the following:
-Improved captioner - rotate and resize layers as you please
-GIF Builder added functionality - bulk import images, gifs and videos into a single gif, add layers of text and images onto your gif - even to a select group of frames
-Quick border caption tool to add small captions underneath your image or GIF
-Remove solid color backgrounds on images
-Image and GIF stitcher - combine images AND/OR GIFs in any side-by-side or top to bottom fashion
-Blurring tool to distort parts of an image or GIF
-Can crop GIFs now

Mar 08
Version 2.4.1

-fixed bug where gifs wouldn't save
-fixed crash when trying to view commented or like pics
-added video capability
-uploader stats appear on profile
-added a load more button when browsing profile images

Feb 21
Version 2.4

It's finally here!

-Image caching
-Can subscribe
-New notification system
-Color scheme changed
-Long comics are easily readable
-Zooming in goes to point of interest

Nov 15
Version 2.3.1

-fixed bug in builder that would cause the word "builder" to show on top of all your creations
-fixed the captioner so that you can stroke text again
-fixed bug that would sometimes show a gif that wouldn't animate, but the thumbnail would
-can save reply gifs
-reply gif file size increased.

Nov 02
Version 2.3

-fixed all kinds of bugs
-new layout design
-added search ability
-added activity pane so you can keep track of comments that are replied at you

Aug 22
Version 2.2.4

Primarily fixes various crashing problems. Should also see noticeably better performance

-number of parallel downloads increased from 4=>8
-no longer have to adjust frame rate when uploading gifs. Original frame rate is preserved.
-uploaded gifs don't have to be coalesced, so now they will be 2/3 of their original size allowing them to download faster
-saving a gif is instant. no more waiting.
-made optimizations for ipod 4th gen users.
-better ios7 support

Jul 08
Version 2.2.3

Everything I broke in the last version I fixed in this one

-fixed the random freezing
-fixed a bug that would cause clicking on a popular image to reroute elsewhere
-fixed a bug that would cause the comments bar to disappear leaving you stuck with no place to go
-fixed the double posting
-can hit a reply to button and it will spell out a user's name
-importing a gif is like 5 times faster
-there is now an upload progress bar
-thumbnails animate
-made several optimizations to use less memory

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